Naturally popular canoe / kayak

Naturally popular canoe / kayak

What is the characteristic of the river lover's river kayak!

There are things called canoe / kayak called river kayak and sea kayak for each field.
The river kayak is a canoe / kayak that you use in the river, the sea kayak is a canoe / kayak that you use in the ocean, and each has its own characteristics.
The characteristic of the river kayak is that it is characterized by many types with relatively high exercise performance, the body is plastic, there are many things of about 2.5 m in length with small turning.
It is mainly characterized by the river kayak which can be used in rivers over the middle reaches and can be loaded on automobiles, the whole of which is gathered compactly.

River kayak can enjoy train by using rental

Canoeing and kayaks used from the upstream to the middle of the river are called river kayaks.
It is characterized by being developed for enjoyment on the river, and it can be called canoe / kayak for those who want to enjoy river descent.
By the way, the difference between canoes and kayaks is that the entire boarding area of ​​the ship is open, the canoes are open, the kayak is closed except for the cockpit that becomes the place to ride, and the kayak goes down a rapid river etc. There are many cases to use at times, in the case of river kayak it will be a river only type.
Moreover, it can be used only when you want to use it by using rental, and there are merits such as being able to move by train to access river.

I can enjoy it anytime by buying a river kayak

River kayak has the merit that you can enjoy it by train if you rent it, but you have to borrow it each time.
On that point, if you keep it in the car always by buying it, there are merits such as enjoying river descents immediately in a place with a valley, such as when going out to a drive etc, and the merit obtained by buying is It can be said that it is big.
Moreover, although there is an image saying that it is troubled by storage by buying, since the river kayak is comparatively compact size, it does not get in the way even if it puts it in the room and you can load it in the car You can taste the real pleasure of being able to use it anytime.