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Marine and outdoor leisure can be enjoyed throughout the year Activity paradise " Okinawa " is the beginning main island Ishigaki Island and Miyakojima remote islands and such, Kerama Islands that can be accessed from the main island ( Kerama Islands , etc.), Activity of experience adult cares spot It is jostling ♪ in this page, Kokusai Street and Shuri Castle, Churaumi Wed want to have fun together with the tourist classic attractions such as the family museum the "play" ACTIVITY JAPAN based on the number of reservations " 2018 latest popular ranking" the event , area , plan, recommended category introduction ☆ season is divided into over Okinawa Please refer to the play schedule of travel ♪

Popular event rankings

2018 Okinawa Activity Popular Women Ranking

First of all, we will publish the popularity Activity popularity ranking TOP 10 by ACTIVITY JAPAN2018 scheduled reservations. Large classic marine leisure sports shining first place "Snorkeling"Island area "Blue Cave/Onna"Or" Miyakojima"The Sea Turtle Snorkel Plan is proud of its high popularity. less , "SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)","Diving (beginners OK)Continue with this site, 2018 Okinawa Highlights Activity "Sea fishing / fishing boat (fishing)"Has also jumped up to sixth from outside of the ranking range of last year.

Other popular events

Popular area ranking

Subsequently, ACTIVITY JAPAN 2018 Scheduled to be held We will publish the popular area ranking TOP 10 by number of reservations. Overwhelming had won the first place in the popular Yu First name lined many also hotels Okinawa main island resorts of the area "Blue Cave/Onna". And it should be noted "Miyakojima"Or" Ishigaki Island"Is ranked second and third with suppressing the main island and other area ↑ It is increasing year by year to enjoy the magnificent scenery Activity where the nature of the tropical country is woven in the remote island area with a slight extension of legs from the main island ◎

Popular Plot Ranking

Okinawa area at 2018 We will announce the popular plan ranking TOP 10 that has the most reservations. The image of marine Activity is strong Okinawa, but what I shone to the 1st place is how to enjoy the mountains nature "All-terrain vehicles↑ Also "Snorkeling"Or" SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)"Together with classic outdoor Activity such as" Okinawa travel memories "Making accessoriesIt is also characteristic that there are more people who reserve. 7, including the summer vacation Mon - Oct. , the reservation of the popular shops plan evaluation and review many of our customers will recommend soon ◎

    First place
    Doki Doki Yanbaruncha

    [Okinawa・Nago] Drive a four-wheel buggy through the Yanbaru forest! Enjoy strolling! Buggy Ride Tour

    Plan ID: 12784Doki Doki Yanbaruncha
    6,500yen~(tax included)

    Okinawa Prefecture, northern part, the natural hands-tourist facility in Nago "pounding Yanbaru down char", provides an activity that you can experience the natural charm of Okinawa. In our plan, run the facility in the course in the four-wheel buggy, and then stroll through the woods. The required time will be about 70 minutes.

    Second place
    3rd place

    [Making Okinawa Naha accessories] to precious memories! Original ring making experience

    Plan ID: 11643dywf
    3,240yen~(tax included)

    You can hit an inscription (option) inside. You can use alphabet capital letters and numbers. Twisted design will also make its twisting stroke Explanations. I will do the brazing work which rounds the ring, I will finish up to just the size while hitting the hammer. I also love to polish. Of course you can take it out as it is after completion. The material is brass, silver material and width 3,000 to 7,000 (tax excluded) and price are various respectively. Please choose the one you like according to Prices since you visited us. If you would like K10 or other designs please separately please contact us at Contact us. We are waiting for your reservation (we do not correspond stones).


    【Okinawa · Blue Cave】 Beach trial diving! Popular customized tour with excellent feedback! Get photos and videos as a gift♪

    Plan ID: 10065MUTOSENSUI
    8,800yen5,980yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    Okinawa blue cave experience of diving Even if you experience and have a little fear in the direction and the sea you do not have a one and license no feel free to Wed is a menu that can dive into. Okinawa in the cave of the blue one shot horticultural-food fried staff to the tropical fish Wed is lots of content and in the photographic gifts.

    5th place
    Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi

    【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 ☆ encounter rate 100% ☆ Photo tour swimming with sea turtle

    Plan ID: 15824Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi
    7,000yen~(tax included)

    The encounter rate with the wild sea turtle is continuing 100%! It is! Free gift of underwater picture data. Long-sleeved rush guard, Torenka, bath towel are also available for free.

    6th place
    Marine leisure high side

    [ Okinawa -Onna] [every Sun limited five sets] blue cave boat snorkel and of Parasailing 3 First name riding is also OK!

