SHIKOKU- a charming island with the oldest pilgrimage routs!

SHIKOKU is famous for its 88 temple Pilgrimage, comprising a unique journey and sights to this part of the world! Its exclusive natural wonders include the swirling Naruto whirlpools and the lush Iya valley. Shikoku's summer is especially desirable for its picturesque water activities such as canoeing and river rafting.

Iya Valley is a paradise of outdoor activities and sizzling hot springs. Admire the famous Koboke and Oboke gorges from the Oku-Iya double vine bridge before relaxing to a gorgeous sunset on Chichibugahama beach in Kagawa. Next, make your way to the art-famed Naoshima Island for a unique scenery of charming fishing villages, sandy backdrops, gallery installations, and art museums and architecture.

For a share of pristine nature in historical surroundings, the 1745 Ritsurin garden promises contrasting scenery featuring thirteen landscaped hills and six ponds. A special cherry blossoms illumination awaits at Kochi castle, unique for being the only one with an intact main keep and tower. It is particularly beautiful when the pink of sakura takes over the landscape in spring.

Niyodo River gives off a mysterious blue color, and you can get close to the action through canoeing and rafting . Sail across the nature-laden streams on a banana boat on your way to snorkeling with perfectly harmless- and surprisingly friendly- whale sharks in Tosashimizu, Kochi. Befriend another playful creature of the sea with dolphin watching and swimming tours. Then, go on a family-friendly Stand up paddle boarding adventure with your little ones on a gentle stream within quiet surroundings and beautiful nature.

Via unique artworks, learn to create floral presentations in Tokushima that look like alluring flowers trapped in huge water drops! The customary handicraft buffet also includes washi making (traditional Japanese paper) and electric-wheel ceramic pottery . Make beautiful vases and containers for your patio, kitchen, and living room, while injecting ancient patterns into your home setup.

If you ever wanted to uncover the secret to glamorous glass making, there are sandblasting classes in Kagawa to show you the ropes. Forge ritzy glass wine sets and create your dream glass from scratch!

For a more exertive outdoor activity, embrace canyoning adventures , boat cruising tours, and ATV riding in paradisiacal Shikoku. Go-karting in Kagawa will have you on the edge of your seat while paragliding adventures avail beautiful land and cityscapes. You can also explore the serene streets and seclusions of Shikoku on rickshaw and cycling tours!

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Shikoku is your one-stop mall of nature for all, incredible watersports. A slow SUP in Tokushima is available for those learning the trade, while the confident can go rafting on the Yoshino River and duel with gentle rapids. Canoeing in Shikoku entails divinely clear streams that offer an almost floating experience, and canyoning means breathtaking valleys like Nameoko and Oukawa!

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The most wonderful thing about diving is that you discover a whole new world of unique aquatic life and geographical features! Become a professional with globally-acclaimed diving certification courses as you take on fun classes about diving for beginners. Once certified, go on licensed diving in the alluring Kashiwajima Sea before snorkeling with whale sharks in Kochi!

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When you are looking for fun things to do, Shikoku is the place to go! Realize your military fantasies on airsoft war courses in Takamatsu, cruise the sea on high-speed boats, and enjoy delicious meals on houseboats. There are all sorts of fun for everyone, including pristine Shikoku rickshaw tours.

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Do you live for the thrill of adventure? Koshu has every kind of excitement! If yours lies in the sky, savor paragliding across lush plains filled with modern cities. Stay closer to the ground with horse riding on major sightseeing spots and buggy tours on the foreground of enchanting Shikoku sunsets by the sea. Cycling in Shikoku promises lovely views!

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Japanese paper is made from special material and ancient processes dating back to Edo times. Make your own washi before taking on blacksmith workshop lessons to uncover the forging of kitchen knives, among other utensils. Cultural experiences also entail nicely-patterned kimono rentals, and pottery classes to spruce up your home's floral and aesthetic value!