Paragliding the Sky Sports to do the race!

Paragliding the Sky Sports to do the race!

Paragliding world events and races are being held!

A paraglider who glides elegantly in the sky and glides glaringly often tends to be seen as a fun activity, but in reality it is an exquisite sky sports.

Games and races are being held worldwide in which flyers are sharpening the pace. Many players are participating in the competition regardless of nationality according to the rules common to the world.

Some flyers have been deeply impressed by the flight that began in the experience activities and have taken the qualification of the instructor and entered the international race.

Japanese players who can fight the world are also sky sports which are very exciting.

What are the various paraglider competition rules

Paragliding has common competitions and rules in the world.

The most famous competition is the target. This is a fun competition that even beginners can participate in the competition which lands aiming at the center of the circle written on the ground in the competition competing for landing accuracy.

There are pylons etc competing for time while visiting the ground points decided to become sophisticated one after another. The earlier you score the higher you can score.

Recently GPS has been introduced to judgment of such competition, it has become possible to judge the score fairly, and it is utilized in the world competition.

Annual paragliding world cup

Paragliding has a World Cup held every year in the cities of the world.

Players with high total scores will be the world champion of that year among the players who participated in the competitions that are held from three to six times a year.

Since only the players with the highest international point ranking in the paraglider can participate in this World Cup, those who wish to participate in the World Cup need to participate in many competitions and earn points.

Since the competition population is also increasing Sky Sports, there is also the possibility that players who can fight against the increasingly strong world will emerge from Japan.