How do you choose a sunscreen?

How do you choose a sunscreen?

Do not forget when you go out the necessities of outdoor

It is no longer common sense that ultraviolet rays will damage your skin. It is not only girls who are trying to care properly even in daily life. Especially when you enjoy leisure outdoors.

In leisure it is a long time to stay exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, so even if you do not care who you usually do, you care as it is. Meanwhile, before I left home, I applied sunscreen firmly, but if you notice, your skin will be red! What experience do you have?

You thought that you chose to have no effect. It may be due to its usage. Actually, sunscreen has the right way of choosing and how to use it.

Type Which will you choose for various effects?

A lot of kinds of sunscreens are lined up in the drugstore and also in shops of sports and outdoor goods, but I will not be sure which one to choose, but first find out the type that is easy to use for yourself. Gel type has good elongation, light attachment feeling, texture becomes heavier in order of liquid, cream, so you like it.

Easy to use spray type is also useful. However, please note that it is a little uneven. If you put it on your skin it would be better to blend it with your palm. For sensitive children for the skin, things that can be dropped without cleansing, water-proof type that is water resistant and insect repellent effect. Let's find what is easy to use, what fits your skin, and what you need.

This is the most important thing to see here on the final check

Once you decide what type to use, check the most important points! It should be seen here, SPF and PA, which are displayed on any sunscreen. The higher the number of + is, the higher the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays is with SPF.

In general, it is said that SPF 30 ~ 50 is recommended for outdoor leisure, but the bigger the figure, the greater the burden on the skin, so people with weak skin may be in trouble. Actually, this number shows the time when the effect lasts.

If it is SPF 30, the effect will be around 6 hours, so if you revise the time and paint it back, you do not need to use something with high numbers unnecessarily. Repeat frequently when you sweat or swim. The sun protection measures are perfect with this.