OKINAWA: Where Fairytale Beaches Come to Life

OKINAWA has the most incredible spring and summer seasons! The beaches are soaked with the holiday sun, setting the perfect mood for the prefecture's many water sports and other outdoor activities. Meanwhile, cherry blossom spots bloom into full color everywhere availing endless sightseeing spots!

Thousands of kilometers of crystal blue waters necklace this beautiful prefecture, ensuring so many aquatic activities to enjoy that you'll be spoilt for choice. Scuba diving Okinawa proves to be the most popular in that list, and there are many certification schools providing professional lessons and tending to all kinds of skills from novices to experts and everything in between. For a closer look at life below the surface beyond. snorkeling and scuba diving, you can squeeze right in among the fish with a sea walking experience where you get to stroll the sea like you would on land!

Still on fun on the water, there are just as many amazing things to do above as there are below the water. Marine lovers will jump at the chance to observe colorful coral reefs and the similarly intriguing and beautiful tropical fish that have found a home within they from beautiful vessels. You can go scenic kayaking , canoeing , and boat fishing on a sea with so much provision, including penguins and the odd whale! You can as well do SUP yoga in front of a beautiful sunset, hop aboard a transparent kayak that provides clear views of the eccentric wildlife below, or go sailing on a unique banana boat !

If you'd like to go to a place that puts together all the majestic sea creatures for your viewing pleasure without having to get wet, consider bus tours to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium where huge mantras and sharks exchange pleasantries behind a gigantic glass. Adrenaline lovers meanwhile, can conquer rapids with canyon rafting or breeze through the waters at breakneck speeds with jet skills ..

For stunning features at sea to pique your wonder, look to mystical cave explorations in Okinawa. Some of the standout in this regard comprising a glowing blue cave, the Iriomote Island cave, and the pumpkin limestone cave, whose interior bears a remarkable resemblance to the fruit that gives it its name!

Beyond the watery paradise, your itinerary won't be lacking either. You can lay down to a beautiful astronomical display with night starry sky observation tours, ride pineapple carts at the Nago pineapple park, or be part of a thrilling mermaid experience .For a slice of cultural diversity, save the date for the American Village in Naha City, which is an American-themed paradise!

An Okinawa holiday should definitely include basking on a glorious beach, and you can find sun-kissed shores galore in Kerama, Ishigaki, and Iriomote islands over spring and summer. While you're there, it's customary to experience Iriomote and Yubu islands ox cart rides , a fun means of transport that's sure to leave a mental imprint.

We guarantee that you'll fall in love with picturesque Okinawa and its many treasures, and never want to leave! Please be sure to sample our brimming basket of Okinawa's many goodies and activities!

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Say hello to these famous blue waters with beginner diving classes in Okinawa that teaches newbies the way of diving, and furthers the knowledge of those with established skills. Work your way to an accredited diving license, and explore a world of swirling shades of fish and resting turtles too lazy to bother with guests. Diving certifications and night diving tours in Okinawa are full of incredible coral reefs and promising caves!

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Enjoy the tropical-like sun as you partake in water sports in Okinawa, and observe the aquatic world with clear kayaks so transparent that you see not only the fish below but also the whitewashed seabed! You can choose a higher vantage point with a parasailing experience, or delve into the beautiful underwater with Okinawa snorkeling tours. Alternatively, take up canoeing and stand up paddling boarding and surf the turquoise waters like a pro!

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Wrestle with exotic marine life such as the batfish as you discover Okinawa fishing tours that are both a recreational activity and a way of life. Go fishing in Okinawa on elegant private yachts, which often come with special onboard barbecues, or do so on a kayak instead and savor all the little moments involved in an open-air experience. Venture near the shoreline for popular catches or travel to the deep sea for the rarest of fish!

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Do you have a special day coming up in your life and would like the tour to match? Exceptional is not hard to find here, and some of that can be found within rare Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium night tours and extraordinary Okinawa Shisa-lion making adventures! Other worthy activities to commemorate your special day include kimono rentals, and swordsmithing plans, in addition to scenic Okinawa ox-cart tours!

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This beautiful prefecture and island is all about fun, and the banana boat rides in Okinawa perfectly showcase why. More fun comes in the way of exploring the mysteries of the underwater by sampling Okinawa sea walking activities where you literally rub shoulders with schools of fish, who'll certainly be keen to ask questions up close and personal! You can also explore legendary caves full of intrigue and folklores, or sit back to amazing Okinawa whale watching shows!

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If you're looking for places to let your hair down and cast your worries aside, Okinawa puts many relaxing activities at your fingertips. You can learn about the proper techniques of yoga via Okinawa yoga classes, before participating in beach yoga or meditating out on The refreshing waters with an Okinawa SUP Yoga experience in the sunset. There are also several healthcare and spa packages to take the edge off a demanding school or work life!