Parasailing in Okinawa

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When it came to Okinawa Prefecture, that I would like you to definitely give it a try is parasailing. Okinawa, such as Naha City, the main island in southern regions and Miyakojima, at sea, such as the northern part of the Motobu, you can enjoy safely airborne while admiring the panoramic views of the beautiful as if it were made even in seabird sea. The time required easily be able to participate in the order of less than 1 hour, there is no technical need such as paragliding. Experience can be enjoyed only in the safely receive an explanation from the local guide even if there is no. It would be preeminent among the marine sports in terms of the safety. In addition, it does not have that most wet because you wear a swimsuit does not dive in water. Especially good day of weather, Sunset parasailing flying over the sea shining in orange while watching the sunset is wonderful. It is good to enjoy alone, but also ideal for making memories of the trip to Okinawa with a special person. In addition to parasailing, and some plan to seekers can plenty of experience, etc. (limited time only winter season) whale watching also say a jet ski and cruising classic. Do not worry because there is also a full refund system without any chance meet the whales.

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沖縄 パラセーリングのよくある質問

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