Sea kayak experience report

In the latter half of July, right after the rainy season of Kanto in the latter half of the month, Buchi editor-in-chief, photographer Taka aimed at the Uriaura coast of Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka prefecture.

How to get to Shimoda

Shimoda belongs to the Minamiizu area, which points around the southern tip of the Izu peninsula, which protrudes to the east of Shizuoka prefecture, and when going by car, from Atami and Numazu which is the gateway to Izu where access from Tokyo is good About 70 to 75 km, it will arrive when running for about 2 hours in the hour.

It's about an hour and a half from Tokyo to Atami and Numazu, so it's possible to go to Shimoda in about three and a half hours in total. However, as the high season in summer is also inevitable, traffic congestion is inevitable so please have an action plan with a margin.

If it is a train, Izu Rapid Shimoda station is located in Tokyo where it can be reached in about 2 1/2 hours, which is surprisingly close.

Attractive Shimoda

I like the nature and atmosphere of Izu very much and it is a land that goes many times seasons regardless of the season, but Shimoda is also a place that every year passed over 15 years ago.

Shimoda became the stage of the end of the Tokugawa shake which swayed from the isolating country to the opening nation by the arrival of Black Boat led by Admiral Perry.
It was Shimoda that Yoshida Matsue tried to smuggle to the American fleet when it first opened in the Edo shogunate with Hakodate.
There are also plenty of places of interest such as Yoshiji temple where Shimoda treaty was tied, Perry Road full of exoticism, beautiful Shimoda Park of hydrangea, Nizikigasaki lighthouse full of wonderland in winter, Rendaiji Onsen.

The ground fish caught in Shimoda near the sea including Kaname Tai and S Class Sazae is also very delicious.

On the coast of Minamiizu area including such Shimoda there are beautiful beaches such as Yumigahama, Imaihama, Uchaura, Taibe, diving points such as Nakagi and Yamagari, and surf spots such as Shirahama and Iida Beach, Mano Tohama, Yoshimi Ohama etc. It is scattered and is a great area for marine activity lovers.

Sea kayak experience report

Uriaura coast


As mentioned above, Izu is scattered with many beautiful coasts, there are many diving spots and surf spots, and marine activities are popular, but the visit to the Uriauro coast this time is Shimoda city located on the south side of Izu Peninsula It is a very calm and beautiful coast on the east side of Nikikizaki with Suzaki's shrine.

It is a place where there are many families because of the calm beach, but the offshore is relatively calm, so it is suitable for beginners to do sea kayaking.

There is a KAI'TO sea kayak school who cooperated in this interview in the place where the Uriaura coast was in front of us. Since you can see several sea kayaks on the club house table, it becomes a landmark.

I am going into the middle and greetings to Mr. Nagaya who will be in good health and tell the spirit.
It was decided that we would be happy to undertake, and would like to interview the participants in general.

Sea kayak experience report

ACA certified professional instructor

Mr. Nagaoka is the first person in the sea kayak that has passed the certified instructor exam at ACA (American Canoe Association) for the first time in Japan and is still a renewed qualification, and it is a professional instructor.

I had a solid experience and achievements, and I was able to ask about the hardships at the time of acquisition in the US unique to Nagaoka who is mastering the ACA program and about the deep history of canoeing and kayaks.

Historically, kayaks were developed by Inuit and Eskimos for use in hunting and trading in the ocean, which were made by gluing seals and other leathers on the framework, and modern and prototypical They are almost together. And they said that they were out on the extremely cold ocean using that kayak.

To say, the original ancestry of kayak is to be sea kayak. It was a surprising fact and it was a very interesting story.

If you are interested in kayaking, it would be a good idea to talk to Mr. Nagami after experiencing it.

Sea kayak experience report
Sea kayak experience report

Start of sea kayaking experience

Outside the clubhouse, life jackets were distributed to participants who had been waiting for bathing suit already.
After installing the life jacket, you receive a lecture such as how to hold a paddle, how to ride a sea kayak, how to get off, and attention points from Mr. Ozawa from Mr. Ozawa who is in charge of sweeper.

Sea kayak experience report

What is used in this plan is a sit-on type sea kayak
According to Mr. Naga-san, the latest one has very good performance, stability and high speed, so he seems to have a potential to be underestimated as a sea kayak.

When we finish receiving the explanation, we finally board the sea kayak!
In order to enter the sea, take a sea kayaking like a lecture as a standby
I will leave one boat at a time as I have the string connecting the sea kayaks solved! ! It's a moment of tension rise.

Sea kayak experience report

Depending on the weather, on this day there is little wind and it is a great condition for beginner participation. When you get on the sea kayak, you can see that the Uraura coast is really calm and easy to row the sea kayak and those who are taking part in the family and riding with your children are rowing happily.

It is very fun with the feeling of cruising and it makes me want a little even if I think that I can advance Swiss fishing like this so much.
Nonetheless, it is not that much speed will come out without having to row and skill well.

Sea kayak experience report

When comfortably rowing, it was surprisingly proceeding a certain distance and the beach became overstay.
When coming to the offshore there are several reefs, and the flow of the tide will become stronger as you go through the reef zone.
According to Mr. Ozawa, that a few days ago I encountered a sea turtle around here. Sorry for not having today!
But by saying that you can meet if you are lucky, the fun of touching nature is also in such a place.

Sea kayak experience report

Beyond the reef zone, head towards a shallow beyond the beach.
There is a snorkel point where the transparency of the sea is also high! It is a place I can not come without having to ride the sea kayaking.

Sea kayak experience report

Snorkeling time! !

A lecture on snorkel was started immediately, snorkel time started after snooping off the sea kayak and wearing snorkel and goggles for a while.
Everyone enjoys diving into the ocean and observing the fish.

Of course, you can enjoy people who are not good at swimming as wearing life jackets, and anyone can enjoy it as they can guide you to the optimum snorkel point taking into account the age and physical strength of the participants.

Sea kayak experience report

This time it was snorkeling in the shallow because there are many children 's participation, but when adults only participate, they may do snorkeling at deep water points.
By the way, if it is an adult like the editor-in-chief, there are some places to do this way. Still, it is so transparent if you look inside.

Sea kayak experience report

At the time of the coverage, the water temperature was still lower than usual, and the tropical fish seemed to have been less, but as the water temperature will rise until September, the season of snorkeling can still be said to be a future.

To the shore at the sea kayak

After enjoying the snorkel, get on the sea kayak again and aim for the beach and get home.
In rare cases, there are also people who use their outdoor paddling and snorkeling to spend their physical strength, so it is necessary to be careful around here.
Certainly, if you are too absorbed in snorkeling, it may be that you used up your physical strength, but the participants of this time were all well-groomed rows, so it would normally be okay.

In addition, there are instructors around the group in this plan, so it is safe to see it steadily.

I actually tried sea kayaking and I was surprised that several families participated.
It is a very deep activity if it pulls it forward, but the entrance is so wide that anyone can do it, it is a good place to recommend to everyone.

In summer of this year, experience not only sea bathing but also enjoying sea kayaking & snorkeling in groups, in families and in couple participation, why do not you experience experiences of different ways of enjoying the ocean? Those who like the ocean, they are absolutely fun ~

Finally, I was seriously paddling to Mr. Nagatsuka, so let's see the figure of that time

Sea kayak experience report
Sea kayak experience report

Cooperation in coverage: KAI 'TO sea kayak school
Thank you very much for your help!

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