Things to do in Kawasaki

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Kawasaki in the area that lies between Yokohama and Tokyo, is a popular area there is also close from the city center. Large shopping malls such as Atre Kawasaki and Kawasaki in the near Kawasaki Station, miscellaneous goods and restaurants, are aligned anything such as consumer electronics products, such as there is a variety of events, it is the spot where you can enjoy the day. In addition, there is a theme park such as the Yomiuri Land and Kawasaki Fujiko ? F ? Fujio Museum, is the spot recommended for dating and play. Kawasaki Marin can see the views of the harbor from the ground 51m, overlooking the Kawasaki and the views of the metropolitan Tokyo factory city if at night. In this area, or make the original glass works in glass blowing experience, such as body powder and incense that uses a natural high raw material can make, offers activities that can experience the Japanese culture and tradition.

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