The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship Report

November 16 (Sun) All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship RACE division was held in Miura Coast, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. I will report the situation mainly on photographs.

Photo by Takayuki Ide

The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship

The all-Japan SUP championship which is the third time this time is a race competition which Japanese top class SUP players compete, sponsored by the All Japan SUP Championship Executive Committee / Nippon Stand Up Paddle Board Association.

Activity Japan co-sponsored, we also went to the interview and cheering.

We set up a booth from early morning. Although it seems to be sunny, the wind is a bit strong. And it was cold early in the morning (> <)

Entry of players' entries started around 8 o'clock

The opening ceremony took place at 9 o'clock and there was a greeting by guests

Following opening ceremony, athlete meeting
This time, Activity Japan co-sponsored, so the logo entered the panel!

Commemorative photo shooting with athlete, SUPA stakeholder

Elite Fleet Men's Department

Men's players in the elite fleet division arrive at the start position and wait for a start signal

Start all at once! Players who row out successively

Elite Fleet girls' department

Next, the female players of the elite fleet division will go to the start line

And girls also started! The elite fleet division men's players who first started looking far away

The race is also in the middle!

Araki who came back at the top, Kanako player (right) and Murimori player (left) approached!

Women players are doing their best!

The race is finally over!

Kaneko stands at the top by dragging Araki! However Araki fell down and played a dead heat!

Kaneko Kenny, who came back in first place, was a great race!


Kaneko of elite fleet men first place
The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship Report
2nd place Araki player
The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship Report
3rd place Murinbuti
The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship Report
Goal, one after another cheers for good work!
The 3rd All Japan Stand Up Paddleboard Championship Report

Girls also goal!

Yokoyama who came back with the elite fleet girls first place!

Yokoyama players from the left from elite fleet girls, Sato in second place, Hoshino player in third place

Open fleet part started

The open fleet division is divided between boys and girls.
Both men and women have race board class (blue), surfboard class (yellow), inflatable class (orange), which are distinguished by the bibs color, but they start all at once.

Girls start after boys

And it came back! Inflatable class Hirata players returning at the top

Nagato's 73-year-old Nagisaki who finished amazingly, is awesome!

Awards ceremony

Finally, an awards ceremony was held for each class. congratulations! !
Men's Elite Fleet Winners

Female Elite Fleet Winners

Everyone in the Open Fleet category winners

Two people who won the fighting award respectively as the youngest player and the oldest player

Detailed results are here
The 3rd All Japan SUP Championship RACE Result

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