June trip to Okinawa | What is the climate, clothes, and prices? Recommended activity thorough guide

June trip to Okinawa | What is the climate, clothes, and prices? Recommended activities
Activity Japan editorial department

In June Okinawa It features information on climate and clothing when traveling, costs and tour fees.

In the article Activities you can enjoy in Okinawa in June or Marine Sports , Play Traditional culture experience , We will also introduce popular tourist information.
" Popular activities in Okinawa in June teeth? "What is the weather and congestion in Okinawa these days?" Information you want to know a lot!

June, when the top season of domestic travel is approaching Useful information when planning your trip to Okinawa I will tell you abundantly!

Reasons why a trip to Okinawa in June is recommended

1. Season after the rainy season

Reasons why a trip to Okinawa in June is recommended

Speaking of "rainy season" in Honshu, it seems that rainy days continue and it is dull. The rainy season in Okinawa is a little different ..
Like the so-called tropical squall, It rains in a short time and then clears up. The characteristic of the rainy season in Okinawa is that the number of such days increases.
So when planning a trip, Schedule that can be changed immediately depending on the weather It is good to put together.

Also, the rainy season / the end of the rainy season tends to be earlier than in Honshu. Okinawa region .. Normal year, The end of the rainy season in late June Will be greeted.

2. Many traditional cultural experiences and events

Reasons why a trip to Okinawa in June is recommended 2.

From traditional festivals to music events in Okinawa in June Various events Will be done.

Do you know Okinawa's traditional performing art "Eisa"? Pray for family safety and disease-free illness by singing and dancing , A traditional event.
On June 13th, the city of Okinawa said, " Acer Town Declaration The day I went. From around this day to around the old Bon in August, in Okinawa city Events about Acer Will be done a lot.

Reasons why a trip to Okinawa in June is recommended 2.

In addition, June 23 is "Okinawa Memorial Day". A day to commemorate the spirits of victims such as the Battle of Okinawa As it is cherished.
Think of the times when singing and dancing were not allowed during the war, Prayer for lasting peace While putting " Song Let's thank you again! To that effect, popular bands and singers from Okinawa said on June 24th the next day. Song day ", And every year Concerts and music events Etc. are being held.

3. Save money on travel just before summer vacation!

Reasons why a trip to Okinawa in June is recommended 3. The travel price is great just before the summer vacation!

It is said that traveling to Okinawa is the cheapest in the winter season, but " If you go to Okinawa with all your might, you still want to enjoy summer ... Many people think so.
For such a person Recommended trip to Okinawa in June To do!

In the summer vacation season, travel prices for hotels, airfares, rental cars, etc. tend to rise at a stretch, but Prices are still low at this time of year ..
In Okinawa, the opening of the sea is finished in early spring, so you can swim in the sea even in June. Marine Sports It is possible to enjoy. The possibility of a typhoon is lower than in midsummer It can be said that Okinawa in June, when there are few tourists, has excellent cost performance.

In Okinawa in June Early summer Would you like to enjoy it?

June trip to Okinawa What is the best outfit?

"The end of the rainy season" a little earlier than Honshu

June trip to Okinawa

In June, it is not uncommon for Okinawa to continue summer days (days when the maximum temperature exceeds 25 ° C). In recent years, from the beginning of June Maximum temperature is 30 ℃ The number of days that exceed is increasing.
As the temperature rises, indoors Cooling is working Will come to do. Inversely proportional to the heat outside, the interior may feel cold. Especially for those who are worried about cold Long sleeves Will be an indispensable item.

Okinawa, which has a lower latitude than Honshu, Ultraviolet rays also become stronger .. According to the data of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the average amount of ultraviolet rays in Okinawa (Naha) in June is classified as "strong" or "very strong".
Beach And so on, as much as possible Refrain from exposing the skin , It is recommended to wear a rash guard when entering the sea.

