How to choose a wet suit to enjoy surfing

How to choose a wet suit to enjoy surfing

Surfing is more enjoyable with wet suit

Using surfboards to surf from the coast to the coast continually surfing surfing is a sport that many enthusiasts enjoy even in the summer as well as in the winter when the warm sea temperature is low.
A wet suit that is indispensable for enjoying surfing is the same material with the same material at the first glance but it is one that uses properly according to the use to be used.
Besides surfing, you may wear scuba diving or snorkeling, but scuba diving and snorkeling are characterized by thicker than wet suit worn during surfing.
This thickness plays an important role depending on the application.

How to choose the proper wet suits depending on the application

The wet suit is a thing that can comfortably perform sports in the sea made in chloroprene rubber and underwater activities.
In such a wet suit, you must make the right choice according to the intended use and purpose.
If you are wearing a wet suit when you enjoy surfing, choose one with a thickness of 3 mm.
Wetsuits become not only difficult to move when the thickness gets thicker, but buoyancy becomes weak and it becomes easy to get tired when waiting for a wave in the water.
When using it in diving, choosing a thing with a thickness of about 5 mm makes it easier to dive as the buoyancy is weak.

Recommended information you want to know when choosing a suit

Many people recognize that suits are common in purchasing existing products sold at shops, but in fact they are clothing that is most often done to order made It is not too much to say.
A suit is a point where a close contact with the skin is very important.
When I wear a suit, I do not feel the coldness even in the cold seawater of winter because the seawater accumulated by seawater accumulating in the gap of several millimeters between the suit and the skin warms up with body temperature.
Choosing an existing product will make the gap too wide and feel the cold without sea water getting caught.
Because it is used for a long time, custom made is recommended!