Important notice about point expiration date

Thank you for using Activity Japan.

As a special measure to spread the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we have extended the expiration date of Activity Japan Points since April 2020, but we will take the following measures in the future. We would like to inform you of two points.

1. The point expiration date for the April, May, and June 2020 events (distributed until July 10) is a special measure under the emergency declaration on April 7, 2020 last year. However, the point expiration date will be used until July 31, 2021, and the expiration date will be resumed.
For example, regarding the point expiration dates for April 2020 (distributed on May 10) and May (distributed on June 10), as mentioned above, the expiration date will be reopened when the expiration date is set again. Will be until July 31, 2021.

2. The expiration date of points after the July 2020 event (distributed on August 10) is the last day of the month 12 months after the month in which the points were granted, according to the Activity Japan Point Rules, 2020. For events held in July, the expiration date is August 31, 2021.

We look forward to your participation while taking measures against infectious diseases so that each activity experience company and facility can participate safely and securely. In addition, Activity Japan also offers a variety of "online experiences" and "online tours" that you can enjoy at home.

By all means, please use it profitably within the expiration date of the points and enjoy various activity experiences all over Japan!

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