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Introducing "Urban SUP Experience Tour" which attracts more attention recently! Eastern Kyoto is held at the location good sincerely access, Tokyo overlooking the urban landscape, such as Sky Tree Cruising tour to the " Tokyo is the ultra-premium experience that does not taste only". Work end and holiday Sun as leisure, also Tokyo also as one of the tourist while moving the body in the recommendations of Sapp Tokyo Enjoy the ◎

SUP (stand-up paddle board) with strong image of marine sports from its looks, but in Europe and the United States the SUP tour Cruising a river and a canal flowing through the city is actively being held and gaining popularity. This summer, east Kyoto case experience the usual landscape If you are looking for a play to enjoy in 23 wards may look a little different "urban SUP (stand up paddle board)"! !

Tokyo SUP Experience

What is SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

SUP = Stand Up Paddleboard is where surfers have no waves Sun Outdoor sports that are said to be developed for enjoyment in Hawaii, and can be enjoyed not only in the sea but also in all fields such as lakes and rivers. Activity is.

Stand Up Paddleboard's name is that it's bigger than surfing and standing on a high buoyancy board and paddles Cruising"Is the most common way of enjoying it, and it's also a popular tip that beginners can take off relatively easily. → SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Experience Complete Guide

What is necessary for SUP experience

Tokyo The plans for SUP (stand-up paddle board) to be experienced with are basic goods such as boards, paddles and life jackets Rental Price is included. Wed Change of clothes and clothes, towels, etc. Wed Please prepare your general belongings that you will need for playing. Feel free to SUP if it is okay to get wet Cruising You can enjoy

Recommended Tokyo SUP Experience Tour

At Activity Japan, you can make reservations for SUP tours such as Koto Ward, Edogawa Ward and Taito Ward. The night SUP course is also popular while watching the Tokyo Sky Tree where the beginner can participate with peace of mind and the light is up.

Outdoor Sports Club ZAC(ザック)

[Tokyo, 23 wards] Tokyo SUP experience [stand-up paddle board]

Outdoor Sports Club ZAC(ザック)

The sport of attention now! Stand-up paddle board "SUP" East of such attention SUP Kyoto How about a SUP experience that you can experience in a private sense with your heart? It is very stable in ZAC, and for those who are new to urban and fashionable I-SUP, they will sit down and master the maneuvering of the board first and then gradually rise up, so the training content will be minimal is. Female If you are a single participant or a beginner, please join with confidence.


[Tokyo ・ Oshima Komatsugawa park / Odaiba seaside park] SUP experience to discount! Beginner half-day Course (3 people more To)


ハワイ生まれのスタンドアップパドルボード。水上散歩を楽しみましょう!初めての人でも、かんたんに楽しむことが出来る。 「地域共通クーポン利用可能プラン」(紙)可

Active Family 東京SUPガレージ

[Tokyo ・ Koto Ward] For beginners! SUP School

Active Family 東京SUPガレージ

Ground lessons: Basic knowledge of SUP, how to use paddles Floating lessons: How to use paddles, etc. It is a plan that beginners can fully acquire SUP with two curriculums.

Active Family 東京SUPガレージ

[Tokyo ・ Koto Ward]Tokyo Sky Tree SUP Tour [Expert Only]

Active Family 東京SUPガレージ

Tokyo A sightseeing plan to see the new landmark "Sky Tree" on the SUP from the water surface. A time of heartwarming in a different urban landscape.

Other city-type SUP experience tour

We introduced the recommended city-type SUP experience tour in the 23 wards of Tokyo, but we also recommend SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) that you can experience in Yokohama next to Kanagawa Prefecture! Like a moving picture ♪ I can enjoy while cruising a spectacular view of Minato Mirai, such as a red brick warehouse and Harbor Town Yokohama such as World Porters etc.

▼ Video plan is here


[Yokohama】 With SUPYokohamaTown andWedExperience type tour (two hours course) to enjoy the neighborhood


横浜大岡川やみなとみらいの都市の水辺を誰もが習得しやすいSUP(スタンドアップパドルボード)でお楽しみいただけます。 SUPから見渡す風景は別世界。横浜が初めての方も地元の方も、是非、新しい体験型横浜ツアーをお試しください。新しい横浜を発見できることと思います。初心者講習から経験者向け6kmミドルツアーまで対応可能。SUPA(日本サップ協会)またはSIJ(日本サップ指導者協会)認定インストラクターが講習とガイドをいたします。原則十分な離隔距離の取れる少人数制とし、乗り方講習には事前の動画講習を取り入れ、接触機会を最大限減らした感染拡大防止策を行ったスクールとします。ツアー中の写真もたくさん撮りますのでアフターSUPも楽しいですよ

How was this time "[ Tokyo 23 wards] thorough introduction of city type SUP experience tour"? Outdoor Activity is Umiyakawa, or image to enjoy going to the lake and mountains I think is a strong but SUP (stand up paddle board) is I'll enjoy even in the middle of a big city ♪ urban SUP is busy every Sun any Activity in ◎ I think that it is a great experience tour that you can feel free to touch ◎ Please try it once by all means ◎

At Activity Japan, you can make a reservation for SUP experience plans throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Please find your plan and experience SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) this summer.