Pleasure at night,
Experience in Japan

Have you ever wondered how to spend the night at your destination?
Come back to the hotel after dinner · · · It is a waste not to fully enjoy the night at the travel destination!
For example, if you are in Tokyo, you can enjoy luxurious dinner while watching the night view with a night cruise and enjoy a variety of experiences and play until late time such as latest entertainment show if you want to be excited. You like nature and enjoy the mysterious world in Night SUP and night diving in Okinawa.
If you are an outdoor fellow, camping / grumping with an elegant night, or a night canoeing or diving meeting nature.
Etc. There are many experiences of the night that Japan can not experience in the daytime!

Night Experience Recommend Plan


【KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Harajuku】Oiran Night Show! Every Tuesday only!​ ​

2,160yen~(tax included)

Enjoy our original cute interior decor, dancing Makai dance and enjoy the original food. We are preparing for events where Mr. Kanaka acts sake and "Behavior Liquor" and contents that you can experience Japanese Bon dance. 【ABOUT KAWAII MONSTER CAFE】 The café restaurant which boasts the largest area of ​​Tokyo in which elements of Japanese pop culture such as symbolic sweet go-round round, shimmering jellyfish BAR, fluffy PINK FAT CAT room, etc. were condensed, "KAWAII MONSTER CAFE "changes into a deep sexy night space at night. The audience is overwhelmed and delighted with music, dance, beautiful performance and its world view unfolded in creative space. Enjoy shopping in the day, dress beautifully in the evening, meet at BAR, watch the best show, then talk about the impressions. We propose "How to play at night" in Harajuku reminiscent of Broadway and the show restaurant in New York, and create a new culture in Tokyo. An unexperienced entertainment restaurant. It's "KMC SHOW CASE".

El Monte RV Japan

【Reliable and easy with accompanying guide! ] Camping car & Grand Ping "BBQ option available" ※ 24 hours only

プランID:20270El Monte RV Japan
80,000yen~(tax included)

Traveling with camping cars is popular America 's nationwide network of camper car rental specialty company "El Monte RV" landed in Japan! "Photogenic outdoor journey will come true!" "Grand Ping equipment rental" and "Camper car rental" are a great deals set plan! Since the attendant staff accompany themselves from the meeting place to the dissolution place, you can enjoy it with confidence in the first person, from how to use the camp car to how to operate, how to set up a tent of the Grand Ping style and a barbecue workshop. When combining with other activities (kayak · rafting etc.), staff will prepare for tent setting and barbecue while enjoying activities, so you can make effective use of time. If you are tired of driving a camper, or you are worried, attendant staff can do the driving instead. It is also recommended for group trips, corporate trips! !


Spring season only! Ninja Show & Wadaiko's Osaka Sightseeing "Ninja Night Cruise"

4,800yen~(tax included)

"Ninja Night Cruise" to sightsee in Mizuno Osaka while enjoying Ninja Show and Japanese Taiko! Near the Osaka Castle Night cruise for one hour to go from the Tenmabashi "Eighthome Hamai" via Toyoko Horikawa to the downtown "Dotonbori"! Boarding at the Eighth Arrangement Beachfront Dome at Tenmabashi, get off Okawa via the Dotonbori River and get off at Minatocho Dock. 1 hour night cruise while enjoying Ninja show and Japanese drum performance

A town where you do not sleep, a nightly experience in Tokyo

From morning till night ... midnight ... until morning! You can enjoy various cultures, you can experience Tokyo after all! Let's enjoy entertainment city unparalleled in the world!

【Workday AJ Limited Plan・Shinjuku Kabukicho】Party&Mission Package!6 dishes & 2.5 hours unlimited drink/ Spy escape game★

Plan ID: 19726InSPYre
4,500yen3,980yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

"InSPYre (Inspire)" is the mission accomplishment time attack attraction that enables you to experience Japan's first full-scale spy experience. Participants form a group of 1 to 5 people and up to 8 groups play simultaneously under different missions. Various gimmicks are set in the facility, depending on instructions and hints issued one after another to the terminal to be rented, challenge toward mission clear while making full use of brains and physical strength, as well as luck You can enjoy. Also, as the attraction, we introduce the industry's first "face recognition system" to record not only the group but also the results of individual players. (Confirmed by application) There are multiple missions, various strategies are used. Also, even though exactly the same course, the correct answer of each gimmick changes at random, so you can enjoy it as many times as you want! ▼ Attraction Summary Waste warehouse suddenly appeared in the middle of the city. There is a hideout of the villainous organization BLACK-MAX who plans to conquer the world. In order to stop their wrongs, you challenge missions as a agent dispatched from the intelligence agency inSPYre!