Examples of clothes, coordination, and belongings for your trip to Okinawa in June

T-shirts / short sleeves / short sleeves and sleeveless dresses / thin long sleeves such as hoodies / cardigans / sunscreen / sunglasses / UV cut glasses / surf hats (beach hats) / rash guards / sandals / beach sandals / towels / etc.

June Okinawa weather and temperature

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency "Naha / Tokyo Normal Value (Year / Monthly Value)"
area Average temperature Average maximum temperature Average minimum temperature
Okinawa 27.2 ℃ 29.8 ℃ 25.2 ℃
Tokyo 21.9 ℃ 26.1 ℃ 18.5 ℃

Recommended activities / leisure / experiences / play in Okinawa in June

SUP (SUP), clear SUP (SUP)

Recommended activities, leisure, experiences, play SUP (SUP), clear SUP (SUP) in Okinawa in June

In recent years, it has become a staple of marine sports in Okinawa. SUP (SUP), clear SUP (SUP) ".
Large and stable board Stand on top and use the paddle to row.
Even beginners can ride relatively easily Unique floating feeling It is a feature that you can taste.
Above all, ride on a transparent board Clear SUP Is larger and more than a normal SUP board Easy to handle for beginners It is said that. You can enjoy it even with small children.

1 Rank

[Ishigaki Island, No. 1 in popularity] Sunset & Starry Sky Night & Night Mangrove Exploration! ️ Held at a sea turtle spot known to the islanders! ️Choose and play [Canoe or Sap]

Ishigaki Island
9,800 circle 4,900 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.9
  • (240 reviews / experiences)

Ready to be impressed? Our shop [Popular No. 1] Tour only once a day In the sea of the starry sky reserve where sea turtles are, we will ride a kayak or a sap and row toward the setting sun. Please enjoy the beautiful nature of Ishigaki Island to your heart's content! The sunset seen from the kayak is very romantic ♪ A plan that is very popular with couples and families! Photo

2 Rank

[Ishigaki Island, 1 group charter plan] Experience place where you can choose the sea of superb view "Kabira Bay" or natural monument "Mangrove"! ️Choose and play [Canoe or Sap] Islander information‼ ️

Ishigaki Island
8,000 circle 4,900 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.9
  • (81 reviews / experiences)

Mangrove and Michelin Guide three-star Kabira Bay, a natural monument in the northern part of Ishigaki Island! ️Choice of choice Experience place ♪ Large kayaks and sap so it has a great sense of stability! Please be assured even if you are new to us. Recommended for families! !! Of course, a fun tour for couples! You can enjoy nature leisurely for beginners. Creatures such as tropical fish and crabs

3 Rank

[Ishigaki Island No.1] Sunset & Mangrove & Starry Sky Night Choice (SUPor Kayak) Experience! ️ Comes with [Kabira Bay glass boat ticket or Taketomi Island one-way ticket]

Ishigaki Island Sea Tour
Ishigaki Island
9,500 circle 6,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.9
  • (126 reviews / experiences)

[Special plan only for the Ishigaki Island Sea Tour] ・ The regular price of 9,500 is now 6,500 yen!・ Plus "Kabira Bay Glass Boat Ticket" or "Taketomi Island One-Way Ferry Ticket" Present Now, everyone! Ready to be impressed? Our most popular! Let's enjoy superb view sea & sunset & mangrove exploration & starry sky & jungle exploration with sap and kayak

4 Rank

[Ishigaki Island / 1 day] A full day in the river and the sea! Natural monument Mangrove SUPor Canoe & Blue Cave Snorkeling [Photo data free]

Ishigakijima ADVENTURE PiPi
Ishigaki Island
28,000 circle 13,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.8
  • (152 reviews / experiences)

[Mangrove SUP / Canoe x Blue Cave Snorkeling] SUP / Canoe Cruising & Exploring the popular spot "Blue Cave" in the mangrove river "Miyara River" designated as a national cultural property as a natural monument and its surroundings A great tour packed with snorkeling! It is a very popular plan that you can enjoy the sea and river of Ishigaki Island in one day! [Pi

