【Rainy Day Outdoor】 Only 5 fun outdoor leisure activities are available because it is rainy

It's fun because it's raining.
5 outdoor activities

It is a great season for enjoying outdoor leisure and activities from August to the autumn of September this time ◎ It is a great season for enjoying outdoor leisure and activities ◎ If you are planning to play outdoor activities to enjoy nature near your destination or near your home Is not there a lot? I am worried that I have booked leisure for the purpose I was looking forward to planning for going out a while ago What is it "weather" is not it? Unfortunately only the sky can not resist anyone (_ _) .. o ○

However! There are not a few activity types that enjoy the charm as scheduled without being canceled even with some rain or bad weather ◎ So this time there is not a left or right of the implementation of even a bad weather, so you can enjoy it even on rainy days , 'I can enjoy it because it is a rainy day' ___ OUTDOOR LEISURE / ACTIVITIES ___ ___ 0 ('ε `) Outdoor play, Please increase your excitement to see ♪ ('ε `)

The cause of the suspension was wind rather than rain! There are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with some rain ◎


Rafting reservation
Splash bathing experience!
Natural water slider!

Rafting (Rafting) is a small boat ride down a variety of courses from ripple to clear stream. Together with canyoning the river's royal road is popular as an outdoor leisure and experience tours by professional guide are held throughout the country. There are many famous spots in Japan such as Tone River rafting on Minakami Gunma Prefecture (Minakami) and Yoshino River rafting in Shikoku.

[Popular plan]

Gran index Nagatoro base

[Nagatoro rafting] popular No, 1 activity!

プランID:14Gran index Nagatoro base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rafting is riding on a large rubber dinghy, it is a sport that passengers going down the rapids to suit everyone in the force. Thrill and excitement to break through the rapids while raising the spray, is the exhilarating sense of the real thrill to go down the inside of the large nature. Customers will continue down the river aboard seven at the maximum in one boat. Please join us on this occasion because it is feel free to enjoy outdoor sports to young and old alike.

Kuma River rafting club

[Kumamoto Prefecture / Kuma River] with hot spring of rafting tour! (6 hour course)

プランID:3286Kuma River rafting club
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

You can enjoy rafting at the Kumamoto Kumagawa River in the three major rapids of Japan. It is a plan that omits all you can eat BBQ from the 8 hour course. It is a time and fee saving plan. Apart from rafting, there are plenty of fun such as being hit by a waterfall, climbing a cliff, jumping out of a rocky place. After enjoying playing, you can relax in the hot spring as it is.

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Canyoning reservation
Damping is a major premise!
Ultimate water play full of rivers with one body!

Canyoning (Canyoning) is a royal road activity of river leisure also called shower climbing. It is a full-fledged And-venture experience to enjoy the waterfall dive, natural slider, zip line, etc. by going through the valley with the tour guide familiar with the course. In the Kanto region, Minakami and Okutama are popular areas, and it is possible to make reservations tailored to the time such as with BBQ lunch or half day plan all day plan.

[Popular plan]

OTTER down river club (otter down River Club)

[Oita Fujigochi valley] canyoning tour

プランID:186OTTER down river club (otter down River Club)
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Once in NyuKei point, do the safety talk for safely canyoning. All the way - about 2 kilometers canyoning start. Walk or swim, go slipped a small slider. In the vicinity of the goal, sliders and a length of about 10m, jump waterfalls of a height of about 5m, slider waterfall or a height of about 6m tilt about 70 ° will appear in succession.

Gran index Okutama base

[Okutama canyoning] integrated with nature!

プランID:11Gran index Okutama base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Full canyoning tour of in the transparent valley surrounded by deep green that does not seem to Tokyo! Short travel distance of the course, because the course can play point is jammed tightly, you can enjoy the fully a swim in a river, even half a day. Or slipped natural waterslide that can be cut rock by the water, Dari jumped Omoikkiri natural pool, packed with having a swim in a river points! The sense of unity and the thrill of a large nature, please come and experience.

