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SILVER RANCH (Silver lunch)SILVER RANCH (Silver lunch)

北海道 / 石狩・空知・千歳

SILVER RANCH(シルバーランチ)の特徴

Yuka Murayama's book "Amagakeru." Appeared in the works, Hokkaido ranch "Silver lunch" was opened in Ishikari! Sea, it has a mountain trek. While watching the sea shining silver, Why do not you riding? Is a horse riding club which is from May to a location with a view of the sea of ​​the end of October limited. Without thinking that difficult, anyway Do not you enjoy riding a horse? For the first time, even welcome!

SILVER RANCH(シルバーランチ) のギャラリー

Silver Ranchの乗馬は自由自在!





Hokkaido Ishikari Atsuta-ku, ship-shaped Shiratsukari 193-3
business hours 9 o'clock - 18 o'clock [mid June to early October]
Regular holiday Wednesday
credit card out of service
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