I knew? The rules of the Olympic canoe and the convention

I knew? The rules of the Olympic canoe and the convention

What kind of things do you compete for canoe competitions?

Canoe is a popular activity in rivers and oceans. In fact, the more international competitions are held, the sports that have a strong population at home and abroad. However, it is true that there are many people who do not know because there are few opportunities to pick up what kind of competition actually is. Although the content of the competition is slightly different depending on the competition, it seems that there are many cases where you compete mainly with two kinds of sprints competing for linear time and slalom passing through the irregularly installed gates in order. It seems easy to hear by words alone, but because of the competition in the river where people can not add hands, it is a high-level competition that requires power and balance to naturally oppose techniques.

Rules for canoeing is easy! But difficulty is Ultra C ...?

The sprint, which is held in the canoe competition, is carried out in streamless downstream rivers and lakes, etc. It is a rule that competes for time by advancing in a single or pair, a straight course. There are nine 9 m wide lanes in the course, and it will be disqualified if it exceeds your lane.
Well, next for the slalom competition, in this competition we use a boat called a slalom boat with a total length of 3.5 m or more and a width of 60 cm or more. You must manipulate this large boat skillfully and aim to reach the goal by not touching the gate installed at the rapids. Not only does it go from the upstream to the downstream, there are courses that must go through the gate against the flow, which is said to be a high degree of difficulty in the competition.

Although not well known, in fact the Olympic Games with a long history

Well, is not there some people who were surprised that canoeing is an Olympic event? Unlike football and volleyball, though it is not gaudy, the figure of challenging the limits of human beings against nature gives the viewer an impression. Canoe was originally used as a means of people's transportation. That was the competition in England in 1866. It was my first race to be held on the Thames river. It was firstly elected as the Olympic event in 1936, 70 years later, and gradually increasing its population in Japan. At the Asian Games last year, Japanese players have won medals and other competent players have appeared, and it can be said that it is one of the most important Olympic events now.