Power zone

[Shiga] in the world only here! Canyon swimming Kanzakigawa

プランID:392Power zone
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Canyon (gorge) + Swimming (swim) = Canyon swimming! Activities that collectively play the three funs of swimming (swimming) + shower climbing (rain climbing) + canyoning (Sawa Shimori) and playing the fascination of Sawa! In this water play which swims and climbs and jumps in and jumps in, this water play, in fact the original in the power zone ♪ People who can not swim can wow swimming floating in water because they are wearing a life jacket. I will not sink. \ (^ ^) /

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SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)

SUP (stand up paddle board) reservation
Marine sports that can be rained!
The most popular of the toppings is SUP!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) is a birthplace of Hawaii called so-called SUP. It is also attractive to be able to enjoy at all waterfields of Lake Haikawa by using boards that are bigger buoyant than surfing. In general, it is cruising to row on the board and paddle, but surfing surfing and SUP YOGA yogaing on the board are also popular.

[Popular plan]

Horizontal ride workshop CRAZY MONKEY

【関西・兵庫・淡路島】写真撮影付き!!初心者にうれしい! 穏やかな内海でのSUP体験!

プランID:9731Horizontal ride workshop CRAZY MONKEY
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

関西や四国から気軽に来れる淡路島の南部にある福良湾は瀬戸内海国立公園に指定されているほどの素晴らしい景観です。そんな素晴らしい景観の中で海上さんぽ体験をしてみませんか!! 15分ほどの簡単なレクチャーを受けるだけで、誰でも簡単に楽しめるアクティビティーです。

Club FANATIC (Club Fanatic)

[Chiba Inagekaigan] Spend fun in the sea! SUP school experience course! 【2 hours】

プランID:7911Club FANATIC (Club Fanatic)
5,400yen2,700yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

After a course lesson, I will feel the weather and the ocean while understanding the movement of the basic SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) and going back and forth over the sea. It can be said to be a marine sport that can be started easily and easily. Even though it is so easy, its way of enjoying is varied.

GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

【沖縄・宮古島】人気NO.1!SUP + ウミガメシュノーケリング・フォトツアー (半日コース)

プランID:11493GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
14,500yen12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

大人気のSUPとウミガメと泳げるスペシャルメニュー!! 透明度抜群のビーチで夢のような体験☆ ウミガメ遭遇率は、なんと90%以上! スタッフ全員が赤十字水難救助員、少人数制(SUP/最大6名)でのツアーも安心です。

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Diving (beginner OK)

Diving reservation
It will never rain in the sea ♪
Let's go see fish and coral!

Diving is a royal road activity of marine sports. From children to adults, a "trial diving" plan that allows you to experience the undersea world without a diving license is gaining in popularity. There are many scenic diving spots scattered throughout Japan, including Okinawa area where tropical fish and coral are beautiful. There are also many repeaters, a popular marine activity which many divers aim at getting licenses after experiencing once.

[Popular plan]

Muto diving (MUTOSENSUI)

【Okinawa · Blue Cave】 Beach Experience Diving! Review Numerous popular plans private! Gifts for photos / videos on the spot ♪

プランID:10065Muto diving (MUTOSENSUI)
8,800yen5,980yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

沖縄青の洞窟体験ダイビングとは経験が全くない方やライセンスを持っていない方・ 海に多少恐怖心を持っている方でも気軽に水中に潜ることができるメニューです。 沖縄青の洞窟で熱帯魚への餌あげ・スタッフの一発芸・水中写真プレゼントと盛りだくさんの内容です。

Diving shop WOW (Wow)

[Fukuoka] experience diving! - With round-trip transportation to the sea]

プランID:1359Diving shop WOW (Wow)
9,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Peace of mind for the first time, even! WOW in the experience diving! License all right even if there is no. We firmly support in small groups. Everything you need to dive is included in the room rate. Please feel free to join us from one person!

Hayama diving service

【Kanagawa · Shonan · Hayama】 The nearest tank service store to Shonan · Hayama ♪ [Experience diving course]

プランID:15408Hayama diving service
10, 584yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is an experiential diving plan for those who are diving for the first time. The journey time is about 3 hours.