Yakatabune Harumiya

[Tokyo・Harumi] Yakatabune Experience! Discover Japan's Beauty With Your Five Senses (shared use / from 2 persons)

Plan ID: 14131Yakatabune Harumiya
10,800yen~(tax included)

Houseboat is restaurant that just floats on the surface of the water. Is 150 minutes of the plan to enjoy the night view and delicious cuisine of Tokyo Bay. Scenery, dishes, you can enjoy hospitality ... of Japan to "chic" in the five senses.

Mei Dorimin Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven`s Gate store

【Tokyo · Akihabara】 The largest store in the group! A casual maid cafe experience [cafe plan]

Plan ID: 14570Mei Dorimin Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven`s Gate store
1,620yen~(tax included)

"Mei Dori Mimi Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven`s Gate Store" is a shop of Atsihabara station 10 seconds on foot, Mei Dorimi's the largest 83 seats. This plan will be an hour café plan with immigration fee, drinks and check-out fee set.

Ura-Yama Ride Tokyo

【Tokyo・Musashi-Itsukaichi】 Ura-Yama MTB Night Ride & Night Hiking! Evening mountain bike and trekking experience

Plan ID: 13211Ura-Yama Ride Tokyo
4,500yen~(tax included)

A part of the popular classic route of the mountain behind the ride running at "night" MTB, lighter trekking if Chau planning. A forest road approaching dusk, go to rely on bright lights. If you turn off the light stopped to try ... there is forest of complete darkness. Sound and insects and voices of birds of water of a mountain stream that flows, is another world. Night hike after the night ride. In the darkness, across the river, over the bridge of the tree, it is aimed almost at the root, such as advances in a different space, "waterfall of secret"!

ROSE - Whisky Bottle Bar

【Tokyo · Shinjuku / Kabukicho】 "Yamazaki" Japanese Whisky Tasting plan

プランID:20613ROSE - Whisky Bottle Bar
5,000yen~(tax included)

Yamazaki distillery was the first whiskey to be made in Japan. We will compare four kinds of single malt whiskey representative "Yamazaki" "Yamazaki 18 years" "Yamazaki 12 years" "Shinyamazaki" "Chita". I will give you one bottle of your choice for those who guessed it. ~ Flow of the day ~ 1. Store visit (Please come at convenient time) 2. This time, we introduce 4 types of alcohol you drink. 3. Tasting four kinds of liquor. Pour 15 ml and taste a little. 4. Flowers will bloom in talks while carving flavor, taste, etc. in the memory of the tongue. 5. Answer ~ Correct Announcement 6. * If you answer everything correctly, a bottle gift


【Tokyo · Roppongi】 Experience "Oops" at show restaurant Burlesque♪♪♪

プランID:20483BURLESQUE annex YAVAY
4, 320yen~(tax included)

Songs by leading creators, finest lighting, powerful LED images, glittering director. Why do not you experience the best "Dangerous!"? We will bring you to another world with dance, singing, pole dance and various productions.

Other experiences of night enjoying in the Kanto area

Access from the downtown area is good and a small traveling sensation allows you to experience a different culture from full-scale outdoor activities to the latest activities.
Marine Tourist Co., Ltd.

【Kanagawa · Yokohama】 We enjoyed the night view of Minato Mirai. [Night cruising - 1 drink included]

Plan ID: 15840Marine Tourist Co., Ltd.
1,950yen~(tax included)

Minato Mirai "Pukari-san Bridge" Arrival! Minato Mirai ~ Red Brick ~ Large Pier ~ Yamashita Park ~ Hikawarumaru ~ It is about 1 hour course that you can enjoy the excursion around Yokohama while watching the Bay Bridge. Please feel refreshing sea breeze and have a memorable moment. The boarding time is about 50 minutes.

Akiba Cart Narita International Airport

Approximately from Narita Airport ★ Public road cart experience (60 minutes rental course)

Plan ID: 18521Akiba Cart Narita International Airport
3,500yen~(tax included)

You can enjoy public road cart at Narita city in Chiba prefecture. It is near from Narita Airport, and it runs through the spacious road with a sense of dash. Drive recommended by cosplay

Experience the night of pleasure in Okinawa in the summer summer

In the activity classic Okinawa is HOT at night as well! Okinawa at night, which is a bit different from daytime, is exactly an adventure island where throbbing does not stop!
Slow dive Ishigaki

[ Okinawa , Ishigaki Island ] starry night snorkel & mystery of noctiluca tour (3 Mon to 11 Mon held)

Plan ID: 11660Slow dive Ishigaki
8,000yen~(tax included)

Or watching the starry sky floating in the night of the sea, enjoy a ... such a fantastic atmosphere overlooking the noctiluca glow-in-the water is "Healing Night Tour".