    Plan ID: 18303Marine leisure high side
    13,000yen12,000yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    【ここに注目!ハイサイドパラセーリングセット特徴】 青の洞窟ボートシュノーケリングとパラセーリングが 半日で楽しめるお得なコース! ●青の洞窟は【店舗貸し切りボート】で行きます。 海に入るまでの渋滞や炎天下での階段もなし! 体力に不安な女性も安心してパラセーリングまで ボート便なら半日で楽しめます! ●餌付け体験&撮影付き&画像データまるごとプレゼント 青の洞窟コースも大変お得なコース設定! ●店舗に全ての設備を完備してます。 駐車場、温水シャワー、更衣室、ロッカー 有料設備の場合は余計な費用が1000円以上発生しますが 青の洞窟終了後、全ての設備を無料で使用できます。 女性に嬉しい冷房完備パウダールームも有◎ ●アクティビティジャパンよりご予約でお値段変わらず パラセーリングロープ長さ120mでご案内! 【高所フライト パラセーリング180m】もご案内可能! ●パラセーリング3人乗りOK 奇数人数でもみんなで楽しめます! ●上空にカメラ持ち込みOK! スマホで撮影して沖縄旅行の思い出に

    7th place
    Diving shop Nagomi

    【 Okinawa · Blue Cave】 Full charter! Guide and beach Snorkeling experience! Photos movie free gifts to the mobile on the spot

    Plan ID: 15859Diving shop Nagomi
    4,000yen3,500yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    No.1 Snorkeling spot in Okinawa ! Enjoy Snorkeling with pleasure safe and secure in Cape Meida "Blue Cave"! Because it is a complete charter system that one guide supports 1 guide, you can feel free to join even those who are new to Snorkeling . You can safely swim! I lecture carefully and I am safe with full support. You can enjoy the tour without worrying about other customers. You will be able to swim yourself by the life suit at the end of the life jacket and thorough equipment ♪ After the tour is over, you can transfer the picture taken on that Sun to the customer 's cell phone soon. Please prepare capacity of mobile and join us.

    8th place
    Parasailing specialty FACE

    From Naha "GoPro camera free rental" Kerama stunning view! ! Parasailing experience! (Rope length 200M)

    Plan ID: 15513Parasailing specialty FACE
    7,000yen~(tax included)

    「GoProカメラ」をお客様ご自身で持って頂き撮影して頂きます!景色を撮るのもよし!自分を撮ってもよし!と最高の思い出プランとなっております!慶良間諸島で絶景パラセーリング体験!船にパラシュートをつけて風の力で空に飛びます。 慶良間諸島の絶景を大空に舞い上がって楽しむ、上空から眺める空と海の青のコントラストは絶景です‼是非!ご体験ください♪ ※飛行時間で7~8分程度です。

    9th place
    10th place

Latest featured plan

Finally, while attracting attention of events, prices, services, shop facilities etc ACTIVITY JAPAN We introduce the Okinawa Activity experience plan of 2018 attention.

    Okinawa main island attention plan
    Marine leisure high side

    Swimming fishing aiming for big things authentic fishing! One Sun reserved ship

    Plan ID: 22279Marine leisure high side
    130,000yen110,000yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    ●釣り好きな方必見!今年も開催致します! 海人といく1日チャーター便でグルクン釣りと泳がせ釣りの本格フィッシング! ●こちらのコースは1日1組限定コースです。 朝8時出港17時帰港。釣り時間6時間~7時間 ●漁港に7時半に集合後、1時間ほど遠方に出港し 実際漁師が釣りをするポイントで大型の魚を狙います。 ●釣り仕掛けは様々で、基本的にはグルクン(生餌)を釣り上げた後、そのグルクンをエサにして泳がせ釣りで大型のアカジン、オオマチ、ツムブリ、カンパチなどを狙います。釣りが仕事の海人が同行するので、日によって色々な釣りが体験できます。 釣り方は漁師が説明いたしますので、お気軽にご参加下さい。 ●釣り上げた魚は港で漁師がさばきます。釣って楽しんで味わって最高の一日にしよう! 五目釣りでは満足できない方には超オススメのコースです。 【5名様での参加価格イメージ】 チャーター代 1日 110,000-税込 5名様×3,000-(釣り竿・エサ代)=15,000-税込 合計125,000-税込 1人あたり25,000- 他費用は一切発生致しません。

    Okinawa Sea Ashibi

    【Reservation on the day OK】 Easy fishing that even beginners can enjoy easily from small children

    Plan ID: 18566Okinawa Sea Ashibi
    4,800yen~(tax included)

    Tropical fishing which can be enjoyed easily even by the first person! Emerald green of the sea in two hours of fishing tour ☆ 1 Sun 4 flight departure! 6 and 7 Mon 1 in the limited Sun 5 flights depart! Please choose your favorite time (^ ^ ♪ Recommended for children and ladies! Because of the sea of Okinawa unique in Oginawa surrounded by coral reefs! Recommended for children and women! Of course, both father and men! Is a cafeteria operated by a local ocean (Umichu), and it is possible to cook myself (in Okinawa ) separately at 1,500 yen ☆

    Miyakojima attention plan
    Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi

    【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 ☆ encounter rate 100% ☆ Photo tour swimming with sea turtle

    Plan ID: 15824Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi
    7,000yen~(tax included)

    The encounter rate with the wild sea turtle is continuing 100%! It is! Free gift of underwater picture data. Long-sleeved rush guard, Torenka, bath towel are also available for free.

    GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

    【 Okinawa · Miyakojima 】 Popularity No. 1! SUP + sea turtles Snorkeling Photo Tour (half Sun course)

    Plan ID: 11493GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
    14,500yen12,000yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    adult special menu that swim with the gas SUP and sea turtles! ! A dreamlike experience on a preeminent beach ☆ The sea turtle encounter rate is more 90%! All staff Red Cross Wed fire rescue personnel, small groups (SUP / up to 6 First name is also safe tour).

    Slow Jam Miyakojima

    【 Miyakojima · SUP】 Beginner's big welcome ♪ cruising course! Anti- Wed camera free rental or photo data gift

    Plan ID: 17411Slow Jam Miyakojima
    7,500yen6,500yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    ★ ☆ Wetsuit rental free campaign underway << 1,000 yen is free >> ☆ ★ ※ Since there are limitations in number, there are cases where preparation is impossible. Please note. Also, if you wish, please let us know to the remarks column when you make a reservation. A maritime walk while enjoying both the blue sea of ​​Miyakojima and the blue sky. Experience SUP is a recommended tour for people who are not satisfied. Cruising under the Irabu Ohashi or cruising over the majestically spread coral reefs. It is a time to forget everyday and be healed.

    Ishigaki Island attention plan
    Ishigaki Island tour guide All Blue (All Blue)

    【沖縄・石垣島】川平湾+青の洞窟+滝壺 シュノーケルツアー 満足度120%☆(4時間コース)

    Plan ID: 9526Ishigaki Island tour guide All Blue (All Blue)
    6,000yen~(tax included)

    石垣島の人気3大スポットがつまったボリューム満点のコース!! 風景を楽しみながら車で移動し、石垣島はやっぱり川平湾!! 浅いビーチからエントリーするため石垣島が初めての方やスノーケリング未経験の方、泳ぎや船酔いに心配がある方も安心して参加できる内容です。 半日でお手軽に、しかししっかりと石垣島の自然を満喫できるツアー 可愛いクマノミをはじめとした色とりどりの熱帯魚が数多く見れます 4時間のコースです! 午前 / 午後  4時間のコース 8:00 /13:30 宿泊先にお迎えor現地集合 ショップにて器材調整 ↓ 9:00 /14:30 川平湾へ ↓ 9:20 /14:50 ポイント 9:30 /15:00 ビーチ到着・青の洞窟へ ↓ 10:00/15:30シュノーケリング ↓ 11:00/17:00 滝つぼでリフレッシュ ↓ 12:00/17:30 ショップ到着 宿泊先へお送りor解散 よくある質問 Q&A https://ishigaki-allblue.com/

    ISLAND BEACH (Island Beach)

    [Okinawa Ishigaki Island] hog wide sea! Kabira Bay SUP Cruising tour (2 to 3 hours)

    Plan ID: 10770ISLAND BEACH (Island Beach)
    8,000yen7,000yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    It is a plan that you can experience the popular stand-up paddle board (SUP) in the sea of ​​Ishigaki. We will make a tour in two hours before and after the high tide.

    FLOWFISH (flow Fish)

    [Ishigakijima Departure / arrival] Limited to 10 people! Enjoy the large part of the beautiful island · longing coral of Churaumi! Experience diving course ♪ (half-day course)

    Plan ID: 8393FLOWFISH (flow Fish)
    9,000yen~(tax included)

    I want to go to sea, Ishigaki Island also want to tourism! Arrival in the morning, I want to go to sea in the afternoon! Recommended for anyone who wants! In the morning departure and afternoon departure of the half-day course, landed on the island "Hamajima" of's play firmly with well a time of limited travel Wu ^^ popularity of illusion! The Churaumi glitter of coral reefs and colorful fish Let's large enjoy! ※ experience diving will be able to participate from 10 years old in accordance with the provisions. ※ The photograph is a gift for free!

more the " 2018 latest Okinawa Activity Popularity Index" is ↑ Sun this Japan leisure of Activity experience booking site ACTIVITY JAPAN is Okinawa area registration Shops plan the number of both of the Sun we are proud of the largest assortment. For that reason, we have many plans that we can not meet on the optional tour package, so please use it by all means for the 2018 season Okinawa travel ◎