What are your clothes and what you need to bring when you experience canyoning and shower Climbing?

What clothing and things do you need to wear to experience canyoning and shower Climbing? Common questions for beginners

In the majestic nature, Canyon is a thrilling experience where you can go down a stream or go down a waterfall with a rope. Not only core outdoor fans enjoy it, Recently, there are many tours that even beginners can feel free to experience.. Therefore, this time, I will introduce at a glance what clothes and things I should know when I try canyoning for the first time.

What is canyoning?

What is Canyoning?

Go down the stream along the mountain stream as if you were sliding down a natural waterslide."Canyoning". Born in Southern France, Activity was brought to Japan in 1998 Year by Mike Harris, a New Zealander, and spread to Japan mainly in Minakami Town, Gunma prefecture. I went. Today, it is extremely popular with the core outdoor enthusiasts. Such canyoning, in fact, is not Activity, which simply enjoys "Sawadori".

Canyoning starts from trekking the valley toward the starting point. And it includes multiple outdoor elements, such as Climbing down a stream, rope rope rappelling, dive into the water, and possibly Rafting and canoeing.

Canyoning Exactly A comprehensive Activity where you can experience the magnificent nature all by yourself It is.

What is the difference from shower Climbing?

What is the difference from shower Climbing?

For Activity similar to canyoning"shower Climbing"But what is the difference between the two?

Put simply, Canyoning goes down the mountain stream, while shower Climbing is an Activity going up the mountain stream Refers to
In this way, there are differences in the destinations you can aim for between canyoning and shower Climbing, but depending on the tour company in Japan, Including the elements of shower Climbing Canyoning It is sometimes called.

Whether you're canyoning or shower Climbing, your outfits and what you need will stay the same.

Thoroughly solve common questions for beginners!

Thoroughly solve common questions for beginners!

Q. Can you enjoy the outdoors even if you have no experience?

Canyoning, which also has multiple outdoor elements, uses various functions of the whole body to play, so beginners tend to find it difficult.
However, the near Year in Many tours that welcome beginners are held in various parts of Japan So even those who have never experienced the outdoors will be able to fully enjoy it.

A knowledgeable and experienced veteran guide will accompany you throughout the tour and will always be there to help.
By the way, Events such as "dive into a waterhole" in the plan are not compulsory. If you are not good at diving, the guide will suggest another way to play, so it's a good idea to consult in advance.

In addition, depending on the tour, Time required also holds a half-day course of about 2 to 3 hours. Beginners can try the half-day course first. is not it.

Q. Can I participate even if I can't swim?

Because you wear a life jacket during the experience, you will be able to float naturally with the buoyancy of the life jacket without moving your limbs. for that reason, Those who are not good at swimming can participate with peace of mind Will
Life jackets can be Rental free of charge from the tour company, so you don't have to arrange your own.

Q. Can I wear glasses or contacts?

Canyoning jumps into the water or slides down a waterfall, Dangerous with glasses on is.
It is possible that it may come off or break with speed, so if you have poor eyesight, It's better to wear contact lenses than glasses Will

However, even when using contact lenses, there is a possibility that the lenses may become soiled with water during the experience or may come off and be lost. Therefore, Use disposable contact lenses or wear goggles over the contact lenses We recommend that you take precautions, such as

If you can't use contact lenses, make sure you have goggles and glasses for outdoor use.

Q. What should I do during my period?

You can enjoy canyoning even during your period is.
However, during the experience, my whole body will be soaked, so Ordinary napkins absorb water and become heavy, which inevitably causes discomfort..
Therefore, you should use a tampon or a menstrual cup that you put in your vagina to collect menstrual blood.

Also, as you cannot go to the toilet during the tour, we recommend using a tampon for daily use.

Q. Is it OK to bring a camera?

"You can bring your own camera with a waterproof function!" There are many tour companies such as.
But, It will be broken by the impact of the dive or the slider, or it will be dropped in the underwater and lost. Be careful when you bring your camera, as it can happen.

Also, depending on the tour company Take a picture of the situation during the experience, present the shooting data There is also a service that does.
In order to concentrate on canyoning, it may be better to use these services rather than bring your own camera.

Tell us how you look when you experience canyoning!

Tell us how you look when you experience canyoning!

Most of the specialized equipment required to experience canyoning can be Rental from tour companies.
But, Some items that you should have in order to enjoy more comfortably There is also, so I will introduce it together.

Wetsuit & life jacket

During the canyoning experience, Wear wetsuit and life jacket To do.

