Paragliding in Shikoku

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Among the four islands of Japan, the smallest four prefectures in the Shikoku, nice and charming culture and gourmet, beautiful scenery and attractions are a lot of tourist spots, respectively. Tourist facilities has been condensed. Therefore, tourists from Japan, as well, we have many foreign tourists come to Japan for the purpose of even Shikoku travel from countries such as China. Access from Honshu There are a few. Introduction Ehime Prefecture, which is located in the northwest is directly connected to the Hiroshima Prefecture "Shimanami", while around and looking at the remote island, is also possible to cross by bicycle. Located in Matsuyama city, and "Dogo Onsen main building" of quaint building, it is the "Inland Sea" and popular nature of its surroundings. Kagawa Prefecture has led in Okayama Prefecture and bridge in the north-east. It is famous for Sanuki udon. Takamatsu and the city's streets, stroll the "Ritsurin Park", Shodoshima and is the olive producer of, there is an exhibit to the entire island, the whole island, "Naoshima" of art that has become a museum popular with women high, many people visit to GW. Furthermore, Kochi Prefecture and beautiful Shimanto River of mountain streams in the south, is also popular high Ryoma Sakamoto Yukari spot in the Kochi City. However in Tokushima Prefecture, close to the Kansai area, you can enjoy a variety of gourmet. When traveling Let's referring to the pre-information magazine.

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