CHUBU: A Region of UNESCO and Sightseeing Treasures!

CHUBU is the home of wine-famed Niigata and the gassho-zukuri houses of the UNESCO village Shirakawa-go! Explore historical sites, ancient castles, and the beautiful nature that rings around breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy Yamanashi's five Fuji lakes and the sun-blessed Chubu summers in hidden beaches!

Set in the distance of urban living, Chubu is a pristine seclusion where you go to escape your worries in the embrace of plentiful beaches and enthralling watersports. Hop aboard a canoe in Lake Motosu for the most scenic relaxation therapy known to man, entailing cruising in the foreground of the snowy peaks of Mt. Fuji. A stand-up paddle boarding adventure in Tokai promises tranquil sights and sounds, as does sailing Lake Yamanaka on a banana boat .

Get the blood in your veins running with picturesque rafting in Yamanashi as you duel with rough river water for the prize of glory! Wakeboarding promises more adrenaline for those who crave it, and you can also take up surfing in Shizuoka, Mie, and Aichi on a beautiful day out at the beach. Take a closer look at life beyond the surface with snorkeling and diving tours, involving lovely cliffs, incredible sunsets, enticing corals, tropical fish, and masterpiece beaches!

You can continue the sightseeing on land, in which case you are in for just as much beauty and fun! The tallest mountain in Japan is in your reach with an ATV Fuji adventure Nagano is also known for its mountainous appeal that you can also experience through. MTB expeditions . Additionally, trekking in Koushinetsu and an Aokigahara forest and cave exploration are must-try activities!

As diverse and exciting as the expanse of the cosmos, Japanese culture and tradition make for a fantastic exotic experience. Get hands deep into traditional food making Master unique hand kneading tactics for the tastiest pastries before channeling this passion into some authentic pottery making classes across Niigata, Yamanashi, and Nagano. Pottery is a meditative affair where you connect with the soil as you bring forth from your mind beautiful shapes and patterns worthy of a place in your living room. Finally, a cultural experience wouldn't be complete without a kimono rental . Don customary fabrics of immense beauty in Nagano, and stroll the serene lake and history of Matsumoto castle!

That's only the end of the beginning of the most popular attractions and things to do in the Chubu region! There's a lot else in store for you, namely the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route in smoky clouds and snow-dotted ranges of Hokuriku area, also famous for its dinosaur museum. In Koushinetsu , you'll be glad to stop at the Matsumoto Castle, while amazing biking trails await in fun-filled Tokai !

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SUP in the reflections of the Northern Alps on bizarrely clear lakes in Nagano or go surfing in Tokai for a fantastic time riding the waves around an ashy beach! Witness tropical fish making homes of beautiful corals by diving and enjoy mountain views by canoeing Koushinetsu. As far as watersports are concerned, Chubu is party central for the country!

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Mt. Fuji is Chubu's greatest feat of nature, and you can get up-close with the globally-famous peak through ATV tours! More of the same scenic delight is on offer with mountain bike riding across Nagano and other picturesque trekking gems like the Minami Alps. Explore caves of ice, forests of green, and landscapes handpicked from the perfect imagination!

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Have you ever wanted to find out who has the fastest hands between you and friends? Get the answer go-karting in Tokai! Rock a Harley on motorcycle rental rides in Mt Fuji backdrops or savor the slower serenity of cherry blossoms cycling through Nagano. A Tokai rickshaw also promises lovely river bank, street, and forest courses!

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Chubu is a hive of all sorts of adventures! If you love heights, motor paragliding in Tokai is an incredible experience involving journeys through clouds. Hang gliding in the precipice of Mt Fuji is an extraordinary adventure, and you can say the same of a hot air balloon ride above the magical Tokai plains. Paragliding in Koushinetsu is your chance to fly!

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Travel back in time with traditional Japanese handicrafts. Conjure stylish vessels in pottery workshops in Tokai before learning the art of glass blowing in Koushinetsu. If you don't have an appealing place to store your keys, make beautiful wallets and cases with leather crafts classes . From clay kneading to diorama making, you'll be spoilt for traditional crafts choice!