But a wetsuit is literally "It's supposed to get wet" The suit that became. Since it is a mechanism to warm the body temperature with fasteners and water coming in from the hands and feet, Under the wetsuit, wear swimwear and clothes that can get wet. Let's do it.
If you wear a swimsuit, Female simple things without frills and ribbons are recommended, for Male, knee-length surf pants are recommended. is.

Also, if you are worried about wearing a wetsuit directly on top of your swimwear, you may want to combine your swimwear with a rash guard.

Canyoning shoes and gloves

In canyoning, where you often walk on wet rocks, Wear gloves to protect your hands from rocks and slippery shoes for canyoning To do.

However, during the experience, the shoes will inevitably contain fine gravel, so the socks worn in the special shoes Choose something that can get wet and torn.
Five finger socks In that case, each toe is easy to move, so it is recommended that it is easy to hold down and hard to get stuffy.

Helmet to protect the head

Like any Activity, canyoning involves some danger, Always wear a helmet To do.
Choose a size that fits your head so that you don't get misaligned in case of accident.

Those who tie hair have ribbons and decorations, and choux and so on so that they do not get in the way when wearing a helmet. It is safer to avoid voluminous hair elastics is. Choose a simple one.

Slider pants to protect the buttocks

Slider pants are made of materials that slide well So it helps when playing with water sliders.
There is no cushioning effect, but since it is strong and thick, you do not have to worry about rubbing and breaking the buttocks during the experience.

Canyoning harness

When using a rope to rappel, Wearing a harness exclusively for canyoning To do.
In the first place, if the harness is handled by a tour company, it should have been made in consideration of the canyoning-specific situations, so you can rely on it.

Other is also a useful help merchandise!

Other is also a useful help merchandise!

Towel to wipe the body

Towels are a Required for all water Activity is.
At that time, it is convenient to have a large towel to wipe the whole body after the experience and a small towel to wipe swimwear and goggles.

Excellent in water absorption and quick drying "Swim towel" In that case, if you squeeze even if you include water, the water absorption will be restored immediately. One piece is enough Will
It is light and easy to carry, so it is recommended for various outdoor scenes.

Spare underwear and socks

Experience canyoning with clothes worn from home If Be sure to bring extra underwear and socks.
Above all, I tend to forget about socks. You will wear special boots during the tour, but they are not completely waterproof. Be sure to prepare a replacement as it will get dirty with water and gravel.

A bag to store wet things

You should also have a bag to take home your bathing suit, clothes, socks, etc. wet from the canyon.
Big plastic bag If, It is convenient because you can carry all wet things in one is.

Goggles that can be comfortably enjoyed underwater

I often go into the water during the tour, so More comfortable with goggles is.
Even people who use contact lenses are dangerous if they come off during the experience Therefore, we recommend wearing goggles.

Depending on the plan contents, sun protection goods are also Required!

During the canyoning to wear a helmet Required you, but, canoeing and some tour content Kayak that you do not have to wear a helmet such Activity it may have been included.

During the tour If you take your helmet with you, bring sunscreen items such as wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. let's do it.

Makeup tools for remakeup

During the experience, it often happens that the face is splashed with water, so Makeup tool to remake after finishing Don't forget to bring it with you.

Other grooming should you pay attention to?

Other grooming should you pay attention to?

Don't forget UV care for your face!

During the experience, I wear a wetsuit that covers the whole body, so I can hide my arms and legs, The face is always exposed to UV light.
Make sure to take proper measures against UV rays by applying sunscreen cream on your face.
Given that you can't repaint often, We recommend the waterproof type that does not easily fall off even with water or sweat is.

Cut your nails short!

Canyoning sometimes Move while grasping rocks and ropes There is also something to do, Nail needs to be cut short there is.
Also, even if the nail tip is short, there is a possibility that it will be caught somewhere during the experience, or in the worst case it may be peeled off, so remove it in advance.

Let's tie long hair!

If your hair is longer than your shoulders, Tie your hair in advance to prevent it from getting entangled in wetsuits, life jackets, etc. Let's finish.
It's easy to remove the hair elastic with shish and decorations, A simple one that can be tied firmly is recommended is.
Also, since I wear a helmet during the experience, Bundle at a position below the ear Please be so.

Waterproof is recommended for makeup!

I often jump into the water during the experience, so I'm worried about my makeup breaking. In order to keep makeup firmly until the end of the experience, It is better to use a waterproof type makeup tool that is resistant to water and sweat Will

In addition, it is highly possible that you may remove the false eyelashes on the way, so we recommend that you remove it beforehand.

