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Activities where you can fly away sky with the feeling of becoming a bird. That is a paraglider. Regardless of gender age, there are people who are familiar with a wide range of people and become enthralled with their charms and encourage license acquisition. Here, we have a wealth of information on paragliders, including the type of license, how to acquire it, appropriate clothing for activities, popular plans throughout the country. Please refer to this article and enjoy a comfortable aerial walk.

The paragliding?

Paragliding is a relatively simple and skillful leisure experience. If you acquire a license you can expect to be an instructor. Paraglider (Paraglider) is the most famous and popular sky activity familiar as an outdoor leisure that will fulfill your dream of "flying like the birds like the birds" once they adore once.

What kind of paragliding is it?
There are shops performing experiencing paragliders that can flight safely even if the instructor who passed the skill test and license acquisition is inexperienced but also school course for license acquisition etc. from all over the country from Kanto and Kansai to Hokkaido to Okinawa, Many fryers enjoying paragliding from tournament to tournament contestants.

Activity Japan is accepting reservations for various courses from the first flight person to the school license acquisition course. Please refer to this page and select plans and courses and enjoy the ideal air travel thought.

What is the price quotation?
· The price is about 4 to 80 thousand yen
It is said that it takes about 4 to 80 thousand yen to take the license examination and complete it.
· Breakdown of charge
The fee required for the pilot training is "tuition fee", "equipment rental fee", "insurance fee" etc.

Course fee
Depending on the school, the price of the basic tuition fee for obtaining each license is about 4 to 80,000 yen.
· Including admission fee
Basic tuition fees include admission fee and registration fee. The method of paying course fee depends on school such as payment by monthly fee and annual fee.
· Depending on the school, the amount is different
The department, course, course content, fee structure are different depending on the school, and the total fee will differ depending on which payment method you choose. It is necessary to judge the number of times you can go to the moon etc and choose a price plan wisely.

Equipment rental cost
The school side will prepare the necessary equipment for paraglider training, but a rental fee will be charged for that.
· Rental fee for equipment required for paragliding
Paraglider training such as gliders, harnesses, rescue parachutes requires a variety of equipment. Depending on the school, there are places where you can take lectures on rental fees for these equipment.

Insurance fee
To receive a paraglider course, you need to join insurance.
And disability insurance premiums
Depending on the school, disability insurance fee may be included in the basic course fee.

other expenses
Various expenses such as screening fee and area usage fee required for license acquisition are required.
· Screening fee
The examination fee is the cost to take the license certification exam.
· It takes only when obtaining license
There is a license showing the level of the paraglider by step, and we have to pay the examination fee to aim for acquisition.
· 1,000 to 3,000 yen per time
The cost for one exam is about 1,000 to 3,000 yen.
· Area usage fee etc.
Area fee for practice will also be paid per lesson. Prices vary by school.

Recommended time
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※ The number is attention degree data based on the number of searches.

Paragliding is an activity that you can enjoy all the year, but the graph red part is a particularly popular season. As shown in the graph, demand generally rises during the warmer spring and summer season, but in the winter season it is a recommended time because you can enjoy more spectacular view because the air is clear. Also, we recommend reservation as soon as reservation is popular in the popular season.

Are there any age / weight restrictions?
Basically, regardless of age or gender. However, in terms of tandem flights and licensing, there are many places targeting elementary school students and higher.
Moreover, there are many places where weight is restricted to some extent. Although it is a standard of 30 to 80 kg, a certain degree of error is not a problem.
Even outside the specified limit range, it may be possible to experience. Be sure to check when applying.

Beginners can also enjoy it
There are many people who are not experienced and feel uneasy, but many people answer "It was fun" or "It was good to do" once the experience was over.
Even those who are new to the event, they are safe because they will support with an instructor.
At the school, we are offering classes with a motto of safety and security. An experienced pilot will teach you directly so you can enjoy the air travel without having to be afraid of your first flight.