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Trekking (climbing)

Trekking (climbing) reservation
The weather of the mountain changes easily!
Mountain climbing with rainy weather equipment!

It is an outdoor leisure enjoying the mountain nature that Japan boasts, including World Natural Heritage including Mt. Fuji and Yakushima Island. It is characterized by many elderly mountaineers because you can choose various mountaineering courses from beginning to advanced as you feel the nature of the seasons. In recent years it boasts high popularity among young women enough to make the word "mountain girl". Trekking and mountain climbing that challenges with the nature guide that knows the mountain is a special experience where one taste and two different flavors are different from enjoying "mountain climbing" with excursions.

[Popular plan]

Okhotsk Shizendo (Okhotsk Jinendo)

[Hokkaido Shiretoko] summer program the most popular! Stroll through the forest of the Shiretoko Five Lakes guide tour - World Natural Heritage Shiretoko -

プランID:8485Okhotsk Shizendo (Okhotsk Jinendo)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Shiretoko is a representative tourist destination in Shiretoko and you want to walk on foot. Guides with certified qualifications will guide you about 3 km of course with low altitude difference slowly. Watching the traces of animals and walking while feeling the rich nature of Shiretoko. The lake surrounded by virgin forests is a very quiet and attractive field.

Yakushima guide 21EC-K (Yakushima guide 21EC-K)

【鹿児島・屋久島】縄文杉トレッキングコース (日帰り)

プランID:6010Yakushima guide 21EC-K (Yakushima guide 21EC-K)
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Day round-trip course to the Jomon cedar, also referred to as old 7200 years. Middle etc. Kosugi valley settlements marks and the Great cedar Wilson strain became the base of cedar logging Yaku, it is a course to walk through the forest of giant trees.

Aso Nature Land

[Kumamoto Aso] enjoy the lush scenery! Mazeno valley headwaters trekking (half day course) experience

プランID:13202Aso Nature Land
5,900yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a special secret valley that usually can not be stepped into anyone. I enjoy trekking in this superb view full of greenery where unspoiled nature remains at the source of the Chikugo River. Everywhere the fast flowing places and the waterfalls are overcome with the power and overcome, aiming for the giant waterfall of the goal! Enjoying with your child, 100% impressed unexperienced experience is here only! It is!

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Of course, when you go out, there is nothing to be sunny, but ◎ I introduced the "5 outdoor leisure enjoyable even on rainy days" may be canceled in case of heavy rain or strong wind , A little rain is a little essence of outside play. If it is rain forecast If you plan to go out is rain forecast, please try searching for the plan of the area you are looking for from among the activities we introduced. It is quick to play in the warmer seasons! Let's enjoy outdoor leisure even in the rain ♪ ('ε `)

Indoor · indoor popular leisure

-Okinawa Shisa making experience
- Ceramics Experience · Classroom
- Glassworking workshop
- Making accessories
- Bouldering
- VR experience facility
- escape game

[Popular plan]

Handmade experience workshop tee under

【Okinawa・Naha】 Shisa handcraft Workshop​ ​

プランID:12798Handmade experience workshop tee under
2,300yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the Teeanda handmade workshop where has a good location that just 10 seconds on foot from Kokusai Street, we prepared a variety of handmade experience that anyone would join us easily even family, couple and someone with friends. This is a plan that you will form an original shisa (Okinawan lion statues, used as talisman against evil) out of clay.

Absolute space

[Tokyo Ikebukuro] experience a realistic closed room escape game in the city center! "Boundary of the dream." [Difficulty levels ★★]

プランID:13414Absolute space
2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Select a theme in the game of difficulty and preferences, challenging realistic escape game! Solve the gimmick and the mystery that has been hidden in the behind closed doors in cooperation with colleagues, it is clear if you can safely escape in all. While enjoying the world of epic story, family and friends with each other, please by all means challenge. Series: Fairy Tale game time: 40 minutes Recommended number of people: 2 to 3 people