Canyon rafting plan recommended for beginners

There are many spots where you can enjoy Canyon rafting all over Japan, but Experience plan at a particularly recommended popular spot I will introduce each.


    Okinawa /Main island
    Adventure Island

    [Okinawa Yanbar] Unexplored Yanbaru shower Climbing & Canyoning ★ Zip Slide & Natural Water Slider (with Photo and movie Shooting Service)

    12,8007,800yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    「地域共通クーポン利用可能プラン」 ★ここでしか体験できないオリジナルツアー♪ ★爽快感抜群♪天然ウォータースライダー♪ ★圧倒的な疾走感!ジップスライドで空中散歩♪ ジャングルを舞台に超アクティブ&爽快感MAXな川遊び。 トレッキングだけじゃ物足りない?クライミングも盛り込んだ超アクティブツアー! 冒険島が開発した、他では体験できないオリジナルツアーです♪ 舞台は亜熱帯の植物が生い茂る国立公園「やんばるの森」 やんばるの森の中には、まだまだ知られていない秘密の開催地があります。 澄き通った川の道中には、大小様々な姿をした滝があり、最奥部にある大きな滝を目指します。 でも、ただ目指すだけじゃありません。 道中も豪快に!アクティブに!色々な遊びをしながら目指していきます!

    Okinawa /Iriomote Island
    Iriomote Island ADVENTURE PiPi


    西表島 ADVENTURE PiPi(ピピ)
    15,80013,000yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    【地域共通クーポン対象プラン!】 このプランは地域共通クーポンがご利用可能です! ※クーポン利用は現地決済のみとなります。事前決済は利用不可ですのでお気を付けください。 ↓詳しくは弊社HPにて↓ https://iriomote-pipi.com/local_coupon この機会に格安でアクティビティに参加しましょう! 【マングローブSUP/カヌー+スプラッシュキャニオニング】 マングローブクルージングとキャニオニング(川下り)が楽しめるコースです。SUP/カヌーの、のんびりクルージングとキャニオニングの川飛び込みは興奮度MAX!大自然を思う存分楽しみましょう! 【PiPiのアピールポイント】 ・写真データ無料プレゼント!ツアー中はガイドが皆様の写真をお撮りします! ・西表島上原エリア無料送迎! ・ガイドがしっかりサポート!PiPiのガイドは全員が水難救助員の資格を保有しています。ゆっくり丁寧にレクチャーいたしますので小さなお子様から泳ぎの苦手な方までご参加大歓迎です! ・圧倒的な口コミ数!実際、ツアーにご参加いただいた皆様からの評価がPiPiツアーの満足度の高さを物語っています。 ・シャワールーム完備!ツアーにご参加いただいたお客様は無料でご利用いただけます。 ・石垣島からの日帰りでご参加可能です! 【ツアー当日のスケジュール例】 ①9:30 上原港/ご宿泊先お迎え(上原地区限定) ↓ ②9:50 フィールドに到着 ↓ ③10:00 午前のアクティビティ開始! ↓ ④10:30 マングローブ林でのSUP・カヌー体験をしたあと、トレッキング! ↓ ⑤10:45 クーラの滝に到着!滝つぼ遊びもできちゃいます! ↓ ⑥11:15 トレッキングとSUP・カヌーで、きた道を戻ります。 ↓ ⑦11:30 午前のアクティビティ終了! ↓ ⑧12:00 お昼休憩。昼食を自由にお取りいただけるエリアにお連れ致します。 ↓ ⑨13:30 休憩終了。次のフィールドへ向かいます。 ↓ ⑩13:45 フィールドに到着。 ↓ ⑪14:00 午後のアクティビティ開始! ↓ ⑫14:10 大自然の渓谷でキャニオニング!まずは水温に慣れましょう! ↓ ⑬14:50 滝つぼにジャンプしたり、滝に打たれるのもあり! ↓ ⑭15:30 午後のアクティビティ終了! ↓ ⑮16:00 上原港/ご宿泊先へお送りいたします。 ※当日の天候・潮位によりスケジュールは変動します。

    Gunma /Minakami
    Field Earth Minakami

    ◇ Free photo gift ♪ [Limited number Sale] Canyoning tour! ! Fox course 20m waterfall!