Basically, easy to move and light clothing is recommended.
① easy-to-move
Let's go paragliding with easy-to-move shoes and pants.
a. Parker
For spring and autumn, long sleeve T - shirts or mountain parka etc are recommended.
b. Trekking shoes
Trekking shoes that can climb to the mountaintop are ideal for running mountains and plants.
1. It is less slippery on the grass, and the ankle also stabilizes
You can run comfortably even on the field. It also stabilizes footwear, leading to prevention of falls.
2. Other shoes recommended by running shoes
Outside of trekking shoes, there are also places where we recommend using running shoes.
① Easy to run
Running shoes have no function to protect footwear, but they are easy to run even outdoors.
c. Let's wear trousers for trekking under trekking pants etc.
1. Warm cold season such as winter sports tights etc. Let's wear warm clothes in winter and easy to move in winter. There are also matching sports tights below.

How do I get a license?

There are several types of paraglider licenses, and the area that can be flighted depends on the license you acquire.

License type
· Paramete proof
It is a license given to those who acquired the basics of paragliding.
① Beginner's skill certificate acquired
Parametitic skills certificate will be certified for those who arrived at the beginner level in stage 1.
② Wear a paraglider base
It takes 1 week to 10 days and learns basic judgment and judgment according to the situation.
a. Learning the basic operation
I will practice with the goal of mastering skills of basic operation in flight.
b. Level at which single flight can be made by instructor's instruction
We aim to achieve a level that allows independent flight by instructor's instruction only.
c. You can make a series of movements by one person until you land straight after taking off from takeoff
Launch a paraglider and refine your skills until takeoff (takeoff). Although the flight range is short flight from a gentle slope, the technique to be worn here leads to a high altitude flight.

· Basic certificate
It is the basic certifier who has the skill to handle the instructed landing surely and to the technique of turning maneuver.
① Acquisition of basic license
It is a license acquired by a person aiming for high altitude flight alone.
② Lecture on high altitude flight
Start with image training of high altitude flight using simulator etc
A safe takeoff and a safe landing can be done with stable weather conditions
Practice of landing at the instructed landing place is performed repeatedly with precise advanced processing without being influenced by weather conditions. If you do about 10 high-altitude flights, you will pass. · Primary pilot certificate
Piloting a paraglider alone, turning operation of 360 degrees or more on the left and right, and ability to judge conditions suitable for flight in the home area are asked.
① Acquisition of primary license
It is given to those who have the ability to freely flight within the home area with their judgment without receiving any instructions.
② A safe takeoff and a safe landing can be done with stable weather conditions
We are required to take off technology in a safe form without being influenced by weather conditions.
Regardless of changes in conditions such as correct approaches to changes in conditions, skills to the line that can fly at your own discretion, manage equipment and check safety can be demanded.

· Pilot certificate
This is the license aimed at by a person possessing a primary pilot skill certificate.
① Acquisition of pilot license
If you obtain a pilot certificate, you can fly in all domains and areas in Japan.
I can fly in areas all over Japan
You can flight anywhere in Japan. We will also learn the traffic rules for that and the regulated flight area, paraglider specific rules.
② Acquire more reliable flight skill
We aim to acquire higher level flight skills and acquire approach methods that can respond to various oblique gradients and strong winds.
Feed planning and judgment of flight
In order to flight any area alone, it is necessary to develop precise planning and determination ability suitable for the situation.
Experience flight under conditions of rising airflow
We also learned the expertise and theory of meteorology, experienced flights under severe climatic conditions such as rising air current, prove that skill by breaking the flight test with high difficulty.

· Expert Pilot Certificate
Pilot's senior qualification is expert pilot skill certificate.
① To pilots that can handle various conditions
Flight techniques will be required to showcase brilliant performances such as competition flying at crossing and cross country flying.
② Acquisition of expert license
Acquiring a pilot skill certificate is a prerequisite to take an expert pilot certificate.
Hone skills to fly safely alone in various conditions
We will acquire flight skills according to various situations, such as rise at 360 degree turning, ground handling suitable for wind speed condition.
1. Learn knowledge of meteorology
Evolution learning of meteorology learned also in the license course so far will be done.
2. Advanced rider operating techniques, practice such as emergency landing
You can also acquire skills such as coping with a wind that is easy to change, specified landing at a radius of 10 m, and slope landing.

