GOOUT CAMP Vol.10 PhotoGallery

We exhibited at Activity Japan on GOOUT CAMP Vol.10, an outdoor event sponsored by GOOUT held at Saru October 4 (Sat), 5 (Sunday), Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Futto Pump Campground.

Bungee trampoline was conducted as an activity, and a lot of people participated from children and adults, regardless of gender!
We uploaded it as a gallery centering on the atmosphere and activities of the event and the appearance of the Japan booth and bungy trampoline participants this time.

Photo by shooting team Taka

GOOUT CAMP Vol.10 PhotoGallery

Futoshi campground is in front of Mt. Fuji, but its appearance that I could see well on Friday was also disappointing because Mt. Fuji in front of that was a cloudy sky of unhappy on Saturday However, there was a timing when Mt. Fuji appeared for only a short time, I felt faint happiness.
And Sunday ... ..., I had been suffering from rain since late night of Saturday, but it was regrettable that all the events were canceled because it was going downdrop due to the typhoon, but as expected the campers are taking measures against rain I was impressed with being firm at all, even with rain.

I brought the bungy trampoline to I LOVE OUTDOORS who is doing an activity plan such as rafting, canyoning, canoeing etc in Gunma prefecture Minakami who cooperated also at GOOUT CAMP in Fukushima · Inawashiro and Yoyogi Earth Garden. Grassy, ​​Oya-san, Yuki Thank you very much.
Also, thank you Mr. GOOUT.

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