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What is Forest Adventure

Outdoor park originated in France
<< FOREST ADVENTURE (Forest Adventure) 》 Is the 1997 Year"Natural symbiosis type outdoor park" which originates from France Annecy suburbs. It is an athletic facility launched by Altus under the name "La foret de l'aventure (La Foret de la Vonture)", which means "Forest of Adventure" in a straight translation. Artus and Pacific Network Form Business Alliance in Japan Japan We develop all 31 places of parks.


Adopting European safety standards

In Japan, no clear safety standard has been established. FOREST ADVENTURE (Forest Adventure) In》, we have established a standard that has taken over the rules of Europe, the birthplace. Also, 2006 Year The safety standards are brushed up every day based on the experience accumulated from the point of view, and it is considered that you can enjoy more safety and security.

Forest Adventure store

Activity Japan Then 2019 As of March 《 FOREST ADVENTURE (Forest Adventure) It is possible to reserve 10 of the 31 stores. Below is the program content of the experience course, including business hours and Address Etc. of each store Detail You can check Find a park near your home or where you are going and enjoy the nature of the area.

Hokkaido area
Forest adventure · Eniwa
所在地北海道恵庭市西島松275番地 ルルマップ自然公園ふれらんど内
business hours 9:00 to 17:00

The features of this park
Hokkaido Eniwa City's Natural Park ル Lulu Map Natural Park ふ Land '2018 Spring new opening! Eniwa City Sapporo Located approximately halfway between the city and New Chitose Airport, it is a gardening town with excellent traffic access and a mild climate. Forest Adventure ・ The Lulu Map Nature Park Renando with Eniwa is a park rich in nature with the theme of exchange between urban and rural areas. Sapporo It is approximately 40 minutes by car from the city, and you can travel from JR Chitose Line Shimamatsu Station.

Kanto area
Forest Adventure · Chiba
所在地千葉県千葉市若葉区野呂町108番地 泉自然公園内
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
Chiba Prefecture Chiba City Wakaba Ward Natural Park «Izumi Natural Park» 2018 Spring new opening! Forest Adventure ・ Chiba Izumi Nature Park is Chiba It is a park located 11 kilometers southeast of the city center. You can enjoy various natural scenery through the four seasons and interact with many flora and fauna through the four seasons. Chiba It has approximately 1 km of traffic access from the Togane Road "Takata IC", Kyoto You can travel by car in about 40 minutes.

Koushin'etsu area
Forest Adventure · Tateshina
business hours9:00 to 15:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
Tokyu Resort Town Tateshina in the foothills of Yatsugatake, Shinshu, which boasts Japan's finest 2017 July new opening! 40 minutes by car from Chuo Do Suwa IC. Kanto And good access from Hokushinetsu. The park has a wide range of adventure courses and canopy courses. Year You can enjoy it There are many tourist facilities in the surrounding Yatsugatake mountain foot, and park Glamping Luxury resort facilities, including luxury hotels and restaurants, etc. area In the Forest Adventure In addition, it is very convenient for staying and staying.

Forest Adventure · Nagano
business hours 9:00 to 15:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
Nagano 25 minutes by car from city area and Zenko-ji Temple! ! In Iizuna plateau where nature is rich and air is delicious Forest Adventure Is open! The four zip slides over 150m to glide over Ogata Hoshi Pond are refreshing feeling excellent! Young children who can not use the course can enjoy boating in the adjacent Field Athletic, [Otenashi no Mori] or pond! Accommodation facilities are substantial in the vicinity such as the Iizuna Kogen campsite and Azeria Iizuna! It is a location that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Forest Adventure Fuji (FOREST ADVENTURE MT.FUJI)
所在地山梨県南都留郡鳴沢村字富士山8545-1 山梨県恩賜県有財産
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
Forest Adventure, which is currently located all over Japan, and Forest Adventure Mt. Year On August 7, it was completed at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain. There is Forest Adventure Mt. FUJI Yamanashi Forest of Narusawa village, prefecture Yamanashi In prefectural forest of prefecture, Showa 9 Year We rented at a more volunteer community, and ran a vineyard. With the increase in demand for wood, trees such as larch and red pine were planted, but it has been turned into an idle forest due to the subsequent decline in timber prices and difficulties with forestry successors.