It is a license with a skill that can carry out two-seater flight surely.
① I can fly with two people
Following the area rules, we train with one tandem passenger so that we can make all flights on our own judgment.
② You can also fly overseas
If you pass the tandem test, you can enjoy two-seater flight abroad.

● License acquisition period
① Parametric case
With parametric certification that proves the rudimentary technique, it is possible to acquire it in around a week.
② 5 to 10 days as a guide
Although there are individual differences, please think about 5 to 10 days as a guide.

● How long is the license valid?
1. Period of expiration
According to the regulations of the Association managing licenses, there is an expiration date for that acquisition.
① Depending on the type of license, the expiration date is different
The expiration date varies depending on the type of license.
② Update procedure is also required
The license needs to be updated according to the conditions of the specified update. At that time, you must participate in the update workshop and pay the necessary renewal fee.

There is also a licensing course!
Paragliding nationwide
Recommended experience plan

There are abundant experiences plans of paragliders that beginners, women, and children can enjoy with confidence in the whole country. Among them, I will introduce the recommended course and plan.

Types of main plans

Experience flight (floating experience)

It depends on the shop being operated and the location condition, but it is a course which mainly wears paragliders by one person and uses a slope such as a mountain to run a run and give a floating experience of about 2 m ~ 3 m. The attraction of experience flight (floating experience) can be said to be the most common paraglider experience by "being able to experience the feeling of flying alone in the sky". Please experience the impression that your feet float away from the ground and float in the air.

Tandem flight

Tandem flight is to flight with two people by piloting the instructor. Because it can be felt as if you can enjoy the feeling of jumping around the sky like paragliding image, so beginners are very popular and can fly with bird's eyes, so many people who become prisoners of paragliding triggered by tandem flight. Activity Japan is the most popular flight plan.

Motor paragliding

A motor paraglider that can propel and take off using a propeller-equipped engine as a power is an activity to enjoy tandem sightseeing flight of instructor control. Motor paragliders that can also fly from flatlands can fly over coastline and beach, so it is characterized by many people who experience as leisure at a tropical resort like Okinawa.

Towing flight

A method of towing (towing) and flighting by a winch that winds the rope with power such as electricity is called a towing flight. Usually you can fly from the flat with a mechanism like kite flying, while you flight using mountains and other slopes. For that reason, there are many things you can experience in relatively accessible places, even beginners can feel the appeal of paragliding casually.


There are two types of organizations that issue skill certificates (licenses) in Japan: JPA (Japan Paraglider Association) and JHF (Japan Hang Paragliding Federation). Although it seems that it is not obligatory to acquire either license, those who would like to become acquainted with authentic paraglider technology or instructors are recommended.

● Recommended plan for Hokkaido
MPG Sorachi

[Hokkaido Furano] motor paraglider tandem (two-seater) flight experience! !

プランID:442MPG Sorachi
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Since the tandem flight with the pilot also inexperienced OK! You can enjoy Furano of nature all year round. Summer is a vast green carpet, winter is one side Silver of the world. Once in a while to stop the engine, why not try to enjoy even flight and spacious.

Features of the plan
Plan that can see Furano's clear sky and powerful sea of ​​clouds. Because it is a tandem flight with a pilot, even beginners can enjoy it.
Recommended points
· Unkai Flight
· In the winter one side of the silver world
· You can taste the wilderness of Hokkaido all the year round
If you join the summer mainly from the rainy season, you can enjoy the best sea of ​​clouds in the morning flight. Also, as long as you can see the winter, the silver world spreads and the breathtaking beauty. It is an attractive experience plan that you can enjoy nature in Hokkaido throughout the year.
When applying for a plan, please make sure to keep important basic information such as collecting time and price securely.
Price etc.
We can participate with basic charge 9,000 yen. In case of participation, reservation until 5 pm the previous day is necessary.

Paragliding Tokachi

[Hokkaido Tokachi] overlooking the Pacific Ocean north from the sky! Paragliding experience (tandem flight)

プランID:117Paragliding Tokachi
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Tandem scenic flight provided in a paragliding Tokachi has been held based in Tokachibuto facing the North Pacific Ocean. Best impression you can because it is a tandem flight. Overwhelming sense of scale that feel because Tokachi. Judgment that can be peace of mind because paragliding Tokachi. Was able to offer the best of the excitement in the outdoor guide history of the experience of 27 years is the "paraglider tandem scenic flights".

