Dream big air travel! Paragliding

Dream big air travel! Paragliding

No age limit. Anyone traveling in the air!

Do you all know paragliding? Paragliding is a great air journey that anyone can enjoy. You can experience a strange feeling away from the world on the soil you always see.

Age restrictions come to worry there. Because I am still a student, or because I am already old, I do not need to think about it. If you have enough physical strength to run normally, a paraglider can fly for both elderly and elementary school students. So let's challenge yourself without giving up at the age of yourself, look at the ground from the sky and let's enjoy the flight of the expanse.

What is the weight limitation?

Even though there is not much restriction on age, what is the limitation of weight? Those who think that they are somewhat physical but are a bit overweight and think that this can not be done with danger, there is not such a thing.

Paraglider weight limits are not generally specified in flights in general. We have paraglider sizes suitable for various weights.

Even a person of 100 kg is possible on the top. However, in attention courses at leisure facilities etc. with attention generally 40 kilograms or less, there seems to be quite a place saying refusal of people over 80 kg. So before you apply for a hands-on course, let's apply such a thing carefully.

Everyone can enjoy it! I do not know if I do not suit you

I understand that paraglider does not have age restriction or weight restriction, but it seems to be difficult but I am afraid that I do not know what kind of person is. I think that there are many people like it.

It is a world I do not know about anything and I do not know what kind of people will do it together. But if you are saying such a thing you can not find a new world. Just decide just because I do not want to do what I want to do alone, let's throw away negative ideas.

Paragliding is something that anyone can enjoy and I always have a different view from the same angle viewing world so please challenge