Soba noodles making in Shizuoka

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Like the famous soba noodles and Kannon Tei in Shizuoka that can udon, soba noodles experience you can experience. Use the dough with buckwheat flour owner has carefully selected, we will eat in the exquisite soup of characteristics. Raw wasabi also use what was caught in Izu, Shizuoka commitment. Time struck the buckwheat in 30 minutes in about 90 minutes, we'll boiled staff in the remaining 60 minutes. Soba among Udon, Soba experience is difficult, the work will have the skill to cut especially thin. But our kindly, politely guidance and we will create a full-fledged buckwheat. Even as it has a ragged little thickness is what Otsu that customers have built up painstakingly. I will instruct you can create things of which you can convince sure. Please by all means try to book from the activity Japan. In addition to buckwheat baked miso also of buckwheat, local sake, mountain nor such as juice also available, We are looking forward to your visit of everyone.

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