Smelt fishing in Yamanashi 15Results / Popularity order

Opening a hole on the ice and catching a wakasagi while trembling in the cold ... is an old story. In the warm dome ship with heating, it is becoming a classic that the fishing is done by pulling thread at the feet. In Yamanakako, where you can fish a penguin from mid September to April, we recommend you to take a dome boat and plan a fishing fishing festival in the nature behind Mt. Fuji. Of course, participation with families is OK. It is also possible to taste the freshly raised rice cake on the spot, tempura. Since you can rent a fishing rod and gimmick etc separately, you can use even handbags. If you stay in a hot spring inn near Fuji Goko, you can also enjoy both hot springs and fishing. Also, outside the Fuji Goko area of ​​Yamanashi Prefecture, the fishbow such as Kawamata River Stream fishing spot is a fishing point where rainbow trout, Iwana, Yamame etc are released. It is very popular because you can eat baked fish just baked in grilled fish square as it is. You can enjoy fishing at both the river and lake places at Berry Park in Tsurumi City. For details about notes at the time of use, please check each website guide.


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