In this summer we will stand up paddle board (SUP) in Lake Biwa

In this summer we will stand up paddle board (SUP) in Lake Biwa

Please let me know the point that SUP can do in Lake Biwa?

In recent years, stand-up paddle board (SUP), which is becoming a boom all over the world, becomes relatively easy for even beginners among water activism. The basics are to stand on the board and row with paddles, but that's it, but as you gain experience various techniques will become interesting about yourself. Then, where to do stand-up paddle board (SUP), if you have plenty of water you can use anywhere, ocean or lake is recommended. So, it is doubtful that "What is the point that SUP can do in Lake Biwa?", But please check it because there are several possible places.

"How do you move to Lake Biwa?" Either cars or trains are comfortable

As I go looking for the point where Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) can do in Lake Biwa, it is supposed to be a question of "What is the movement to Lake Biwa?" Which comes to mind. It is whether to choose a car or a train. Basically there is no problem in either case, but in the case of advanced users it is often that I have my board, so I think that the action in a car is easy. Parking lot is also equipped, so there is no problem, we recommend you to look in advance in advance if you are interested. Also, if you are thinking about renting with a beginner, there is no particular problem on the train and you can choose your favorite method.

Things to know about stand-up paddles

Finally there is something I want to know about stand - up paddles, which makes it easy to do water sports, but still it is above water so be careful. If you are a beginner, you will receive a lecture first, so you need to listen firmly for both yourself and for others. It is better to find your own pleasure on that, and if you are interested, you should first try participating in a hands-on course and playing. Hot summer, please try playing stand-up paddle board (SUP) which is boom all over the world on this occasion!