5 Rank

[Okinawa Onna Village] Sunset SUP | Cruising the coastline in the setting sun! Impressive experience at the end of the day! (With photo / video shooting service)

Adventure Island
Blue Cave, Onna Village
7,800 circle 4,800 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.7
  • (21 reviews / experiences)

"Regional common coupon available plan" ★ Beginners are welcome! Enjoy the sunset on a superb beach ♪ ★ Guaranteed a comfortable tour with a beautiful shop set ♪ ★ Free photo shoot of memories ♪ Excellent instagram ♪ Mysterious color magic that fascinates from the evening. The setting sun on the horizon. .. The soft light of the sunset that glitters on the surface of the water. .. This experience of releasing your heart is a luxurious time

Parasailing experience

Recommended activities / leisure / experiences / play parasailing experience in Okinawa in June

With a parachute connected to a motor boat with a thick rope, Enjoy levitation and spectacular views The activity is " Parasailing "is.
When towed by a boat of a certain size, Start and collection are all on board Therefore, people who are not good at water or swimming are safe!
Like riding on a big swing Okinawa's beautiful sea and sky Let's enjoy it to the fullest.

1 Rank

Popular No.1 set course !! [Okinawa / Blue Cave Diving & Parasailing] Underwater photography is available for free with GoPro.

Diving shop mensore (Okinawa diving mensore)
Blue Cave, Onna Village
18,600 circle 9,980 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.5
  • (148 reviews and experiences)

Regional common coupons (paper coupons only) are now available. -Reliable corona infection control- (1) Sterilization of the equipment used with alcohol and hypochloric acid (2) (3) Keeping intervals in a spacious outdoor facility that avoids congestion (3) We provide course guidance with masks as much as possible. Popular activity [Diving and parasailing in the blue cave] appears in the set course

2 Rank

No.1 in popularity! Ishigaki's longest! A 200m course with a magnificent view!

Parasailing NOA
Ishigaki Island
10,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.9
  • (157 reviews / experiences)

2020 OPEN! Use a rainbow parachute and a cute anemone-colored parachute! New American boat! One of the world's most custom-made products filled with the captain's commitment ★ Why don't you take a walk in the beautiful sky and sea of Ishigaki Island with the anemone-colored NOA with the parachute that is sure to look good on Instagram? (Depending on the wind and strait of the day

3 Rank

"Experience all 3 major activities in Okinawa" Luxury set! Superb view parasailing & blue cave diving & screaming water toys

Marine leisure high side
Blue Cave, Onna Village
21,500 circle 18,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 5.0
  • (19 reviews / experiences)

★ Underwater sea walk luxury set is also recommended ★ Those who are a little worried about diving but want to experience the underwater world. You can rest assured that your face will not get wet! https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/36700 Underwater sea walk & superb view parasailing & screaming water toy 18,000 yen (tax included)

4 Rank

"Experience all 3 major activities in Okinawa" Luxury set! Superb view parasailing & blue cave snorkeling & screaming water toys

Marine leisure high side
Blue Cave, Onna Village
17,500 circle 15,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.7
  • (22 reviews / experiences)

-A set course is available at a great price only for blue cave snorkeling and superb view parasailing. https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/18303 11,000 yen (tax included) per person- ↓ Course details ↓ Easily by boat "Blue Cave Snorkeling" & High-altitude flight "Zetsu

5 Rank

[From Naha] Rope length 200m Superb view parasailing! ★ 4K camera, GoPro free rental & aerial photography included ★

Sea World
7,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.8
  • (25 reviews / experiences)

Naha, the gateway to Resort Island Okinawa ♪ About 10 minutes by car from the airport! Parasailing in Naha city ♪ Feel free to enjoy it in your spare time or while sightseeing! !! Even the first trip is fine! You can finish it off! The time required for the tour is about 40 to 80 minutes, so you can choose the free time and sightseeing in Naha city according to your tour plan.

