[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tourの紹介画像
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[ Yokohama 】 Cherry Ohanami SUP tour

Etc. included in the price
  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Flower blossom
  • Solo participant
  • Charter possible
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 70 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours
Plan description

Mizubeso's home slope Ooka River is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot that represents Yokohama. The river is busiest during cherry blossom season. A SUP tour that goes back up the Ooka River, where this row of cherry trees continues, and enjoys cherry blossom viewing to the fullest. You can have a fantastic experience that is far from the world. The weather is unstable in spring, but even when it rains lightly, the lifelike cherry blossoms will make you feel happy. It's also fun to cross the flower rafts and flower rafts when the cherry blossoms are starting to fall. There are few boats on weekdays, so I think it's easy for parents and children to participate, as well as those who are not used to rowing. On holidays, the cherry blossom viewing boat is very crowded, so we welcome those who can control the board well. In addition, if you are new to SUP or are unfamiliar with it, we will respond to beginner training only early in the morning when there are few boats. Group charter tours are also possible, so please contact us. In addition, you can bring your own board, but we can only bring it on Saturdays and Sundays when the flowers are in full bloom early in the morning and in the morning. (There are differences in English support depending on the staff, but there are many achievements in dealing with foreigners.)

A row of cherry blossom trees is 4km long. It is a tour with a maximum round trip of 8 km

Enter from Sakura Pier and go up the Ooka River. If you are a beginner, it is 4km round trip to Maita Park. For those who can row, if the tide level is high, a SUP tour that is full of cherry blossom viewing and rowing is possible for a round trip of 8 km to the vicinity of Gumyoji. Upstream from Maita Park, there are few boats coming and going, so you can safely enjoy cherry blossom viewing on the water.

I will take enough pictures!

We will take a picture of the tour and give you a photo for free. You can also ask the instructor to request shooting.

Small group tour

As a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus, one unit of the tour will be a small group of up to 6 people, and the tour will be relaxed with sufficient intervals including changing clothes. The instructor thoroughly measures the temperature, wears a mask, disinfects hands, and disinfects facilities and equipment.


About fees

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※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

Payment methods
  • Online payment
Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act Display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act
Reservation cancellation fee generation date Cancellation fee will be charged from 1 days before the event date.
About cancellation Cancel If you do not contact us we will charge you in full
About event termination It is light rain fortune, strong wind stoppage. Before contact of cancellation Sun I will do it by e-mail by 22 o'clock.

Detailed information of this plan

Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 1~8
About duration
1~2 hours
We will return within 1 to 2 hours.
Operating period 2023/3/20〜2023/4/09
Light rain, canceled during strong winds.
Assembly time 7:30 in the early morning, 9:30 in the morning, 13:00 in the afternoon. As it is crowded on Saturday and Sunday, please come early. In addition, it is helpful if you can finish the toilet in advance.
Booking deadline until 18:59 the day before

Changing room Toilet
Shower Parking

Dress code - Must bring items Wet shoes or wet socks, wear, drinks, glasses bands, changing clothes etc.
About rental items Wet suit: 1000 yen, PET bottle holder: Free. We do not rent wet shoes or socks. Wet socks can be bought cheaply online

Matters require attention As a general rule, this is a tour for people with SUP experience, so we do not teach how to ride. Holidays when the flowers are in full bloom are very crowded. There are many Hanami boats sailing, so beginners who are not sure about board control should refrain from going in the afternoon when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. If you are new to SUP, please use the beginner's workshop (with insurance) in the early morning section.
Other notifications In case of light rain, stop during strong wind, negotiate in case of rain fall. Luggage can be deposited at the office. Bringing in the board Weekday And we can accept it by early morning only. Children and pets must be accompanied by own responsibility.

Time schedule

Ooka River Sakura SUP

Ooka River Sakura SUP Cherry blossom viewing SUP tour at Ooka River, a famous cherry blossom spot.

Ooka River Sakura SUP

Ooka River Sakura SUP Cherry blossom viewing SUP tour at Ooka River, a famous cherry blossom spot.

Access - Map

2-163 Hinodecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Assembly point

Mizubeso (near Ooka River Kogane Bridge, next to Koganeso) Be careful not to mistake it for other nearby SUP schools

If you arrive by car

There is coin parking along the river. However, it will be full on Saturdays and Sundays when it is in full bloom.

If you arrive by train

5 minutes walk from Keikyu Hinodecho Station (express, local train only)

If you arrive by other means of transportation

You can park your bicycle

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Selling points regarding safety

Instructors who are familiar with Yokohama, such as certified instructors of the Japan SUP Association or Japan SUP Instructors Association, and small boat operators, will take the course. We have a sufficient number of support staff, so you can learn SUP safely. In addition, we will hold a school with a small number of people who are attentive.

Insurance information Recreational accident insurance
License and Qualifications SUPA (Japan Sap Association) Certified Instructor, SIJ (Japan Sap Leaders Association) Certified Instructor, Small Vessel License Level 1 or Level 2
Member organizations and associations SUPA (Japan Sap Association), SIJ (Japan Sap Leaders Association)
Number of staff 10
Number of instructors 10

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