Smelt fishing / Ice fishing in Yamanashi

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In the cold with a hole on top of the ice, the old story of that fish the smelt ... trembling. Now in warm dome ship that worked the heating is, the appearance of fish a smelt hanging thread to the feet are becoming a staple. In the Lake Yamanaka that can smelt fishing until mid-September to April, boarded the dome ship, in nature, which was against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, it is recommended plan that can experience the smelt fishing. Of course, participation of families OK. In its place the smelt, which caught, it is also possible to taste in the tempura. Since it is possible to separate rental, such as rod and tackle, you can also use participation empty-handed. If stayed hot spring inn in the vicinity of the Fuji Five Lakes, also enjoy both hot springs and fishing. In addition, fishing pond, such as ,, Kawamata River mountain stream fishing except in Yamanashi Prefecture, the Fuji Five Lakes area is a fishing point where rainbow trout and char, and trout have been released. There is a very popular fished fish because it is eaten baked in grilled fish Square. In Berry Park of Tsuru City, you can enjoy fishing in the river and both the location of the lake. For more information, such as notes at the time of use, please check the website each guide.

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