Food making experience

Recommended activities / leisure / experience / play food making experience in Okinawa in June

Delicious food and local food at your travel destination Specialty dishes It is the real pleasure of traveling to meet. While touching the unique food culture developed in Okinawa Make the dish yourself " Food making experience Is a hot activity right now.
The food making experience Children's "food education" Also useful. Why don't you take this opportunity to learn about Okinawan ingredients and the background of cooking?

The food making experience is also popular as an online experience where you can enjoy the feeling of traveling while staying at home!

1 Rank

[Okinawa / Miyakojima] Organic sugar cane / island banana farmer's guide to making brown sugar & island banana sweets

Alternative Farm Miyako
Miyakojima (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
4,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (3 reviews / experiences)

★ In the first half of the brown sugar making experience, (1) harvest sugar cane and bite it, (2) squeeze it with a hand-squeezing machine and drink 100% fresh juice, and (3) add your favorite toppings and boil the original brown sugar. The brown sugar you made is a souvenir. In the second half of the banana sweets making experience, after visiting the island banana field, ① with grilled banana caramelized with brown sugar

2 Rank

[Okinawa / Nago City] Okinawa soba making experience-Make Okinawa-style cooked rice! Even small children can enjoy it together!

Yagaji Eco Two Net
Nago / Motobu / Sesoko Island / Minna Island / Kouri Island
5,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

We use traditional brackish water made from the supernatant of wood ash to make authentic Okinawa soba. By letting the dough lie down, it becomes a chewy side. What should I do while I lie down? Making sweets? Or is it a kayak? The more you lay it down, the more delicious it will be, so it is recommended to enjoy it as a set with other tours! The warmth and strength of your hands

3 Rank

[Okinawa / Ishigaki Island] Popular "Chili oil handmade experience" Why not make your own chili oil in a cozy atmosphere!

Handmade experience studio Yuntaku
Ishigaki Island
1,700 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.5
  • (6 reviews / experiences)

One in the world! You can make your own Ishigakijima chili oil. Customers can choose from about 30 kinds of ingredients, mainly island ingredients, pour hot special oil, and take them home as souvenirs. Also, if you register for My Recipe (free for 1 year), you can order the island chili oil of your own recipe later! The staff are cheerful and energetic islanders,

4 Rank

[Ishigaki Island] Traditional winter sweets taught by the islanders! Online experience of making "Kasamu Muchi (steamed rice cake wrapped in leaves)" with the scent of shell ginger leaves

Kawahira Tourist Farm
Ishigaki Island
4,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Experience cooking while experiencing the traditional food culture that has been passed down since the Ryukyu dynasty ♪ We will send you the cooking ingredients in advance.・ Mochi flour mix 260g (mochi flour 200g, powdered brown sugar 60g) ・ 5 shell ginger leaves ・ 5 knots ・ 1 Kawahira Kanko Farm Mango Juice What] ・ ZOOM uses

5 Rank

[Okinawa / Kumejima] Directly from the producers of Kumejima! Spicy and spicy tuna pickles and namul cooking online class using Kume's chili oil

Agricultural production corporation Agrit Kumejima
Kume Island
2,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review / experience)

In this plan, you can learn a simple dish using Kumejima's specialty "Kumami no Rayu". After experiencing the online classroom, you can enjoy the usual dishes with spicy taste change with Kume's chili oil. Chili oil contains hot peppers, piper retrofractum, ginger and other flavored vegetables that warm the body, which helps to promote warmth and health.

Popular activity ranking that you can experience in Okinawa in June

Popular activity ranking that you can experience in Okinawa in June

In this article, June trip to Okinawa I gave you information about.

In addition to the introductions, at Activity Japan, Activities that can be experienced in Okinawa We handle a lot of plans and tours.

Other than actually experiencing it locally In addition, you can feel the culture and atmosphere of Okinawa at home. Online tour experience Is also recommended!

Okinawa in June so, Enriched activities Please enjoy a lot!

* Information on plans, fees, referral facilities, etc. is as of April 2022.

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