About diving price and equipment rental

About diving price and equipment rental

Equipment required for diving and introduction method

Diving is a marine sport underwater and it is necessary to prepare some equipment.
Main machines are oxygen cylinders, regulators, BC jackets, gauges, measuring instruments such as oxygen quantity and water depth, compass, weights, masks, snorkel, fins and boots, and wet suits.
These machines can also be rented at the shop, and there are merits that you can enjoy diving without bringing in equipment etc. when you go on a trip such as the south island, etc. In the diving plan There are things that are becoming super-discount prices with equipment.

About the price of diving and the price of equipment rental

The price of diving is said to be the sum of two oxygen tanks, boat ride fee, lunch fee, and tour cost in the case of two boat dives in general is.
However, rental equipment is a fee separate from these charges, and there are many cases that are set as a set of charges.
However, due to the benefits such as being able to reduce the number of luggage by using equipment rental, many of the divers bring only equipment such as wet suit, mask, fin, snorkel and others Many people say they use all rental.

Cheap! Then you can enjoy plenty at reasonable prices

It is something you feel profitable as cheap because everyone is cheap and stated.
It is important to check in advance what kind of fee is included in this discount price.
What is generally written as cheap is the minimum fee required and in addition to this it will add to the amount of equipment rental fee.
However, since rental of equipment is called a rental of equipment, most of the cases are different charges, so there are merits that you can enjoy diving at a low fee by bringing equipment, expenses have floated, you can enjoy sightseeing etc. It also leads to the merit of.