In order to acquire the license and qualification of the hang glider

In order to acquire the license and qualification of the hang glider

What you need for licensing and qualification

Many people have experienced hang gliders that can fly around the sky freely, obsessed with their charm. And then it will make you want to fly without your instructor, but how do you do it?

As an answer, by obtaining necessary licenses and qualifications, but whether to teach them professionally as contents or whether amateurs fly for themselves is there. Since skill and knowledge required to acquire are common, it is natural that it is important to think about what one is asking for, and it is necessary to receive courses and lessons according to it.

Acquisition method will be different depending on what you want

As for how to obtain the license and qualification of the hang glider, the easiest thing is getting into the school, in the case of university students it is sometimes obtained by entering the circle.

Since it takes some time to acquire, when choosing a school, as close to home as possible is good, but there are not many options for this.

The time to fetch depends on the class, and it is also natural, but the degree of difficulty also differs greatly, so it is important to check yourself, check the homepage, ask for information, etc. on your own.

How much is the general cost to acquire?

Generally it is necessary to look at at least 100,000 as the price of the school for the cost of obtaining the license and qualifications of the hang glider, as well as purchasing transportation expenses, food expenses, necessary equipment , It depends on people, but it will cost a reasonable amount. Especially hang gliders are special, and there is no way the school is not nearby, and it will cost you other costs as it comes to it.

Still, the charm of flying over the sky alone is a big thing, I'd like to get a license and enjoy the sky freely with a hang glider!