Features of the plan
Plan to be able to visit with safe tandem flight with the North Pacific and Tokachi plains back. You can taste the scale feeling unique to Hokkaido.
Recommended points
· Motor paraglider to enjoy on flat ground
· Nature rich landscape
· You can witness the precious appearance of wild birds
I would like to record the valuable flight, and if possible, the scenery I have seen. Because the tandem flight with the instructor in the plan, you can freely shoot cameras and videos after takeoff! It is possible to keep memories forever forever.
Participation is possible from one person. The holding period is from March 1 to October 31. Reservation reception on the day is also possible.
Price etc.
Both adults and children have 10,000 yen.

SUNNY SIDE PARAGLIDING SCHOOL (Sunnyside Paragliding School)

[Hokkaido, Sapporo] to fly away on his feet! Go Go para experience [paragliding beginner Recommended! ]

プランID:13086SUNNY SIDE PARAGLIDING SCHOOL (Sunnyside Paragliding School)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

午後からゆっくりスタートのパラグライダーを使ってのフライト体験です。 パラグライダー体験は、初めて自転車に乗るようなものです。 ご自身で翼を作り、スキー場の斜面を走ります。 十分な揚力ができたら、ふわっとフライトできます。 鳥の仲間入りしてみませんか? 初めてのフライトなので、すぐに降りられる高度です。 やさしい日本語、かんたんな英語での対応になります。

Features of the plan
Unique experience plan to enjoy flight using your own wings. It is recommended for children's experience learning and participation in family.
Recommended points
· Fly with wings you made
· There is a flight base beside the amusement park
You can experience flight in Hokkaido from wing making! Thanks to your homemade wings, the emotions when you fly strongly do not collect. It is a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction that you can not taste quite well.
You can join from one person. The period is from late April to November. Please make your reservation 2 days in advance.
Price etc.
It is 5,000 yen on weekdays and 6,000 yen on weekends and holidays.

● Kanto recommendation plan
Flight Service Shonan

[Shonan / Chigasaki] "I want to fly in the sky" that dream, you fulfill the wishes! Paragliding experience (tandem flight)

プランID:8008Flight Service Shonan
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The flight of motor paraglider you a large influence of the wind. You set the flight location of the two places in order to cope with the weather, wind of that for the implementation date. (Shonan-Chigasaki Nishihama / Shonan-Hiratsuka) Chigasaki is popular (however, can not be carried out only when the south wind blows, except south wind will be carried out in Hiratsuka.)

Features of the plan
We have secured two flight bases with Chigasaki and Hiratsuka in order to cope with the changing wind movements. Basically you can flight at your desired place.
Recommended points
· Shonan · Chigasaki is capable of exhilarating flight with sea breeze
· Shonan · Hiratsuka experience a sightseeing ride with a calm wind from river bed
From luxurious bay areas such as Shonan, Chigasaki and Hiratsuka that represent Japan, a luxurious plan that elegantly experiences birds! Because it is with the instructor, even a beginner is welcome.
It is possible to join from one person. Holding a year-round season. The reservation must be completed by 5 o'clock of the previous day.
Price etc.
8,000 yen on weekdays, 10,000 yen on weekends and holidays.

KPS Nasu Paragliding School

[Tochigi, Nasu] paragliding experience (tandem flight course)

プランID:126KPS Nasu Paragliding School
10,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

After the reception, they moved to the takeoff. After a brief description, and a tandem flight with an instructor in the paraglider for the two-seater. Although operation of the air is leave it to the instructor, it will run together at the time of take-off and landing (this is important!).

Features of the plan
Basic, tandem plan left to the instructor. But please take off for the takeoff and landing.
Recommended points
· Instructor will do the repacking and other operations
· Takeoff and landing rest on their feet
It is a plan that you can enjoy a relaxing air travel while being enveloped in the clear air of Nasu Highlands. Because it is with the instructor, even inexperienced people are safe.
It is possible to participate from one person. The holding period is from March 1st until November 20th. Please make your reservation by 5 pm the previous day.
Price etc.
Both adults and children are 10,500 yen per person.

