News from a super hot topic "FlyStation (FlyStation)"! !

FlyStation (fly station)

Indoor skydiving "FlyStation (fly station)" waiting for Japan to land in the year or next year. It is said that the preparations are progressing steadily with the latest information. I want to do it quickly! !

News arrived from such "FlyStation (fly station)"! Leonid Volkov (commonly known as Leo) belonging to "FlyStation Russia" at the World Tournament of Wind Tunnel Flight "Wind Games" held in Spain won the gold medal! !

And it seems that when opening in Japan it is decided that the world champion will be invited as an instructor! ! Indoor Skydiving, more and more attention ~! !

FlyStation (fly station)
FlyStation (fly station)
FlyStation (fly station)

Plan to be able to experience skydiving in Japan

FlyStation Japan

New in Japan! Popular Indoor Skydiving "Let's Dance In The Air"!

プランID:18713FlyStation Japan
2,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

大注目の屋内スカイダイビングがついに日本上陸!! ウィンドトンネルという巨大なトンネルの下から吹き上がる風に身を任せて、 空中浮遊を楽しみ、アクロバットなどの技を競うアクティビティです! この体験ができるのは日本でもここだけ!今すぐ体験しよう♪ ※こちらのプランは、フライト回数や平日/休日によって料金が異なります。 ※1フライト=1分程度です。通常のスカイダイビング1フライト分と同等の飛行時間となります。

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