business hours9:00-17:00 (final receptionist 15:00) ※ Business hours may change depending on weather, time, etc.
Regular holidayWeekday ※ 2018 April 28 (Fri)-Nov. Open on Saturdays and holidays only on Sunday 4th, however, Golden Week 4/28 to 5/6 and summer vacation period 7/21 to 8/31 are open daily

The features of this park
[Forest Adventure ・ Yuzawa Nakasato】 is located at Yuzawa Nakasato Snow Resort, just off the Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa IC. The white scenery in winter changes to green in summer. You can enjoy a tree adventure while looking at the snowy Tanigawa Takeo. Forest Adventure From the leading platform of over 15m, the 150m-long zip slide is worthwhile to experience once. The course is 110 cm tall more Canopy Courses and Elementary Schools 4 Year Living more There are two adventure courses available from adult It is a park where you can enjoy together with your family or group.

Kansai area
Forest Adventure Okushin'nabe
business hours 8:00 to 18:00
Regular holidayNone Whole year Sales

The features of this park
Nature-rich Kaminabe Kogen! Forest Adventure 2016 Year It became OPEN on June 17. In the mountains Forest Adventure It is the Kaminabe plateau where you can enjoy winter sports, swimming in the sea in summer, astronomical observation and fireflies in the evening. It is a park with cedar and cypress in the park of Okugami Nabe, 100 Year While you can hear the voices of your friends in the natural world. Forest Adventure You can enjoy There is also a natural beech forest at the back of the park for hiking. Accommodation is close to the park, Hot spring Because, there are many restaurants with a particular attention, when you come Contact us If you can, you can introduce it. The adventure restaurant at the park reception is one of the delights of the grilled pizza and local vegetables, as well as a meal using rice!

Forest Adventure · Ritto
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
All over Japan adult Kino Forest Outdoor Park, Forest Adventure But Shiga Prefecture's first landing! ! And Japan's first! Dual Tarzan Swing appeared! ! Two people can do a tour of Tazan together so you can enjoy it with friends, couples and families. In addition, there is a headwater in the park, a natural waterfall and a very rich park. Please come and see us. Nearby facilities include bungalows, restaurants and grounds Golf There is also. Forest Adventure After playing in, eat the famous Nishiki at the Road Station and stay in the bungalow at night! How about such a natural experience course? I'd love to, Contact us Please give me.

Forest Adventure Asso (FOREST ADVENTURE ASAGO)
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
2011 Year, Hyogo In the middle of the prefecture, it opened in "Saou Kogen" of Asago City. Machu Picchu in Japan, near the ruins of Takeda Castle famous for the castle in the sky Hyogo It is also one of the prefecture's top plateau areas, and it is a lush, cool and refreshing place. The sea of clouds is popular as a campsite and emerges when weather conditions are met. The shoreline floating on the sea of clouds like an island is the world of ink painting. Forest Adventure ・ It will be Japan's first appearance in Asago Activity We adopt six and introduce four zip trip courses. Above all, the Tarzan Swing, which is the highlight of the park, is Japan Boasting the largest class, the force when jumping out into the air from a height of about 10m is also very popular with scared customers.

Shikoku area
Forest adventure · Iyaya
所在地徳島県三好市西祖谷山村尾井ノ内379 祖谷ふれあい公園内
business hours 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

The features of this park
Shikoku Popular tourist destination, also awaited at the scenic valley Iyaxi of the Michelin Green Guide two stars earned Forest Adventure Is 2017 Year New opening! It is a must-see to make a park of great power using the slope! In the Iya River, which flows through the Iya Valley, which is a first-class river, you can fly away with a zip slide! A beautiful emerald green river spreads below your eyes as you pass through the tree tunnel. The height difference from the river 50 meters, Long Zip over 360 meters long Japan It is a top class. The pounding index can no longer be measured! In addition, you can participate in peace with the continuum belay system with higher security. In the vicinity Hot spring There is a town and soon after the experience Hot spring Are available. In addition, facilities such as a guest house and a café are enhanced, so guests who do not participate can relax at ease. Please come and enjoy the exciting park!

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