Features of the plan
It is a plan to have the aerial manipulation done as much as possible and to feel the joy of flying in the sky with your own power. Because the instructor will tell you where you do not understand it is safe.
Recommended points
· Fulfillment and achievement feeling by self-operation
· Relatively price is reasonable
The impression that is born out of the experiences flying in the sky by piloting with your own power is also exceptional. The location is also Minakami Plateau surrounded by beautiful Gunma mountain range. After flying, you should be able to immerse yourself in a refreshing mood that clear air blows through your body.
It is possible to participate from one person. The holding period is from March 18th to the beginning of January. The reservation deadline is until 5 pm the previous day, so please take care.
Price etc.
The basic charge per person is 5,500 yen.

● Hokuriku Recommended Plan
JMB Tateyama Paraglider School

[Toyama Tateyama] enjoy the magnificent Tateyama federal superb view! Paragliding experience (tandem flight course)

プランID:423JMB Tateyama Paraglider School
8,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

I want to fly feeling the wind from high place! If you love high places, if you want to enjoy a walk in the air soon, recommend tandem flight to fly with the instructor! Experience a spectacular flight with an instructor in a two-seater paraglider. Since the instructor carries out maneuvering, please enjoy peeping flight with confidence.

Features of the plan
An experienced instructor will gently guide the first flight. Recommended for those who do not need to practice and want to enjoy the sudden journey of the air.
Recommended points
· The scenic viewpoint of the Tateyama mountain range can admire
· Since it has an instructor, relief
A luxurious experience plan that enables experienced zero beginners to fully enjoy high-altitude flights that can be accomplished without excellent skills and abundant experiences! Please make a wonderful memory with the dynamism of Mt. Fuji and Tateyama nature backed.
It is possible to join by yourself. The period is from April until November. Reservation is required until 5 pm the previous day.
Price etc.
Basic charge per person is 8,500 yen.

Jam Sports Paragliding School (Jamsports)

[Fukui - Katsuyama] exhilaration that fly in the sky freely by one person! Paragliding flight experience course (※ Advance Purchase discount plan)

プランID:8894Jam Sports Paragliding School (Jamsports)
6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)

Plan, which can be any number of times challenge in two hours! This is what Advance Purchase! After the video training, and actually practice the rudimentary method of operation, we will aim to first flight on your own. You can also challenge a number of times within the time period with a high degree 30m before and after the grass slope.

Features of the plan
It is a rewarding plan to have all flight accomplished alone. Pre-practice can be done any number of times as long as it is in time.
Recommended points
· Discounted by early deposit
· Video lecture, rudimentary lecture accepted
· Recommended for those who want to fly by yourself
If you deposit it one week before the appointment date, you can use the experience course at 20% discount! People who think that "I want to become better!" Will definitely reserve the same plan because practice time for self flight is also given.
You can join from one person. The holding period is from late April to mid-November. The reservation deadline is 7 days ago, so please book early.
Price etc.
If it is 20% discounted by early deposit, it can be used with a basic charge of 6,480 yen. However, booking by phone is not covered.

Jam Sports Paragliding School (Jamsports)

Free to fly the [Fukui, Katsuyama] professional and the sky! Paragliding experience (tandem flight course) ※ Advance Purchase Discount Plan

プランID:8898Jam Sports Paragliding School (Jamsports)
10,368yen~​ ​(tax included)

A professional pilot and the two-seater paraglider, you can enjoy a leisurely leisurely sightseeing flight. Flying fun sky by two people, the plan that can be very safe! This is what Advance Purchase Plan!

Features of the plan
A safe plan to fly the sky with experienced pilots. Here you can receive 2 discount service with early deposit.
Recommended points
· Early booking is available
· Fukui · Echizen's wilderness and magnificent views of the Sea of ​​Japan can be enjoyed
If you deposit it one week before the appointment date, you can experience a scenic flight with a discount of 2! Moreover, since the professional pilot pilots, even novices are safe! If you do not think about difficult things and want to experience the flight for the time being, please go to this plan.
You can join from one person. The period is from late April until late November. Please make a reservation 7 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic rate is 10,636 yen if it is premature. However, please be careful because reservation by phone is not covered.

