Easy to challenge than surfing! What is wake surfing?

Easy to challenge than surfing! What is wake surfing?

Wake surfing in Koza, a country full of exoticism

Koza is a town full of exoticism mixed with American and Asian cultures. Because Koza is located in the middle of Okinawa main island, it is perfect for making it a base for sightseeing. It is suitable for marine sports as it has a temperate annual average temperature of 23 degrees. Why do not you enjoy waking surfing in Koza like that?
There is no doubt that if you create a wave that will last indefinitely on a boat and you get on the waves of Okinawa's emerald green, you will feel better. As long as you can challenge as much as you want, you can challenge yourself to practice just a little, occasionally floating in the ocean, you can enjoy Okinawa's ocean in style that suits yourself.

What is wake surfing? Is it different from wake board?

Wake surfing is about surfing done by a wave caused by a boat. Unlike the wake board, I enjoy it at a slow speed. Surfing has to deal with natural waves. You have to wait until a good wave arrives, but if you wake surfing, you can ride as much as you want while the towing boat of the private boat is running. A long ride which can not be realized easily with ordinary surfing is also possible. Even if you are not confident of the takeoff technique, it is also an attraction that you can do without worrying if you surf the wake.

Let's go out with friends happily! Shortcut to fun

Wake surfing, which can create constant waves at any time, can be used not only for beginners, but also for training advanced users trying new tricks.
Initially I will start by pulling the rope from the ship like a wakeboard. There are two ways of takeoff: style sitting on the board and styling like going on a board like a surfer. Even beginners will be able to enjoy surfing relatively easily.
Although it is good to participate alone, it is also a shortcut to pleasure to board a charter with a friend on a charter boat. Since the distance between the boat and the board is short, you can shoot a piece of a piece, or you can take a movie to help you make progress!