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2020 Japan's nightlife definitive edition
Night Activity Tour Special



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Night Activity to play Tokyo night

Enjoy the night of Tokyo the city that never sleeps!


Tokyo Night Activity Recommended Plan

    PICK UP!

    [KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Harajuku] Thursdays only! Burlesque Night★


    A performer wearing costumes that seem to be cute is adorable dance performed by an adult woman. Enjoy the original food and original drink while enjoying the show. Our hospitality staff Bunny Girl suddenly behaves drinking, you can enjoy fulfilling content besides shows, such as Happy Drink Time and Go Go Time starting after drinking alcohol. 【ABOUT KAWAII MONSTER CAFE】 A cafe restaurant that boasts the largest area of ​​Tokyo in which the elements of Japanese pop culture such as symbolic sweet go-round round, shimmering jellyfish BAR, fluffy PINK FAT CAT room, etc. were condensed, "KAWAII MONSTER CAFE "changes into a deep and sexy night space at night. The audience is overwhelmed and delighted with music, dance, beautiful performance and its world view unfolded in creative space. We propose "How to play at night" in Harajuku reminiscent of Broadway and the show restaurant in New York, and create a new culture in Tokyo. Unexperienced entertainment restaurant.

    Included in price
    ・ For customers entering the store normally
    Entrance fee + 1 drink + behavioral sake
    ・ For all-you-can-drink customers
    Entrance fee + behavioral drinks + all-you-can-drink
    Participating age
    20 years old ~
    Whole year
    meeting time
    19:45 Meeting
    Flow of the On the day
    ▼ Order food and drink (paid): 10 minutes
    Customers with an all-you-can-drink plan can additionally order.
    ▼ Burlesque clubs showtime + meal: 30 minutes
    ▼ "Behavior Sake" by Bunny Girl: 10 minutes
    ▼ Bunny Girl and Go-Go Dance: 10 minutes
    ▼ Burlesque clubs show time: 10 minutes
    The meeting place
    Eastern Kyoto Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, 4-31-10 YM Square Building fourth floor

    Frontier Roots

    [Tokyo Bay] up to 140 people can be on board! Tropical boats are popular! Tropical Cruising(with buffet & all-you-can-drink)


    The dishes that go well with the tropical inboard are well received! This is a Cruising plan that can be held by chartering a Cruising party ship "Frontier Roots" that can be boarded by groups of 40 more and 140 less. 90 minutes Tokyo Please enjoy the Bay cruise ♪ content: 90 minutes boarding fee, cooking 11 dishes (buffet style), all-you-can drink drink

Night Activity to play Osaka night

Osaka, the city of eating and entertainment


Osaka Night Activity Recommended Plan

Night Activity to play Okinawa night

Big attention in 2020! Enjoy Okinawa night!

Japan's world-class tropical beach resort island Okinawa ], There are plenty of nights Activity where you can enjoy the outdoor fields such as the sea, mountains, and rivers and the starry sky that spreads over the night sky. The tour starts from the sunset time where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and Okinawa Is popular. Okinawa is a great way to enjoy your night trip Tour Time ☆

Okinawa Night Activity Recommended Plan

    PICK UP!
    HALETA ocean support

    [Okinawa ・ Yomitan] To the fantastic extraordinary world while illuminating the night sea ★ Night SUP course

    ハレタオーシャンサポート(HALETA ocean support)
    Blue Cave/Onna

    New sense tour to play the night sea ★ ☆ Hareta is Okinawa It is one of the few night SUP holding stores! ! LED light under the big SUP board underwater When you feel like you are on a spaceship ... Okinawa There is no doubt that the beautiful sea and the full sky are healed! ! As the start time is late, Okinawa No need to waste your arrival date! ! The action you want to play actively from the first day ^ ^Okinawa If you are curious and want to experience something different from people ^ ^ Insta shine no doubt try to challenge the night SUP course without a mistake for the first time? ? I can surely experience the sense I have never tasted so far ★ ☆ ★

    Included in price
    Wet suit, marine boots, SUP equipment set. Facility usage fees such as Parking Lot, shower and Locker. Various insurance premiums. Drink service. Photo data.
    Participating age
    7 years old-69 years old
    Whole year
    meeting time
    Please come 5 minutes before your appointment time.
    The meeting place
    Hareta Ocean Support
    307 Nagahama, Yomitan Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture 9040324

    Ishigaki island ADVENTURE PiPi

    [Okinawa / Ishigaki island] ①Regional common coupon OK! [Night] Natural planetarium! Starry sky & subtropical "Jungle Night tour "On the day reservation OK!

    石垣島 ADVENTURE PiPi(ピピ)
    Ishigaki island
    5,9004,900yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    [Regional common coupon target plan! ] This plan can use regional coupons! * Use a coupon only be settled locally. Please note that pre-payment is not available. ↓ For more information, please visit our website ↓ https://ishigaki-pipi.com/local_coupon Let's take Activity [Jungle & Starry Sky Night tour] It Ishigaki island at night and look for creatures unique to the subtropics and the starry sky. There are many creatures and plants that you rarely see on the mainland! In addition, the starry sky certified as Japan's first starry sky reserve is a natural planetarium! [PiPi appeal point] -Ishigaki island southern area free pick-up! (West: ANA Intercontinental to East: Fusaki Resort) ・ Overwhelming number of reviews! In fact, the evaluation from everyone who participated in the tour shows the high satisfaction level of the PiPi tour. [On the day of the tour] ① 19:45 Ishigaki Port remote island terminal / Pick up at your accommodation ↓ ② 20:15 Arrive at the spot ↓ ③ 21:00 Jungle exploration / starry sky observation ↓ ④ 21:45 Tour ends. We will send it to Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal / Accommodation. * The schedule may change depending on the weather on the On the day [Reservation deadline] Web reservation: 22:00 deadline the day before the tour Telephone reservation: 18:00 deadline on the On the day

    Miyakojima Tourist Guide Gima

    [Okinawa Miyakojima] [Night] Participation OK from 2 years old! Yashigani & Starry Sky Tour

    Miyakojima (Irabujima, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Ikemajima)

    At Night tour of Miyakojima, we go to see creatures such as coconut crabs. If you can see the starry sky, we will also shoot the starry sky! Do you not enjoy the night of Miyakojima!

Night Activity to play Other local nights

Tokyo night Activity

In addition to Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa introduced above, Activity Japan currently offers night Activity experience tours across Japan. Last but not least, the most popular Kyoto ], [ Fukuoka ], [ Kanagawa ] Is carefully selected and introduced. Other, there are plenty of tours that you can enjoy with families as well as couples' dates, so please check from the search ◎

Tokyo night Activity

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