● Kansai · China Recommended plan

Features of the plan
It is an experience plan to enjoy relaxing flight from Parapar Kyoto with an altitude difference of 470 m. Pilots are OK with all professional pilots. You can fully enjoy the beautiful cityscape and nature of Kyoto.
Recommended points
· Enjoying the natural environment of Kyoto and Shiga from above the sky
· Since a professional pilot is a tandem flight together, even beginners can relieve
Even those who think that 'paraglider is somehow scary' or 'accident uneasiness' is safe as the professional pilot will do all of the maneuver for the plan. Beginners, children and women can enjoy traveling with gliders at ease.
It is possible to participate from one person. It is open all year, and you can participate at any time. Please make your reservation by 5 pm the previous day.
Price etc.
Basic fee is 12,000 yen (Weekdays except GW · Bon Festival is 11,000 yen) Students under the age of 25 can experience the plan at 10,700 yen. (9,800 yen on weekdays except GW · Bon Festival period)

A rollout Paragliding School

[Hyogo Tamba] paragliding experience (tandem flight course)

プランID:385A rollout Paragliding School
11, 300yen~​ ​(tax included)

Flight from altitude difference 500m along with the instructor. Fly along with the bird, you will be able to air a walk in the sky of Tamba with views that change with the seasons.

Features of the plan
It is a tandem flight plan that fly with the instructor. You can experience a powerful flight from an altitude difference of 500 meters.
Recommended points
· Long distance flight Japan record holder fly together
· Can change the flight location according to the wind
· Near the Aogaki Inter. Excellent access environment
It is a fascinating plan that you can receive flight instruction from experienced paraglider competition league winners, Japanese record holders of long distance flights, etc. by any staff with a strong personality anyway.
Even one person can participate. It is held throughout the year. The reception desk is also available on the day, and it is open until 11 AM.
Price etc.
The basic charge per person is 11,300 yen.

Tottori Paraglider School (dune Honpo)

[Paragliding in the Tottori Sand Dunes] half-day experience course

プランID:376Tottori Paraglider School (dune Honpo)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Those of children and the elderly, have been devised to enjoy flying with confidence in who are not confident in the motor nerve women. While admiring the majestic Sea of ​​Japan, it is possible to fly in the sky, the mood is exhilarating! !

Features of the plan
Plan to enjoy paragliding in Tottori sand dunes. Because it guides flight according to participant's level, it is safe for elderly people, women, children.
Recommended points
· Flight experience with only one sand dune in Japan
· Focused classes
Tandem flight that even beginners can enjoy without shoulder elbow. Tottori sand dunes seen from the sky are a different aesthetic from the landscape. A friendly and bright staff will greet you with a nervous feeling with the first flight.
It is possible to participate from one person. It is held throughout the year. Reception is also possible on the day, please by 11 AM.
Price etc.
Basic charge is 7,000 yen per one. However, it is 8,000 yen during GW · Bon Festival.

● Tokai Recommended Plan
Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka・Fujinomiya] Carefree Flying Experience Over The Extensive Valley! Tandem Flight (Free Lunch Included)

プランID:7980Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
8,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

This plan offers a tandem flight experience. We usually operate in good weather. Anyone can fly with our instructors. First time customers are very welcome, please feel free to visit us! We hope that you would be satisfied with the environment when you see our facility and smiling faces of our students! As soon as you finish the tandem flight experience, you will get a 3800-yen discount coupon for JHF certified A-class skill acquisition course!

Features of the plan
It is an experience plan that you can flight at Shizuoka's expansive slope. With a tandem plan, it is safe to flight according to the good weather conditions.
Recommended points
· Fuji can be seen nearby
· The staff is full of experienced pilots
Mt. Fuji which is high and far is much closer just by flight of several tens of meters. Why do not you try the plan that you can taste such precious experiences? Because experienced instructor is attached, even a beginner is safe.
You can participate by yourself. Holding period is full year. Please make a reservation 3 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic charge per person is 7,500 yen.

Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] Beginners welcome! Paragliding hesitate experience flight course (with free lunch)

プランID:7974Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Half-day experience plan of paragliding. Come be the first time customers, please come to feel free to visit! Seeing the development has been the area, good environment if you look at the school students of the smile would be able to realize! ! After the completion Feel free experience flight course, JHF certified A-class skill acquisition courses can get a discount coupon that can be at 5900 yen!

Features of the plan
Half day only experience plan. You can enjoy the air travel by blending with lively school students.
Recommended points
· Free lunch included
· Price is affordable
· Enjoy flight with school students
An instructor who undertakes the course of the student student usually attends and accompanies the flight. If you look at the students who enjoy the paradigm while feeling warm, you will feel like "I want to fly like that".
You can join from one person. Since it is held throughout the year, it is a plan that you can enjoy the merits of each of the four seasons. In addition, it is necessary to reserve the reservation 3 days in advance, so as soon as possible.
Price etc.
The basic charge is 5,600 yen per one.

Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School

[Shizuoka Fujinomiya] Let's enjoy plenty of sky! Paragliding 1 day trial flight enjoy course (with free lunch)

プランID:7985Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is one day experience plan. For the first time come give us our customers also means, please visit feel free to! Please enjoy the feeling to float using the slope. You can gracefully flight with views of the Mount Fuji. After the end of the experience flight enjoy the course, JHF certified A-class skill acquisition courses can get a discount coupon that can be at 2700 yen!

Features of the plan
It is a plan that you can experience a whole day flight. Since I am keeping a safety first preliminary lecture, I am safe even for the first time.
Recommended points
· Free lunch included
· A polite explanation
· Flight where Mt. Fuji is nearby
Plan for enjoying the first experience flight safety and security throughout the day! A beautiful sunset viewing from the sky and the collaboration of Mt. Fuji is a touching excuse! Because the instructor will give you guidance carefully, even the first person can feel free to participate.
Even one person can participate. Please hold the whole year and reservation 3 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic charge per person is 8,000 yen.

● Kyushu Recommended Plan

Features of the plan
Amami is the only plan that you can experience motor paraglider. Because it is a powered flight type equipped with a motor on its wings, you can feel comfortable and stable flight.
Recommended points
· Motor flight in Amami can be tasted only here
· While watching the beautiful nature unique to Amami, glide smoothly
· Memorial photo service in the air is free
A flight plan of Foot Lunch Amami that allows you to take a walk in the air in a swift manner on the emerald green ocean where coral reefs grow. With easy flight using a motor, you leave control, so you can enjoy walking in the air just by sitting.
You can join from one person. A pleasant annual event. Please make your reservation 3 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic rate is 8,000 yen for adults and 6,000 yen for junior high school students.

Aso Nature Land

【Kumamoto · Aso】 Fluffy and air walk. Paraglider half-day experience (limited to those who understand Japanese)

プランID:13197Aso Nature Land
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

★危険を伴うため「日本語」でのコミュニケーションをきちんと取れる方限定プランとなります★ 初心者の方も飛んだことがある人もみんなおいでよ!! 小高い丘からフワリ空中散歩。※日本語でコミュニケーションが出来る方のみ対象となります。 地上練習~単独飛行(高度20m~30m)まで。誰でも簡単に楽しむことができます。

Features of the plan
It is a flight plan that you can enjoy Aso 's wilderness in the back. Because it is a half-day experience, we also offer a great price. Beginners and experienced people can enjoy it.
Recommended points
· Enjoy flight with dynamic nature of Aso
· There are plans for small children
The flight to see majestic Aso mountains close up is the best moment that can be tasted only here! There is also a tandem flight course where the instructor is present in the little child, so it is recommended for families as well.
You can join from one person. It is held throughout the year, and it is possible to enjoy it according to the season. Please make a reservation by 5 p.m. the previous day.
Price etc.
Basic fee for adults is 5,400 yen per person, and children under elementary school age is 2,700 yen per one.

