Characteristics of rafting

Characteristics of rafting

We recommend rafting tour which can also enjoy barbecue

Rafting is an outdoor sport that enjoys river descent such as valley.

Even if it is a mountain stream, the flow of rivers where rafting is carried out is very fast, generally characterized by being held in a river called rapids.

Several courses are available, but for courses starting in the morning, courses for barbecuing are also available for lunch.

The barbecue that you can taste in nature is also becoming popular because it is one of the pleasures like rafting. Also, even if you say barbecue, staff such as shops prepare everything even if you do not have any special tools, so it is safe.

Rafting tours are advisable to stay

Rafting tours will be field gatherings around 9 am when the course is in the morning.

Therefore it is necessary to arrive at the destination by getting up early in the case of holding on the tour, but there are accommodation facilities near the course, etc. By using such facilities, It will not go out, and you can take plenty of sleep so you can enjoy rafting tours in perfect condition.

In addition, it is recommended that accommodation facilities etc. will be prepared by shops holding the tour, or introducing the facility by telling the wishes, so please ask them.

Where is it a sport, is not it dangerous

Rafting tour is an outdoor sports shop projects and recruits participants.

It is a sport performed in a place where flow is comparatively fast even in a mountain stream, but it is dangerous to say a rapid river! There are many people who have the image to say.

However, if you participate in the tour you can receive lectures such as how to use the paddle from the staff in advance, and it is safe to have a veteran instructor board on the boat of the tour.

In addition, tour participants are all outdoor sports safe to do anywhere, because everyone wears a paddle and wears a helmet on the head, a life jacket on the body, a wet suit and so on.