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We introduce a plan of Taipei, Taipei (Teipay) where you can enjoy photogenic cityscape and night view

There are many plans to enjoy the lively Taiwan city, such as the famous nine films of the famous anime films and the night market, which is ideal for eating and drinking.

Introducing a safe and cheap optional tour plan unique to the travel agency HIS.

Recommendation plan for Taiwan and Taipei (Teipay)

The price changes according to the exchange rate situation, so the correct price is See details Please check the detail page from.
  • It is said that it has become a model of a famous animation film.

    Night nine nights sightseeing and night market walk (no meals)

    Please enjoy the nine fumen transformed into a fantastic place with lanterns on the street.

    "【前日間際予約OK】【即予約確定】 有名なアニメ映画のモデルになったともいわれている九ふん。 街並みには提灯が燈され一段と幻想的な場所に変身した九ふんを満喫して下さい。"

  • If you come to Taiwan, you can go around efficiently for 9 nights of the night you want to visit once Bus tour is.

    Take a walk at night and enjoy a long walk

    Take a walk while eating, having a retro atmosphere, and experience Taiwan's traditional culture, Tengu-kai.

    "レトロな雰囲気が漂う九ふん♡ 天燈に願い事を書いて、夜空に舞い上がる景色はとても幻想的です。 キラメキで彩る素敵な夜を過ごしませんか。 "

  • It is said that it has become a model of a famous animation film.

    Afternoon sightseeing

    If you wish, you will be able to take a picture with a nineteen-piece cheongsam dress.

    "有名なアニメ映画のモデルになったともいわれている九ふん。 街並みには提灯が燈され一段と幻想的な場所に変身した九ふんを満喫して下さい。"

  • It is said that it has become a model of a famous animation film.

    Night Kufu sightseeing and night market walk (with snacks)

    Please enjoy the Kufu which is transformed into a fantastic place where the lanterns are forged and the city and the city are further transformed.

    "有名なアニメ映画のモデルになったといわれている九ふん。 街並びには提灯が燈され一段と幻想的な場所に変身した九ふんを満喫ください。"

  • Instant booking confirmed!

    HIS sightseeing and shopping in the city

    Departure from a designated hotel in Taipei city center!

    It efficiently travels around popular tourist spots such as Gyutengu, including the entrance sightseeing of the "Museum Museum". I also stand in a souvenir shop.

  • Instant booking confirmed!

    Taipei Open Top Bus Ticket

    Taipei's first two-story open top bus 2017 Jan. Operation starts from the 18th!

    Take in the scenic scenery of Taipei city with a free sightseeing bus, and visit famous attractions!

  • "前日間際予約OK】【即予約確定 "

    Ten Tengu raising of the night and walk around the night market (with dinner)

    "台北郊外の街、十分で有名なのが天燈上げ。 天燈に願い事を書いて、夜空に舞い上がる景色はとても幻想的です。"

    "都会ではなかなか体験できない台湾の伝統文化を是非体験しませんか? 天燈上げ体験後は、台北の人気な夜市『寧夏夜市』へもご案内します。"

  • It is a gourmet coupon of the holy place "Tai Tai Feng" which always comes when the tourists from all over the world come to Taiwan.

    【Huitai Feng】 Gourmet Coupon

    "一度食べたらやみつきになるジューシーな小籠包と美味しい点心、チャーハンがセットメニューになっており、色々な種類の料理を堪能できます。 "

    It is a gourmet coupon of a very popular restaurant, which always has a procession, and a sacred place called “Tai Tai Feng”, which will always come when tourists from all over the world come to Taiwan. Once you have eaten, you can enjoy a variety of dishes with a set menu consisting of juicy small rice bowls and delicious dim sum and fried rice that become addictive.

  • "台湾の伝統文化であるタイペイアイは台北市内で伝統舞台技術を受け継ぐ、 唯一毎週定期公演が行われている劇団です"

    【Teipayai Kyopaku Appreciation】 Ticket only(Mon ・ Wed ・ Gold events)

    "開演前に芸者達のメイクパフォーマンスも見られるので、 より一層台湾の伝統を近くに、身近に感じられます!"

    "タイペイアイのパフォーマンスはまさに中国5000年の歴史を感じられるような圧巻の舞台です。 字幕は日本語付きですので、中国語がわからなくてもお楽しみいただけます"

  • If you want to be beautiful from the inside of the body, it is highly recommended.

    In Taiwan, “foot massage”, which stimulates foot pots and treats bad organs, has long been established as a folk medicine.

    After the end of your journey, you will be tired and your body will be clean, so be patient even if you are in pain.

    "24時間営業しておりますので、お好きな時間にご参加いただけます。 ※足裏マッサージの他にも、全身マッサージや台湾式シャンプー、耳そうじ、等など色々なサイドメニューがございます。現場にて追加代金をお支払いのうえお楽しみ下さい。"

  • It is a tasteful tourist spot where the old town line that passes through the local line (Peixi Line), which is a town on the outskirts of Taipei, remains as it is until now.

    Enough Tianyu and Jiufen Tourism (with Pingxi Local Line Ride Experience)

    This sufficiently distributed is called "Niagara of Taiwan" and is an emerald green distribution, Wed You can also see the strange rocks eroded by the flow.

    If it is enough, you can visit the tour, write a wish and fly high in the sky (Tenguage raising), and you can experience riding on the Pingxi line. After sightseeing, we will guide you to the popular tourist area of Juno.

  • Get on the high iron (Shinkansen) and visit tourist attractions in Taiwan ♪

    Taiwan High Rail (Shinkansen) round ticket voucher

    After booking is confirmed, we will issue a high iron pass voucher by email.

    "販売対象は台湾以外のパスポート所持する外国人旅客に限ります。 ご利用日の10週間前より予約をお受けいたします。"

  • Enjoy enough in the morning!

    A tour of the Tengu raising and the distribution

    In the morning, we left the city and crowded, and crossed the suspension bridge over the mountain stream to the area on the outskirts of Taipei, and a well-known distribution called Niagara of Taiwan met.

    Speaking of enough, I think of “Ten wok up”. Let's raise the tempura along the track and fulfill your wish while enjoying the superb view.

  • It is the dinner of the set menu of the small bowl package in that famous "鼎 鼎".

    Dinner and Shilin Night Market

    【Previous Sun Short-term reservation OK] [immediate reservation confirmed]

    "あの有名な「鼎泰豊」での小籠包のセットメニューの夕食です。夕食後は台湾最大のナイトマーケット士林へご案内。士林夜市散策(約40分)後、台北市内主要ホテルまでご案内いたします。 "

  • Luxury Hot spring Spa resort 馥 Hot spring It is a tour that you can experience.

    馥 Hot spring Experience (with hotel lunch)

    Sun Calm and calm on the cobalt blue riverside, which was also featured in various magazines on the book Hot spring It is a resort.

    There is also an open-air bath, so you can enjoy a bath while watching the mysterious landscape.