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The islands in the area around Ishigaki Island, including Ishigakijima and Iriomote Island, where the new Ishigaki airport opened in 2013 and access from the Kansai and the capital region became convenient with the goo, are called the Yaeyama Islands and have a warm climate and a beautiful sea of ​​emerald green Many tourists visit in sightseeing spots where nature is attractive. There are many hotels and accommodation facilities in the urban area as well, because we can spend substantial time in the surrounding seas, there seem to be few people who use it as a base of travel. In addition to swimming on the island, you can enjoy gourmet such as seafood and fruits, Ishigaki beef etc which you could take in the sea. It is also wonderful to enjoy marine sports in a beautiful and transparent sea such as the famous phantom island even by seeing a blue cave called a secret border. There is also a cheap experience plan for families that children can enjoy, such as exploring the natural rich cave and cruising with canoes. Perhaps you can see the appearance of Semaruhaku Turtle which is inhabited in Ishigakijima, which is designated as a natural treasure of Manta and Japan. In addition, it is also recommended to rent a car and go to a drive around Ishigaki-jima Island, where you can visit sightseeing spots with one person, family or colleagues. There are plenty of places of interest such as the beautiful Tamazusaki Observatory and the scenic spot located at the northern tip of Ishigakijima and overlooking the East China Sea, the Hirakubosaki Lighthouse, where the landscape of the ocean contrast is beautiful. For details and reservations of each place, please refer to the link destination information.


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