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2020 Japanese nightlife definitive edition
Night activity tour feature

It is common to enjoy meals, alcohol, karaoke, night clubs, etc. at the "night time" of travel destinations and outings, but there are many people who think that "that alone is not enough!" In fact Activity Japan will be held at a tourist spot 《Night Activity/Night Tour》 is gaining attention year by year and is now joining the ranks of popular plans ↑

Therefore, on this page, following "Tokyo" and "Okinawa" introduced as special features in Activity Japan, we will close up on "National Night Activities / Night Tours". There are plenty of activities that can only be experienced at that place and time.

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Night activities to enjoy the night in Tokyo

Enjoy the night in Tokyo, the city that never sleeps!

Japan's capital Tokyo is full of gourmet spots, fashion and entertainment! Such " Tokyo ] offers exciting plans where you can enjoy a night out in the big city, which is also called "the city that never sleeps" ☆

Tokyo night activity recommended plan

    PICK UP!

    Price includes
    ・For regular customers
    Entrance fee + 1 drink + behavioral sake
    ・For all-you-can-drink plan customers
    Entrance fee + behavioral sake + all-you-can-drink (only for those who specify the plan)
    participation age
    20 years old ~
    all year
    meeting time
    19:45 Gathering
    Flow of the day
    ▼ Ordering food and drinks (charged): 10 minutes
    Customers on the all-you-can-drink plan can also order additional items.
    ▼ Burlesque show time + meal: 30 minutes
    ▼ Bunny girl “behave sake”: 10 minutes
    ▼ Bunny girl and go-go dance: 10 minutes
    ▼Burlesque show time: 10 minutes
    The meeting place
    4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo YM Square Building 4F

    [Tokyo Bay] Up to 140 people can board! The tropical-style interior of the ship is popular! Tropical cruising (with buffet & all-you-can-drink)

    Frontier Roots
    8,316 Yen~ (tax included)

    南国風な船内と相性抜群のお料理がご好評いただいております!40名様以上、140名以下の団体様でご乗船可能なクルージングパーティー船「Frontier Roots」を貸切って開催できるクルージングプランです。90分のTokyo湾クルーズをお楽しみください♪内容:90分間乗船料、お料理11品(ブッフェスタイル)、ドリン

Night activities to enjoy the night in Osaka

Osaka, the city of food and entertainment

Prospering as the second largest city in Japan " Osaka is an area known for its name as "the city of eating down" and has many famous gourmet spots around Namba and Umeda, which are the center. Therefore, the experience plan where you can enjoy meals and alcohol together with the Osaka sightseeing guide tour is popular. Eat a lot, laugh a lot, one of Japan's leading downtown areas " Osaka Let's enjoy the deep and exciting night of ♪

Osaka night activity recommended plan

Night activities to enjoy the night of Okinawa

Great attention in 2020! Enjoy the night in Okinawa!

Japan's world-class tropical beach resort island " Okinawa ], there are plenty of night activities where you can enjoy outdoor fields such as the sea, mountains, rivers, etc. and the starry sky that spreads over the night sky. The tour starts at sunset time where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset, and the evening " Okinawa ] is a popular plan. During your trip to Okinawa, it is recommended that you actively enjoy the evening hours as well☆

Okinawa night activity recommended plan

    PICK UP!

    [Okinawa Yomitan] To a fantastic extraordinary world while illuminating the night sea Night SUP course

    HALETA ocean support
    Blue Cave/Onna Village
    8,000 Yen~ (tax included)
    • 5.0
    • (3 reviews and testimonials)

    A new sensation tour to play the sea at night ☆ Hareta is one of the few night SUP stores in Okinawa! ! When the LED lights illuminate the water under the large SUP board, you will feel as if you are on a spaceship... Okinawa's beautiful sea and the sky full of stars will surely heal you! ! Since the start time is late, we will not waste the day of arrival in Okinawa! ! Active from day one

    Price includes
    Wet suit, marine boots, SUP equipment set. Facility usage fees such as parking lots, showers, and lockers. Various insurance premiums. drink service. Photo data.
    participation age
    7 to 69 years old
    all year
    meeting time
    Please come 5 minutes before your reservation time.
    The meeting place
    Hareta Ocean Support
    307 Nagahama, Yomitan Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture 9040324

    [Okinawa Ishigaki Island] Limited time! Night safari - search for nocturnal creatures (about 2.5 hours)

    Field Nature Ishigaki Island
    Ishigaki Island
    5,000 Yen~ (tax included)
    • 4.5
    • (3 reviews and testimonials)

    The world is completely different at night than during the day. You can feel the breathing of various night creatures. It is a tour to look for creatures while walking on the beach and in the forest at night. Even while traveling by car, if a creature appears, I may stop the car and observe it. Oka crabs that migrate from the mountains to the sea to spawn, as well as the endangered coconut crabs and hermit crabs. Thai Wangsa in the forest

    [Okinawa Miyakojima] [Night] Participation is OK from 2 years old! Yashigani & Starry Sky Tour

    Miyakojima Sightseeing Guide Gima
    Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
    3,000 Yen~ (tax included)
    • 5.0
    • (4 reviews and testimonials)

    On the night tour of Miyakojima, we go to observe creatures such as coconut crabs and hermit crabs. When you can see the starry sky, we also do starry sky photography! Enjoy the night in Miyakojima!

Night activities to enjoy the night in other areas

Night activities in Tokyo

In addition to Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa introduced above, Activity Japan currently handles night activity experience tours throughout Japan. Finally, the most popular among them is " Kyoto , " Fukuoka , " Kanagawa ] We will introduce carefully selected plans. In addition, there are plenty of tours that can be enjoyed by families as well as couple dates, so please check from the search ◎

Night activities in Tokyo

    PICK UP!

    Price includes
    Local guide (English, Chinese), expenses required for the guide on the day
    participation age
    From 0 years old
    all year
    meeting time
    Please come by the time of your reservation
    The meeting place
    In front of Yasaka Shrine (in front of the torii gate, under the stairs)

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