Things to do in Miyakojima 293Results / Popularity order

There are many beautiful beaches recommended for Miyakojima , and marine Activity can be enjoyed on Maehama beach. There are many other coral reef spots, and Yae Dae (Yabidji) can enjoy diving and Snorkeling . You can also enjoy most alin Activity at Miyakojima including Kayak , fishing, SUP (stand-up paddle board), Glass boat and much more. In the evening there is also an ecotour around the island where the starry sky is beautiful. Even if it rains, there are plans that can make things like candle making etc, so you will not get tired of inside the island. Every Sun diving even if the diving spot is human Mon might not Maware all in. Currently there are ANA flights departing and arriving from Haneda and Kansai, so it is becoming a more southern island more accessible.


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