Paragliding in Shizuoka

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Paragliding, open the rectangular parachute in the spacious place, fly in the air by using the slope, it is a charming Sky Sports. Different from the sky diving jump from hang-gliding and airplanes that fly in the sky in the wings of the triangle. Paraglider to use only the lightweight parachute of about entering the backpack is the sport that can be enjoyed in the best lightweight in the Sky Sports. In a convenient Shizuoka Prefecture also access a day trip from Tokyo, Fujinomiya enjoy in a place that boasts the size of the nation's largest while looking at the Mount Fuji boasts the height of Japan's top Asagiri Plateau, the mountains and the sea and three of Tourism and Leisure of Hot Springs Atami recommended for greedy who want to enjoy, motor paragliding also enjoy Lake Hamana, etc. you can experience paragliding. Asagiri Plateau and in Atami, you can enjoy the year-round paragliding regardless of the basic season. Under the staff of guidance from the short time of the plan to experience the fun tandem flight with the pilot, there are various ways to plenty of 1-day course to enjoy the goal of enabling the flight alone. Reservations accepted, check the time and availability, please apply online or TEL, FAX and the like.

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