What is the difference between a kayak's canoe?

What is the difference between a kayak's canoe?

The difference with canoes is the difference of paddle!

I wonder if there are few people who can answer quickly even if asked what is the difference between kayaks and canoes. Both are the same in that they ride on a boat and move on the sea or river, so there are few people who understand the difference in detail and use the words properly. The difference between these two is the difference of paddle. Canoeing uses a single blade with a blade for rowing only on one side. Kayak, on the other hand, uses double blades with blades on both the left and right sides. Which is better depends on where you enjoy rivers and the ocean, so it's a good idea to check well.

Let's choose a paddle according to your own use!

I explained that paddles used for kayak are double blades, but there are several types among them, so let's think about what kind of purpose you use and think about choosing river descent If you choose to do the main purpose of the river running model is recommended, if you want to enjoy the long ride touring model is recommended. At the beginning, there are many things that you do not know well, so do not forcibly purchase it, rent it, decide from which type you have in mind, you will not regret it after purchasing I guess.

What should I do to get a competition tournament?

Because kayak can be thought of as a kind of canoe, it is treated as a canoe competition in world competitions such as the Olympic Games. Many domestic events such as marathon and ekiden are being held in kayak tournaments, but if you want to aim for the Olympic Games you will be choosing a canoe. Kayak, if anything, is often done to enjoy, so feel free to go out to the domestic games tournament. If you want to do serious competition, even if you turn into a canoe from the way, your experience will surely be rooted in you and it will be useful.