Things to do in Odaiba/Toyosu

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Tokyo Bay and displays the activities that can be experienced in such Odaiba, Toyosu, Shinkiba, Kachidoki-Tsukishima around the bay area of ??Tokyo that is adjacent. There are many indoor theme park of large-sized in Odaiba, you can enjoy SUP experience in the Odaiba Seaside Park. The Tokyo Bay and sailed a number of houseboat and cruise lines, night view of Tokyo views from Tokyo Bay is a superb view. There is a helicopter landing site located in Shin-Kiba as long as enjoy the night view of Tokyo, you can Helicopter is experience. In addition to the Tokyo Bay sea fishing experience in the fishing boat that fished the fish of Edo-style it has also been held. Tokyo Bay is a tourist spot where you can enjoy the Edo culture.

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