Rafting to make river descending with multiple people

Rafting to make river descending with multiple people

Rafting where river descent becomes activity

In the case of downstream, there are many people who imagine things like leaving canopies and kayaks leaving a wide river wide river to flow in the river, but there are river descent that overturn such images.
That is rafting.
Rafting has long been popular among some enthusiasts, but in recent years it has become widely popular to be enjoyed.
Today, there are famous spots for rafting worldwide, and lovers are constantly enjoying and enjoying it.
In a famous spot, a guide who knows the flow of the river sometimes advises a more enjoyable course etc.

About the number of people who enjoy rafting.

Rafting is a sport that is established by getting in a small rubber boat with multiple people.
At least two people are needed to divide the boat to the left and right and decide the course with all.
And depending on the size of the boat, in general it is about 7 to 8 at maximum.
In large boats, it is possible that more people can ride, but there is a possibility that the sense of stability will be too high and the stimulation will be reduced.
In addition, because it is divided into the left and right of the boat and oars are odd, it is hard to see the difference between left and right in the power even if it is odd.
If emphasis is placed on agility, few people would be good.

Taste the real pleasure by challenging torrent

Speaking of rafting as a real pleasure, it can be said that we will proceed boldly in the raging torrent without fear of overturning.
You can enjoy the whole-of-the-world play with the scent of nature scenting from the surrounding trees and the earth as you continue wearing water over from head to toe.
Since it intrudes into torrent as a premise that it is overturning, equipment for protecting life such as a life jacket is indispensable.
But do not be afraid if you are firmly equipped.
If you invade into the torrent while grabbing with your friends in a boat and enjoy loud voice, your daily fatigue will also blow away.