Canyoning anyone can do

Canyoning anyone can do

Canyoning is a dynamic water sports

Canyoning is a popular water sports in France born in France.
Jumping to a waterfall without using special tools such as a boat, and sliding down rock like a water slider, it is an activity to play dynamically in nature.

Unlike shower climbing that climbs up the lake upstream, canyoning goes down to the downstream in various ways.
Women and children with low physical strength are all right, so they can enjoy it with their families.

It is an outdoor sports that makes you feel refreshed and unity with nature, thrill and excitement, once you become addictive.

Tools necessary for enjoying canyoning safely

In order to do canyoning you need some equipment.
Since it jumps into the water, it is necessary for a helmet and a life jacket to be safe, but it is convenient if there are shoes and gloves that are hard to slip to walk on rocks.

We often wear a wet suit to prevent injuries to slip on the rocky but there is also a warming effect in the season when the water temperature is low.
When renting a wet suit, I will wear swimsuits and clothes that dries easily even when wet.

If you have underwater glasses you can also see the mountain stream fish etc.
In the case of a woman, after all the makeup will fall, so do not forget the makeup fixture!

Experience plan that you can enjoy even the first person is recommended

If you are going to do canyoning for the first time, experience plan is recommended.
You can also rent the necessary tools such as wet suit and special shoes, and you can easily participate as you can have facilities such as shower room and hairdryer.
It is safe because you can have a dangerous place and a waterfall that needs a bit of courage because the instructor with a detailed place is attached.

It is possible to participate by a single person and you can experience canyoning happily because there are instructors. Depending on the plan, there are also services that take pictures so it is perfect for making memories.