Parasailing experience of Okinawa 160Results / Popularity order

When you come to Okinawa Prefecture, it is parasailing that you want to try by all means. You can safely fly in the air while watching the beautiful panoramic view of the sea as if it became sea birds on the sea such as the southern part of Okinawa main island such as Naha city and Miyakojima, headquarters to the northern part. It takes less than an hour to participate easily, and no skill like paragliding is necessary. Even without experience, you can enjoy it safely just by receiving an explanation from the local guide. Speaking of safety, it will be outstanding among marine sports. Also I wear a swimsuit, but it does not get drowned in water so it will not get almost wet. Sunset parasailing is wonderful, especially when the weather is fine, flying above the shining ocean while looking at the setting sun. Although it is good to enjoy alone, it is perfect for making memories of Okinawa trip with special people. Apart from parasailing, there are also plans that you can apply plenty of whale watching (winter seasonal only for a limited time only) that can be called a jet ski or cruising classic staple. Even if you can not meet a whale, there is a full refund system so do not worry.