SET Wind Love Yoshimatsu paragliding school (PARAGLIDINGSCHOOL WINDLOVE)

[Kagoshima Kirishima] Enjoy the superb view in paragliding! Tandem flight course

プランID:10181SET Wind Love Yoshimatsu paragliding school (PARAGLIDINGSCHOOL WINDLOVE)
9,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

We will experience the advanced flight instructor and two-seater. While enjoying the under eyes of scenery Fly around the sky like a bird.

Features of the plan
It is a tandem plan of two people enjoying a superb view of the Kirishimayama family.
Recommended points
· Kirishimayama system, Kamen mountain, Sakurajima, Fugen dake and natural attractions are packed.
· Since the instructors are together, you can fly more easily than you thought
Speaking of paraglider experience is nature. In the plan, it is possible to experience a peaceful sightseeing experience with the majestic mountain ranges including the Kirishimayama system back. There is no doubt that it will be memories of your life.
You can participate by yourself. It will be held throughout the year. Please make your reservation 4 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic charge per person is 9,500 yen.

● Okinawa Recommended Plan

[Okinawa Nakagusuku] motor paraglider scenic flights

10,000yen9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

You can look at the sea of ​​the coral reefs of Okinawa from the 200m sky. 1 flights all year round, but you can see the sea turtles and rays are depending on the season. You can also join us towards the wheelchair.

Features of the plan
It is a flight plan that you can experience motor paraglider experience. Veteran Pyroit will ride, so even those who are not experienced are safe.
Recommended points
· Observing coral reefs in Okinawa from above
· Since it is a motor paraglider, the flight probability is high
· Experience from 3 years old children
If the timing is good, you can see the precious living things such as coral, sea turtle and rays. It is a plan full of many fun.
You can join from one person. Because it is held throughout the year, it is possible to enjoy every season. Please make your reservation at least two days in advance.
Price etc.
Children and adults over 7 years old and adults are 9,000 yen, and from 3 years to 6 years old is 7,000 yen.

Features of the plan
Plan for participants only outside Okinawa Prefecture. If you answer the questionnaire, you will receive discounts on the service.
Recommended points
· You can enjoy a different view with low tide and high tide
· Excellent access as it is close to Naha
· You can observe niche Urasoe marine life
A great deal plan for the limited area of ​​the interior that came all the way from Okinawa all the way! Urasoe is a flight point, so you can observe the ocean ecosystem different from Naha and Okinawa while taking a walk in the air.
It is possible to join from one person. Since it is held throughout the year, you can enjoy the Okinawa flight every season. Please make your reservation 3 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic price per person is 10,000 yen.

Ryukyu Sky Academy


プランID:12191Ryukyu Sky Academy
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

沖縄本島南部の絶景スポット知念岬公園でパラグライダーの二人乗り体験ができます。 パイロットとの二人乗りなので操作は全てお任せ! 大空から沖縄の青い海と空をゆっくり眺めたり、写真を撮る事もできます。

Features of the plan
It is a tandem plan that you can enjoy with professional maneuvering, with the beautiful nature of Okinawa backing.
Recommended points
· Recommended for those who are not experienced, those who do not have time and can not practice
· You can observe Okinawa's sea, sun, coral from the air
· There is an option to get an SD card containing experience photos
To the sun shining brightly, the supreme blue ocean. It is an attractive paraglider that you can enjoy the unique scenery of Okinawa. Because you leave control to the professional, you can shoot your favorite scenery freely.
It is possible to join from one person. A pleasant annual event. To participate, it is necessary to book up to 2 days in advance.
Price etc.
The basic fee is 8,700 yen for adults and 13 years old and over children, and 6,700 yen for children 3 to 12 years old.

Everyone takes a walk in the air who admires once. We also delivered licensing information along with a nationwide plan that even beginners can feel free to join. In order to become a pilot for one serving, we acquire six kinds of licenses, and we plan to step up by acquiring the necessary skills. Before you learn at school in earnest, it is good to taste what paragliding is like with experience courses. For experiential courses located throughout the country, we prepare all the necessary equipment and so we do not need to purchase it yourself. Because you can participate with a handy charge, those who are interested please try challenging.