How to enjoy canyoning

How to enjoy canyoning

Canyoning of river sports that can be enjoyed even by women

Canyoning is one of the river sports originating in France that uses a canyon, valley.
You can taste the dynamics of nature and thrill as you go down in your own body with helmets and life jackets etc. in the nature.
It is a canyoning that goes down the river, such as going down using a rope, swimming in a swamp, and sliding down a waterfall like a water slider.
It is perfect for women who are not confident about physical strength because there is no need to climb rocks.
Try floating in the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery, so the healing effect is outstanding.

To give up giving up makeup decline priority to give up

If it is a woman, it is makeup.
Canyoning often comes in contact with water, such as swimming and jumping into a waterfall. Makeup almost drops.
It is unavoidable that you will not be able to enjoy it from the bottom of my mind about makeup collapse.
We use waterproof ones, mascara etc, use a topcoat that is difficult to fall down, it is difficult to fall down, make-up not to mind if you fall.
It is also convenient to use a make-up remover of the type that makes a make-up and wipes out when you get to the spot, saying that you are concerned about the condition of the spinner while you go to the canyoning spot.

Notes to enjoy safely canyoning

Although it is a sport that can be enjoyed easily even by children, there are risks of injuries and accidents because they use natural waterfalls as they are rather than in a well-maintained environment.
By observing attention points, the risk of accidents will be lower, so you can enjoy it safely.
Rocky fields may be shocked if their feet are unstable and fall down and jumping to places with low water levels.
As well as installing helmets and life jackets properly, as well as guides and instructors who accompany you are grasping the dangerous spots and so on it is important not to act on your own but properly obey instructions.