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Tokyo / Okutama

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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Participation date: September, 2017

This summer, the last summer of the student, it was the best day! Together with the river than I had imagined And I was really happy to be able to get along with the guide as well! I wanted to see you again on that day when everyone returned in an interesting one. It is a really good memory to have experiences you have never had before! Thank you very much!

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Participation date: September, 2017

Thank you very much.

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Joined date: August 2017





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Joined date: August 2017
Enjoy it regardless of age!

I think cold have also raining in October, but did not even feel the completely cold hooked to enjoy other than that I felt as a "cold" when you first entered the river.
Putting a sign or a vapor of hand before the start, and had us firmly the practice to return to when you turned over, can join with confidence since the guide's had me watching over in front and behind.
It was application alone, but can have more of the other participants, I was able to play noisily fun with many. (Also I would like to thank to the people who make us together)
Or a good laugh at the sight of not progress at all for people who do not go back and got addicted to the flow of the river is a very hard leg kick, but it is said that "over there I'm no good to say", or are people going toward the there to be sucked, was always Dattari people together to be pulled back to the guide's, with a blink of fun time. I think that if you could make us a longer time play plan. Thank you for a wonderful time.

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Participation date: October 2016
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Thank you for the nice comments!

It seemed guests happy, I am very happy as well as here.
So we also cold measures, also later this year or in the next year
If you have attached your convenience, but please come to us play.

We look forward to the staff concentric!

Thank you very much! .

Popping exhilaration! Thrilling swim in a river

Was looking for and trying to do things that there is exhilaration in the outdoors, I decided without hesitation to find a Ribabugi. Fun that does not disappoint! Or wound or riding the waves, fuss back to the kid. The staff was very friendly. But had experienced many years swimming, may not inferior to the forces of nature, a minimum those who are participating, it might be tough if not better recommend to some extent to before in the flutter kick. Finally high was to dive from rocks (applicant only), There is also a large satisfaction that wanted to do from the front. Because there was a waiting time instead of the usual up to begin with many participants was the COSPA to 4. As feeling, I wanted to do a little more!

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Joined date: August 2015
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Reply becomes too late, Sorry.

It is above all seemed to enjoy!

Hydro-speed face minute close to the river, than ever powerful,
I think you have fun going addicted.
Please come and experience Hydro Speed ​​again! .

Natural Splash Mountain! !

I have experienced a while ago, but ,, a review while too late
Since the screaming system is like, we were able to enjoy! Guide Mr. It was the first time is very entertaining to ask I was ♪ is (laughs) Okutama friendly, was closer than I thought! Also I want to go by all means!

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Join date: June 2014
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Reply becomes too late, Sorry.

Under .. This time came to play for Forest & Water Okutama,
Thank you very much!

And who can say so guide us also rejoice!

Please come natural Splash Mountain to taste also.