    フィールドアース みなかみ

    数量限定のお得なプランです!! フォックスコース20mの滝! ★ツアー写真データ無料プレゼント! ★ドリンク無料サービス! フィールドアースみなかみキャニオニングガイドツアーは 全国的にも有名なキャニオニングスポットが数多く点在する群馬県みなかみエリアを利用し 外遊びのスペシャリストが同行してツアーを行い、天然のウォータースライダーや飛び込みなど 安心してキャニオニング体験ができると人気です。 ※キャニオニングとは、専用装備を身につけてウォータースライダーの様に源流の水の流れの中を滑り降りたり岩の上から飛び込みをしたり、ロープを使って滝をくだったりなど 自然の川地形を利用して楽しむレジャースポーツです。 ツアー前に同乗するガイドによるグリーフィングを行い、参加者の健康チェックやツアーの説明などを行うことでファミリーや女性グループに友人同士など、どんな方でも大自然の中で思い切り気軽にアウトドア外遊びが楽しめます。

Shower climbing

    Tochigi /Nasu
    Nasu Outback Tours

    [Tochigi ・ Nasu】 In summer, it's in the river! shower Climbing Regular course 3 hours


    "On a hot day, go to the river Dobooon!! Adventure in the source part of the Naka River, the clear stream in the Kanto! Fresh water, fresh greenery, birds and fish welcome you♪ Enjoy the dive from Oiwa and the natural pool. Extraordinary Welcome to space ♪ "Beginners welcome elementary school children 1 Year of participation OK! Flow of ~ ~ ~ plan ~~~ ① plate chamber Outback base set 10 minutes ② tour from raw Explanations, with change of clothes 10 minutes ③ bus, to the Naka River headwaters Move 10 minutes ④ shower Climbing 90 minutes ⑤ Commemorative photo, break, etc. 30 minutes ⑥ Move to outback base 15 minutes ⑦ Change clothes, disband 15 minutes

    Tokyo · Okutama
    Tama River rafting winds (Winds)

    [Tokyo Tamagawa the adventure! ] Refreshing shower climbing tour (half day course)


    ~シャワークライミングとは~ シャワークライミングは「沢登り」と言い、自然の創る美しく変化に富んだ沢を徒歩で挑むリバースポーツです☆ 次々と現れる、マイナスイオンをたっぷり含んだ水しぶきをあげる滝、天然のウォータースライダー、天然のプール! そこを泳いだり潜ったり飛び込んだりしながら源流を目指し進みます。美しい流れの中でおもいっきりはしゃいで、リフレッシュ! きれいな流れの中で思い切りはしゃぎまわっていると、いつのまにか、自分が大人であることを忘れてしまいます。 ~スケジュール~(午前の例) 受付・着替え 9:00- 9:30 移動・安全説明 9:30-10:00  ツアー 10:00-11:30  着替え・解散 11:30-12:00 ※時間は目安です ●【4名以上から予約OK】BBQオプション ツアー後にBBQもできます! ◇予約条件 ・4名様以上でご予約ください ・AMツアー終了後~16:30まで ・PMツアー終了後~19:30まで ◇セット内容 ・テーブル・イス ・コンロ(鉄板、網など) ・食器(皿、箸、コップ、おしぼり、トングなど) ・火おこしするもの(火ばさみ、炭、着火剤など) ・クーラーボックス ・食材(肉、野菜、焼きそばなど) ※飲み物はついておりません。リバーベースや近くのコンビニなどでお買い求めいただけます。 ~・~・~・~<新型コロナウィルス対応について>・~・~・~・~ ・参加前の検温にご協力ください。 ※37.5度以上の熱、咳などの体調不良がある場合は、参加できない場合がございます。 ・お客様をご案内するガイド、そのほか全スタッフは毎日検温と体調チェックを行ない、記録しています。 ・お客様をご案内するガイドは、ツアー前までマスクを着用しております。 ・自由にお使いいただける消毒液を各所に設置しております。 ・更衣室、トイレなどは定期的に換気・消毒しております。 ・レンタル装備等の洗浄は徹底しておこないます。 ~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~・~

Summary of clothes for enjoying canyoning

Summary of clothes for enjoying canyoning
  • Wet suit
  • Life jacket
  • Canyoning shoes
  • Globe
  • helmet
  • Slider pants
  • Harness

more is the way to enjoy canyoning.

All these specialized equipment can be Rental free, so you don't have to prepare it yourself.

Some people may have their own wetsuits, but during the experience they may slip down a rugged rocky place or jump into the water, which may damage their wetsuits.
for that reason, We recommend using the Rental service rather than bringing your own To do.

On the other hand, what I want to prepare myself

  • Swimwear or wet underwear to wear in a wetsuit
  • Socks that can be wet or torn
  • Towel to wipe the body
  • A bag to store wet things


more, please enjoy canyoning as much as you can on the On the day!

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