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Toyama Prefecture, entering the ranking as a tourist destination such as the Toyama Bay of mirage and Kurobe Dam. We introduce activity-play and experience, leisure and tourism spot recommendations that can be in such a Toyama Prefecture. The Toyama Prefecture everywhere, and glass workshop can experience the glass crafts of the country's leading, there are also a number of classrooms to experience pottery. In each workshop, make dragonfly ball, sand blasting, such as blown glass, you can experience the glasswork building. Create a sake Miya accessories of only only one their own in the world of handmade unique, you can leave the production and works as memories of the trip. In reservations, genre and content of the course has been held in each workshop, the time required, such as fee, we recommend that you check in advance. Etc. In addition to factory tours and fruit picking even more than, from children to adults, from one person to organizations like, there is also a course where you can experience the popular facilities and free available to a lot of people. If you have any plan to be worried about, please feel free to contact us. Reservations are accepted from one person!

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