History of rafting · Origin, differences between overseas and Japan

History of rafting · Origin, differences between overseas and Japan

About the history and origin of outdoor sports going down the torrent river

Rafting is an outdoor sport that goes down a torrent river using a rubber boat called a raft, and it is said that in the history, from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, as the birthplace of the Colorado River in the USA .
Incidentally, raft is also called a ride in Japan, and there are differences that boats used for rafting are mainly made of rubber, but rafts are different vehicles .
In addition, it is said that in the history, after the end of World War II the current rubber rafting has come to be carried out around the world.

When is rafting transmitted to Japan?

Rafting tours are held in rivers in every part of Japan, but tour tours are called commercial rafting, and by bringing swimsuits and changing clothes, you can bring life to boats, paddles, helmets, wet suit Jackets and other necessary tools for river descent in torrents are all prepared by the company planning the tour, so it is getting popular as an outdoor sports that can be enjoyed by hand.
Especially for those who want to experience thrilling from things saying that they go down a torrent river, it is popular for people who want to experience thrilling, but in Japan it has been said that some lovers had been doing as an activity of the university's exploration department for decades say.

About the difference between overseas and Japan and the level of river flow

The difference between overseas and Japan in rafting is also different as the flow of a river hosting a tour.
The flow of the river is called the level of the flow from the 1st class to the 6th class. There are many cases where it is held in a river at the level of the 4th grade in the case of doing it in a domestic river and in many cases overseas such as the river of Japan It is said that it is often held in a river with a fifth grade flow that is above the level of the grade.
This is due to differences in the natural environment, etc. However, many people who serve as tour guide for rafting are strictly trained in overseas rivers and so on, and have taken responsibility for ensuring the safety of participating people It is.