Features of stand-up paddle board (SUP) and points of Hayama

Features of stand-up paddle board (SUP) and points of Hayama

Stand up paddle board! What is the point that SUP can do in Hayama?

The standup paddle board (SUP) has recently been soaring in popularity. What is the point that SUP can do in Hayama? , What kind of sports is the stand-up paddle board (SUP)? There are many people who say. The area around Hayama is the coastline spreading area, next to there are areas such as Zushi and Enoshima, and elder sister Kisaki. Both Zushi and Hayama are the areas that are the Mecca of Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). In addition, the stand-up paddle board board is more popular than the surf board because it is more stable and easy to ride.

How do I move the stand-up paddle board (SUP) to Hayama?

I would like to try stand-up paddle board at Hayama! , Move to Hayama? There are many people who say. The way to go to Hayama is to use the bus from JR Zushi station, or the new Zushi station on the Zushi line of Keikyu Line. When starting from Shinagawa station, it takes about 50 minutes by using the Yokosuka line to JR Zushi Station, about 40 minutes to Kanazawa Hakkei Station by using limited express for the Keihin Kyuko Line, Keihin Kyuko Zushi Line at Kanazawa Hakkei Station I will change to the new Zushi station in about 8 minutes. Access to the sea of ​​Hayama is possible by getting on a bus such as Hayama Ichimoku coast line from the bus terminal of these stations. In addition, it says that there are places where you can pick up and transfer to Zushi station in the shop.

About stand-up paddle which can be easily ridden even for beginners

About stand-up paddle, stand-up paddle seems to be able to associate with stand-up action, action to stand up, action with paddle tool, boat is similar to surfboard, but buoyancy compared to surfboard It is designed to be more and you can easily stand on the boat. And row by using the paddle you have in hand. In addition, stand-up paddle board (SUP) is also said to be water activity, but there are more people to use because there is a sense of stability, when fishing etc., the usage method is various.