[Deferred payment (payday)] Information on payments eligible for the cashback campaign lottery

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The following describes the handling of payment for the winning target in the Pay Deferred Cash Back Campaign.

2023.7.3 (Monday) to 8.2 (Wednesday), you will be eligible for the cashback campaign lottery when you pay later on the Activity Japan site at the time of reservation.
About the payment method by deferred payment (Payday) Cashback campaign website Please check at

In the event that a new payment occurs due to a change in the content of the reserved activity after the payment has been completed with Pay-Dee, the following measures will be taken.
・After canceling the previous pay-by-payment in full, we ask that you make a new pay-by-payment.
・ The previous pay-by payment will be invalid regardless of whether you won or not, and the lottery results for the latest pay-by payment will be reflected.
・If the reserved activity is canceled and no cancellation fee is incurred, the payment will be treated as a cancellation.
・If the reserved activity is canceled for a fee or is held for less than the reserved price, the final payment amount will be subject to the pay later campaign.

Thank you for your understanding.

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