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Nagara River Rafting

The temperature of the Japanese archipelago is rising rapidly, and 2020, which will be "Reiwa 2 Year", is also in the spring and summer Activity ・ It is the season when outdoor leisure is fully open ♪ Activity Japan During this rising season, many people are planning to travel or go out to outdoor spots around across Japan using long vacations such as the coming summer vacation and Obon holidays. ??

Therefore, this time, from the popular outdoor sports event "Rafting" in the spring and summer, not only Tokai Region but also Japan, one of the most popular spots "Nagara River" Close up to "Popular experience plan ranking And "Rafting Experience Shop "Such" Nagara River Rafting》 We will show you the must-see information for enjoying ◎ 2020 Please use it for your summer planning ☆


Rafting What is it?

Rafting is a type of outdoor leisure that you can enjoy going down the river on a rubber boat called Raft operated by a tour guide. There are many popular rafting spots in Japan, and it is a popular leisure activity that can be called the "King of River Activities" that is enjoyed by many tourists during the spring and summer (from early spring to early autumn) when the tour is held.

Also known as a "natural waterslide", it is usually possible to board about 7 to 8 people in one group, so there is a great demand for group leisure such as school trips and employee trips, as well as families and friend groups. It is gaining popularity as a hands-on sightseeing and leisure activity for a large number of people.

Nagara River Rafting Characteristics of

Tokai area Gifu The Nagara River flowing through the prefecture is Gifu Source prefecture Mie Prefecture· Aichi It is the first grade river of the Kiso River water system (Kiso Mikawa) which flows through the prefecture to Ise Bay. A magnificent natural surroundings surrounded by mountains area Then outdoor experience including river play such as fishing Hot spring It is also known as a popular spot that many tourists visit because it can be enjoyed.

In addition, a river utilizing the beautiful water quality, which is called "Japan's Three Great Clearing Rivers", in the vicinity of Minami-cho upstream Activity Experience tours are held actively 楽 し む Enjoying the river going down on the course with numerous torrent points Rafting It is famous as a “Mecca” and boasts a high popularity as an outdoor experience enjoyed by many people both in and outside the prefecture during the spring and summer seasons.

«Nagara River Rafting Reference data of experience》

Lowest price 3,800 yen (tax included) ~
Duration April to Oct.
Experience Ageo/Okegawa 3 years old ~
Popular customers Group / Student / Friends Group / Family

Frequently Asked Questions about Nagara River Rafting

Q What is Rafting?

A A type of water sport where you can enjoy going down the river by boarding a rubber boat called "Raft" from the upper reaches of the river. It is a common way to enjoy torrents in groups of 7 to 8 people, including instructors. Summer, when the temperature rises, is the season with the highest demand, while early spring, when the melted snow flows into the river, is said to be the time to enjoy the most thrilling Rafting with more water.

Q Access to Nagara River Rafting

A The area around Minami-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, which is located upstream of the Nagara River, is especially famous as a mecca for "Rafting." By car, use the national highway from the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway "Minami IC" or "Gujo Hachiman IC", and by train, use the "Nagaragawa Railway". There are also Rafting tour companies that will pick you up at a nearby bus stop or train station when using public transportation, including highway buses.

Q What are the characteristics of Nagara River Rafting?

A "Nagara River" is said to be one of the three major clear streams in Japan. Gifu It is a first-class river in the Kiso River system with its headwaters deep in the mountains of Mt. Dainichi in the prefecture. The magnificent nature surrounded by mountains is attractive, and it is characterized by the large number of shops planning and conducting Rafting tours. area is recommended for families as there are tours that even elementary school students can participate in and can be enjoyed by both children and adult.

Q Is there anything you can enjoy other than Rafting?

A In addition to Rafting, you can also enjoy outdoor experiences such as mountain stream fishing, barbecue, and camping on the Nagara River. You can also experience active tours such as Canyon rafting and caving, which are popular as a standard event for playing in the river. Some Partner are planning plans that include multiple Activity. There is also a Hot spring facility nearby where you can take a day trip bath.

Popular rankings

Activity Japan Based on all reservation data 長 Nagara River Rafting We announce trial tour plan ranking TOP10 ♪♪ It is selectable from course of morning course or afternoon mainly, and trial fee is basic tool such as life jacket or helmet Rental The fee is included. チ ェ ッ ク Check each plan as there are special services such as photo data presents ↑

"please note"
Number of groups acceptable per day, reservation Number of participants There is a limitation. Those who are considering experiences during large holidays such as Golden Week and summer holidays or on weekends and holidays, Number of participants Early bookings are recommended if you wish to experience in a group of groups.

Rafting Experience shop

Gifu ・ Nagara River Rafting We will introduce a list of recommended shops that will hold an experience tour ♪ " Rafting In addition to the above, it is popular as a standard event for river play Canyon rafting ", And Activity We can make a reservation together with the experience tour BBQ course As there are many shops that hold a, please use for summer leisure to enjoy the outdoors ◎

"please note"
All outdoor Activity There is also the danger of accidents and injuries. Please make sure to have a licensed instructor guide you at the time of the experience and enjoy the safety and attention through the shop.

Address岐阜県郡上市美並町大原2709 子宝温泉敷地内
business hours【Reception time】 10:00 to 19:00
Regular holidayplan Duration There is no rest during
アウトドアステーション(OUTDOOR STATION)
business hours 7:00 to 22:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
business hoursFrom 8:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday No special requirements.
リバーアドベンチャーツアーズ(River Adventure Tours)
business hours 8:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday Tuesday
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

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At Activity Japan, leisure, Activity, cultural experience, craftsmanship, Sightseeing tour, etc. Hokkaido in the north, Okinawa in the south, across Japan We are accepting reservations for simple experience plans. Sale You can make a great deal of reservations such as plans and point grants, so please use it when you are looking for "play" near your destination or your home.

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