Doki Doki Yanbaruncha

【4 participants per day only】 ★ ★ Night buggy experience ★ ★ Drive through the jungle in pitch darkness! A real thrill guaranteed!

プランID:20075Doki Doki Yanbaruncha
6,500yen~(tax included)

In Northern Okinawa Prefecture, a nature-experiencing tourist facility located in Nago City "Dokidoki Yanbaruchan" prepares activities to experience the natural charm of Okinawa. In our plan, we run the in-facility course with 4 wheel buggy, then we will stroll through the forest. The journey time is about 60 minutes.

Kayak & Sap Ease

Also enjoy [Okinawa Kadena] mangrove forests! The mystery of the night kayak tour ★ There various discount ★

プランID:2069Kayak & Sap Ease
5,800yen5,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Pounding explore the night of the river at night kayak tour! Let's nightlife kayak! Japan sank, around the time around is shrouded in darkness, in the forest of Okinawa subtropical nocturnal of rare creatures will start the activity. In the dark, kayak to advance to slide to rely on moonlight. The creatures are waiting for you in the back of the mangrove forest ...? Subtropical mangrove forests unique kayak tour. In everyone of your friends and colleagues, please join the courage.

Iriomote Island Urauchi tourism (Iriomote Island Urauchigawa kankou)

[Okinawa Iriomote Island] Star Night canoe tour

Plan ID: 3229Iriomote Island Urauchi tourism (Iriomote Island Urauchigawa kankou)
5,000yen~(tax included)

To back the sinking Yuku sunset, let's quietly out rowing in the canoe. Bright out a little to the upstream Once you are familiar with the canoe.

Miyakojima diving Aqua-Tech Adventure

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Night diving going by boat

Plan ID: 13337Miyakojima diving Aqua-Tech Adventure
10,500yen~(tax included)

In night diving, crustaceans such as shrimp and crab in the dark place can be seen during daytime, and you can enjoy a different sea world from the daytime. The point depends on the season and the direction of the wind, but in boat night diving go towards Irabejima (W arch, twin hall etc) and Shimojijima (middle Noshijima channel etc.) direction. From around mid May and around mid-June, I encounter coral spawning. ※ For those who do not have underwater lights we are free to lend.

Experience the night in pleasure in other areas

Mugi Aozora Project

【Tokushima · Mugi】 ★ Night Plan ★ Wildlife Observation Tour

Plan ID: 15558Mugi Aozora Project
1,000yen~(tax included)

In the south of Tokushima Prefecture, various wild animals live. In the evening, nocturnal animals appeared here and there. On the tour, I will go search for wild animals using the technique called light census. What I can meet is up to that time!

Omachi-Lake Aoki Adventure Club

[Nagano snowshoe] Let's Walk the snowy field of a night! Starry stroll experience in snowshoe night trekking

Plan ID: 2446Omachi-Lake Aoki Adventure Club
6,000yen~(tax included)

Frigid cold! If the star in the night sky was crystal clear is Miele, Nashi mistake to become the memories! Amazing night of the blizzard! Night, a frigid snowy field, and both snowshoes and snowshoe experience. Snowshoe tour has gaining in popularity, but the fact is easy to walk is more of a snowshoe. There is also a nail snowshoe. Necessities transmitted to the snow country of Japan is the word of the "amazing".


【Kagoshima · Amami Oshima】 Amami Night Tour to go with 4 WD

8,000yen~(tax included)

I am planning a night tour at Amami Oshima 27 years ago. Guide history The 27th year Amami archipelago certified eco tour guide is representative. If you observe Amamino rabbits, go to AMAMI NATURE COM ♪

Coral and hermit crab (SANGO TO YADOKARI)

【Kagoshima · Amami Oshima】 Let's go see the rabbit! With transfer. Exploring the world natural heritage candidate subtropical forest! Night Tour

Plan ID: 9413Coral and hermit crab (SANGO TO YADOKARI)
7,800yen~(tax included)

The Yonomori of subtropical rare flora and fauna are many habitat and exploration by car. Luck will meet in Amami rabbit of special natural treasure if you're.

Slow rhythm Hokkaido

Night forest experience Night hiking [Hokkaido, snowshoe in Sapporo (guide accompany)

プランID:1862Slow rhythm Hokkaido
6,000yen~(tax included)

Perfect score of the night scene, starry sky. And a little pounding of Yonomori walk. Let's secretly looking at the big city with the feeling of small animals. Although not included in the price, after enjoying plenty of nature, enjoy a dinner in the suburbs?